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  1. You cannot buy anything else until you have bought your dad a very big Xmas present. James, how the devil are you matey, been a very long time?
  2. He has had it done by a local garage and they have done a superb job. Happy days.
  3. One of the first members we met on our first zed meet in Chester with my other half 8 years ago, what a true gent. So sad this has happened, gutted for the whole family. RIP. x
  4. I have had this happen many times but with elbow grease and correct procedure of washing and polishing they have always been easy to remove but this time no way. It almost looks like the bugs have acid in them causing them to mark the paint in a way that it will polish very smooth but by hand will not remove the awful marks left on the bonnet and bumper.
  5. This almost seems the case as this has happened to me many times and never a problem until my trip last week to France and then extreme temperatures must of contributed to the affect. Off to the body shop me thinks.
  6. I have just got back from a great drive through France and Switzerland and the car is covered in bugs. I have washed the car and then using Auto glym polish tried but cannot remove these bugs. I have tried Scratch X and nothing is doing it. The bumper and nose part of the bonnet is awful. It almost looks like I have had it painted and gone out driving before it has dried. Any advice on what I can try? Thanks
  7. Pimm

    OEM Gear Knob

    I PM'd Zmanalex but he never replied back to me-
  8. This is an old school thread, lol.
  9. Happy day's on both set's.
  10. It's started all over again, lol.

  11. It's going to take more than a polish but i did enjoy driving it home. Now the hard work begin's.
  12. It's going to need more than a polish but these thing's take time.
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