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  1. I think my next task is to actually check everything I’ve done in terms of the fitting of the new throttle body. I’ll go through it step by step, checking everything.
  2. Yep, I’ve just gradually worked through a list of checking things off. The throttle body is the last thing I’ve changed, in my particular circumstances. So I’ll double check that and then look at the actuator has as been a bit of a pain in the bum to work through. But there we go
  3. Yep, throttle actuator is top of the list for checking. Plus a few follow up candidates, just in case
  4. A belated thank to Adrian for getting a nice, shiny throttle body through to me (received a good few weeks ago now!). Finally managed to find the time to fit it, last weekend. Great service, great comms, thanks Adrian!
  5. Yep, I definitely think it’s worth me having another look at this. I know the switch there can be a bit flakey, particularly the Nissan ones. I’m just gradually ticking a few things off the list. The initial error code was throttle actuator related, so that’s the start point. But this switch, the wheel speed sensor’s are where I’m going to look next
  6. Yep, that’s correct. The car has to be up to temperature when the pedal dance is done. I ran the car for 10-15 minutes while stationary, to get it up to temperature. It was in the normal band, temp wise, before I got my dancing shoes on
  7. Hey HEADPHONES, thanks for flagging this. Yep, I’ve already replaced that switch previously. However; as it’s only a few quid, I can give that another go, I guess
  8. So, before leaving work this evening. I fired the car up, lights appeared. I did all of the various pedal dance activities. In fact I did them twice, just to be sure. Hosannah, Hosannah In The Highest! The lights disappeared and the throttle idle dropped down to around 650rpm, hussar! Set off from work, but of A and B road driving. Slow speed stop n start, some cruising at 40-50mph. After 18 minutes, while sat in a queue is slow moving traffic......bing*.....dashboard lights up again. But idle stays around the 650-750rpm.
  9. I've been managing a long standing intermittent issue with the good old ABS, TCS and SLIP dash lights. The background is as follows, about 3 years ago the lights appeared on the dash, on and off for a few months. But I manage to read and clear the codes (P1122) as getting a number of other things checked when I had a clutch change at H-Dev (fuses, wiring check etc). Problem remained intermittent but thankfully never reoccurred during a couple of MOT tests. However; the last year they've come back on, and although still intermittent, they appear more frequently. The appear in a number of circumstances - 1) Straight away, when I start the car. 2) I start the car and all is good for a minute or two, then they appear before I set off. 3) I start the car, all is good, I set off and get driving. Then the lights appear after 5 - 10 minutes. These are the things I have checked / changed so far, trying to address this issue. 1) Checked brake fluid, and double checked - all good, well in the max reading - not sure I could add a significant amount of fluid to make any difference - it is proper full up! 2) Checked the ABS fluid, this is also full, well up to max and again, is reading at a healthy level ! 3) I have changed the accelerator pedal position sensor / switch - in case that was the issue 4) I have done the pedal dance more times than Michael Flatly has done Riverdance 5) Guys at H-Dev ran some checks, checked / changes fuses and checked for electrical shorts, nothing seemed to be found 6) I have recently checked and changed the throttle body (thanks Adrian at Torqen!) and that's been installed, running well and operating fine. 7) I have done the pedal dance a few more times and checked the levels again, for luck, just to be sure. 8) Only code I consistently got from JOBD reader was the P1122code. I have cleared the codes again recently - I have two readers, both not tell me there are no codes when I do a reading - although the lights have come back on. I'm now thinking about what I look at next, where I head with this. The historical code indicates that the issue is in the throttle controller / actuator space. As said, I have replaced the throttle body recently (couple of weeks ago) and that all appears to be functioning ok. One remaining issue is that the idle seems to be quite high, around 1000rpm. I am going to continue with the pedal dance. To address the high idle, in case I haven’t quite got the timing right. I am wondering what the next likely candidates are, in terms of the issue / error / lights. I have the following in mind. 1)Throttle control actuator connection 2) Wheel speed sensor / sensors 3) Steering wheel position sensor 4) ABS actuator 5) ABS pump 6) Possibly the KMH / MPH convertor thingy, which I guess is fitted to the car, as it's a JDM import. God knows what they look like, where they are or where I can get one. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on what I can check next, what the next best step is? More than happy to investigate suggestions, thoughts, ideas from the community and our trader / mechanical experts. Thanks
  10. My Zed has suffered a bit with rusty arches / sills. But then it was imported in 2003. It’s spent a lot of its time outside in fairness, so a bit of rust is not surprising. Getting yourself a fresh import means you know where you’re starting from in terms of paint / bodywork condition. Then you can monitor it on an ongoing basis and catch any issues / problems early.
  11. Many, many congratulations to you both, wonderful stuff! I wish you all the very best!
  12. As far as NY goes, some terrific mentions already. There is so much to see and do. If you're in to it, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and the Metropolitan Museum are very good. As mentioned above, Top of the Rock, Ellis Island, Central Park, 9/11 Memorial. I would give China Town a miss, Little Italy also. However, I would suggest finding a pub called The Dead Rabbit (Water Street), it's a great city bar / pub and was more full of locals https://www.deadrabbitnyc.com Would also suggest if you're out and about near the Flat Iron building. You try and have a nose in Eataly. It's a great Italian market / store with some great, easy food available. https://www.eataly.com/us_en/stores/nyc-flatiron/ You could also try, if you're interested in a real NY experience. Get a cab to Katz's diner on East Houston street. It's a slightly more 'earthy' part of town, but the experience will be worth it. Go in, get a ticket and walk up the guys behind the counter for mega sarnies! http://www.katzsdelicatessen.com You could also get a cab and try a great little Latin Restaurant / Bar on Perry Street in West Village, called Yerba Buena. Lovely, full of atmosphere, great drinks and good food. http://ybnyc.com/iphone/home.html
  13. A good start, looks like LeBlanc, Harris and Reid get on and will gel over the series. Great camera work and a goodbye to the cocking around in the studio (thank god). I will definitely watch again and fingers crossed it will get better and better over the series. TGT left me disappointed, crap scripts, to much of a talk show, really low brow and obvious 'comedy'. Sick of the over obvious, visible from outer space, punchlines and 'jokes'. Glad to see that Top Gear has some potential, looking forward the the next episode.
  14. Really good news Pete, that sounds really very positive indeed. Fantastic
  15. I've watched each episode and to be honest it's been a bit 'meh', most of the time. Some the reviews / features have been good. But the majority has been - boring, simple as that. Less fanny-arsing around in the tent with faux 'acted' nonsense please. The track is rubbish and really shows nothing of the cars. More focus on car development, road trip comparisons, what car can you buy for 5k and what can you do with it? It's been very disappointing, and that's considering that one of the strengths of Top Gear was the writing. Dump the celebrity brain crash crap, drop the '..ooh, I've had an idea!.." (that we've clearly scripted. It's all just rather dull



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