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  1. Forgot to update this thread. The ABS pump was replaced and solved the issue totally. Thanks to Alex for sourcing the pump for me. Zed is up an running, no more ABS, TCS and Slip worries!
  2. Forgot to update this thread. The ABS pump was replaced and solved the issue totally. Thanks to Alex (thank you!)for sourcing the pump for me. Zed is up an running, no more ABS, TCS and Slip worries!
  3. Bless you Martin, four years has gone very quickly
  4. Spotted yesterday at the top of town, going round The Castle roundabout, probably around 5pm. Weather was awful so only just spotted you
  5. Unfortunately; family commitments means I’m not going to be able to make this. Perhaps next time, fingers crossed.
  6. If my Zed is MoT’d and up and running by then. I may just pop along. Better half is having an op late November. But if that’s gone ok, then I’m a possible
  7. Thanks for your help in getting this sorted Alex!
  8. Ok guys and gals, it seems that the ABS pump is what is knackered. Which was on my list of possibilities. So now it’s a case of getting hold of a replacement. Which I have managed to source from ZMANALEX. For your information, it appears there are two different types of ABS pumps for a JDM Zed. So just bear that in mind.
  9. Bockaaarck

    New ABS Pump?

    Hi, anyone know anywhere that I can get hold of a new / refurbished ABS pump. For a 2003 JDM 350Z? Having a devil of a job trying to find one.
  10. Woodzman, that is excellent info, especially the pics. Thanks, that’s very much appreciated. Having read through loads of info, read a load of stuff, tried a load of things. It’s really useful to have more input and detail. Car is booked in to have a look at exactly those bits n bobs, on Monday. Fingers crossed they’ll find it’s one of these sensors or something to do with the ring. Probably sounds a bit weird, but it’s actually been quite good fun. Looking in to potential issues / causes, and ticking them off.
  11. Hey Valy, I feel your pain, it’s a real nuisance. Rest assured, when I get to the bottom of what it is. I shall post an update here
  12. Okey doke, new brake light switch (2nd new one) installed. Seemed ok. But then it didn’t, dash lights on again (grrrr). So, removed it, checked it, put it back in, seemed ok. Did a bit of twisting and tweaking. Tried twisting the switch all the way in, that just left the brake lights on. Tried twisting the switch out a bit, brake lights went off, dash lights off. Then tried twisting the switch further out, brake lights stayed off, dash lights off - awesome!. Started the Zed up this morning, grr, lights again on the dash! Drove the car in to work. Did a bit of checking, made sure engine was warm. Started Zed, all ok, no issues, then lights came on. Turned ignition off, did the pedal dance, turned the car back on - dash lights straight back on. so, did a bit of twisting / turning of the brake light switch. Ignition on, did the pedal dance, started the car. Yay, no dash lights, so just left things as they were! Got in the Zed to leave work, and headed off. 15 minutes after leaving from work - BING! - dash lights on again - damn it! Ok, on startup from cold, she revs up to 1500rpm initially. But then drops down to about 1000rpm. Eventually settling down to 650-ish rpm’s after a minute or so. She drives fine, brakes fine, accelerated fine. She seems to be behaving generally very well. I think next steps, I will try gradual twisting of the brake switch again, but at marked intervals of turn. And see whether that addresses the issue. Gut feel is that this is likely to be something stupid like a dirty connection or similar. However; gut feel, followed by a process of gradual elimination over three years. Has got me to exactly where I am now, no further forward. So any more ideas or thoughts are welcome
  13. I think my next task is to actually check everything I’ve done in terms of the fitting of the new throttle body. I’ll go through it step by step, checking everything.
  14. Yep, I’ve just gradually worked through a list of checking things off. The throttle body is the last thing I’ve changed, in my particular circumstances. So I’ll double check that and then look at the actuator has as been a bit of a pain in the bum to work through. But there we go
  15. Yep, throttle actuator is top of the list for checking. Plus a few follow up candidates, just in case





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