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  1. Looks angry there! Sorry to see about the damage, hope you get it sorted soon enough.
  2. *cough cough* Oppseee See - http://www.350z-uk.c...20#entry1673377 Haha at last! Looks fantastic, top work by all.
  3. I didn't see it There were only 2 of us on the stand this year as the other guys were helping out on the M-Sport stand, so I only had a very short wonder. Bit gutted if I'm honest! Glad you got to see the Tranny though. Just need to work on my J-Turns now!
  4. Hubba, looks awesome Trig! I'll be at Silverstone with work on Sunday, so will come and have a look at in the flesh. I'll be on our stand most of the day if you get a chance to wander and say hi yourself. With Tarnock Garage, we'll be right next to Mountune with the boss' Mk3 RS and our Mk1 Tranny.
  5. Hi Jim. Thanks, but I have already bought the Z's replacement.
  6. The best Thanks. Yea, I like to keep everything. Love to have it when I buy a car and think it adds to it. Thanks! Indeed and thus rare to see a 56 Azure! Cheers. Cheers =) Mk1 Focus RS! Ever so slightly different lol, but loving it. Just completed a 1000 mile trip to Spa for the WEC.
  7. I know it's a cliché, but I can't quite believe I'm writing this! I've had the joy of owning my Z for 7 years, buying her completely standard at 24,000 miles and 2 and ½ years old. I know I'm going to miss her like hell, especially the noise, but the chance came up to own one of my dream cars and so it is time for the Z to move to pastures new. Basic Information 2006 (56) First Registered 13/10/2006 UK GT Car Azure Blue Coupé 81,621 Miles 2 Previous Owners Manual 6 Speed Gearbox Full GT Spec – Brembos, Black Leather Heated and Electrically Adjustable Seats, BOSE Sound System with 6 CD Changer Bluetooth Module Full Service History (P1 Service done on 04/11/2015 at 80,668 miles) 3 Keys MOT until February 22nd 2017 Always run on 99RON Fuel Never Tracked/Dragged/Drifted etc! Detailed 29/04/2016 Service History As well as the stamped services below, I have all the invoices for everything I've ever bought for the car. P1 - 13,076 - 06/02/08 P2 - 23,426 - 10/01/09 P1 - 31,091 - 05/10/09 P3 - 39,899 - 06/09/10 P1 - 48,198 - 05/09/11 P2 - 55,934 - 05/09/12 P1 - 65,812 - 10/10/13 P3 - 73,825 - 20/11/14 (Plugs, Diff Oil & Gearbox Oil all changed) P1 - 80,668 - 04/11/15 Modifications Genuine Nismo V1 Front Bumper with Smoothed Badge Cobra Y-Pipe (Standard Y-Pipe Flexis went) Z Centre Caps Z Rear Badge Carbon Rear Strut Brace Cover This car was my daily driver and while I love it to bits and care for it as best I can, there are a few things to note regarding the condition of the car. The front has the usual stone chips the Z attracts and there is a small crack on the passenger side arch section of the front bumper. On the bonnet, there is a small section of paint where it has de-laminated after an albatross (maybe a Pterodactyl?) shat on my car while I was away during some of the hottest days of summer. I've improved it as best I can and it isn't very noticeable unless pointed out, but none the less it is there! There are a few chips on the side of the car, but again, I have rectified these as best as possible and are hardly noticeable. There is some kerbing and stone chips on the wheels, I have taken a picture of each wheel to show this as best I can. The drivers door pull has scratches from the previous owner who wore ring The left hand section of the steering wheel has started to have the lacquer come away, these can easily be replaced or painted up. Maybe some more carbon! £7500.00
  8. Hope all goes well with the test fire, looking good!
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