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  1. Welcome to the 350z to R8 club. 😊Had my V8 for 1.5yrs and love it. Few things to look out for and keep on top of. Great car different to the Z in many ways, particularly maintainence and running costs. While this Z Forum has always been amazing there are a few great R8 ones too PM me if you want any further info. Happy to meet up, I am in Cheltenham so not far from you. P. S. If you are running standard exhaust, consider swapping it out, simply makes it a different car.
  2. Leave the bent aerial alone shezza. 😋 5 yrs with you all taking the mick out of my bumper car aerial instead of a stubby. I resisted the urge to be the same.🤔 I still loved it.
  3. My old car, Hope you are enjoying it mate. 😀 I do miss it.
  4. Great day out this was in 2019. Can I come with you all even though I don’t have a Z anymore!? 🙄 To be fair I don’t even have a car at the moment, but will have something before this event (hopefully). 🤠 Bhav
  5. Timing chain stretch? Only say this as on another forum I have been reading about this. (not Z specific)
  6. Sold to a really nice chap who I am sure will join the forum soon. Sad to see it go. Mods please lock thread.
  7. Cheers, hopefully someone else can enjoy it as much as me. Thanks Alex Shame to let it go but hey time to move on. Andy think I may have seen your old 370Z in Cheltenham couple of weeks ago. (If it still had that colour changing wrap on it, LV11 EWZ ?? Will never forget those Wales trips with you Colin. It was that trip which led me to the buddy club exhaust that Sarah had. Never looked back and love the sound. Thanks for recommendation on the black trim, although trying to be honest with advert as its a great car, needs a few bits touched up to make it even better and many years of motoring left in her.
  8. SOLD - Nissan 350z 2005 3.5 DE 92k - FSH6 Speed Manual Genuine fantastic Z that has been looked after and will be missed. For Sale on Z forum before going on AT in the hope it goes to a Z family member. Factory Body Kit (Side skirts and Front Bumper) Rear Apron Esprit Bumper, professionally bonded to the rear bumper from a high end local bodyshop, genuinely looks like an original bumper. Think it suits the stance of the car perfectly. Buddy Club Exhaust (bungs included) Sounds great with and without bungs White Line Adjustable Drop links Lower Tax bracket (£350) Looked after cherished car for the last 7 years - snowfoam , 2 bucket cleaned and waxed regularly FSH throughout my 7 years looked after by Cougar Stores Mitz, (Renowned Z specialist) Always had Vpower religiously and always warmed up before exercising right foot. Fuchs Titan Race Pro oil 370z Forged Alloys - correct original 370Z Lug nuts Michelin MPS4S tyres (new 500 miles ago still got little spikey bits on tyre edge) Full Geo (Hunter) with new tyres Tein lowering springs (fills arches up but no problems with speed bumps and multi-storeys) Torqen spacers front 2 Belts & Plugs all changed 2018 K&N Air Filter (Reusable) Brembo Discs & Hawk HPS Pads Titanium Under Bonnet Bolts Carbon Fibre Cooling panel under bonnet New Yuasa Battery Dec 2020 600AH Next Mot Jan 2022 Boot Divider (Ian Special) Interior is in good condition overall, no scuffs on centre consol. (Drivers bolster needs some repair, was planning to get some new seats so never got it done, quite a simple fix either way for someone) JVC Double Din Bluetooth/DAB/USB/CD/AUX headunit - Steering controls work with this unit Leather Steering wheel in great condition Rear parking sensors AC works perfectly HID Factory Lights 2 Keys, original manual, invoice folder Private Plate Not Included Being honest, to bring the car up to scratch the front bumper would benefit from a respray at some point in the future (but I am quite fussy), a small refurb on alloys would bring them back up to mint condition. Other than that this is a great car in a unique Red colour which gets a lot of positive attention on the road, gorgeous sound, looked after, a unique Z. Will miss the car and the great people I have met from this forum.A genuine car that has subtle mods all of high quality. Only selling as moving to a R8 (itch that needs to be scratched)! In no rush to sell but hope it goes to someone that enjoys it as much as I have.£8,500 - Located in Cheltenham. Any questions or further pictures you would like let me know Bhav
  9. Currently have 11 pro and have to say its a step up from previous generation. Camera is really impressive, particularly low light and in portrait mode. I am a dslr user but for last 10 months not used it much due to capability of the 11 pro camera is so impressive and easy. Also really like the glass back on the phone. Although most put cases on so its irrelevant. Only things that annoy me on latest generation iPhone they got rid of the fingerprint sensors, so unlocking is facial recognition or password. Which can be a little annoying as you have to get your mug over the phone each time. Other thing if you use headphones there is no 3.5mm jack so Bluetooth only, which limits your cans, particularly for high res audio. Wife has latest Samsung and camera is good but the iPhone is much better. From a 7 to 12 you will notice quite an upgrade.
  10. Few months ago I polished my headlights with megs metal polish. Came up great. Then Used clear protection film that Davy recommended. Was not overly happy with the end result only because I couldn’t get the film nicely around bottom edge. Plan was to remove it never did. 3 months on and you can now see difference between both headlights. Cloudy without film obviously. Film certainly works keeping that hazing away.
  11. I didn't mate don't worry. My 3 year old was talking to him so did attempt it.
  12. Spidex sounds good. But as orange peel is a double recommendation I will try this. Thanks for all ideas.
  13. You're having me one right.? I am not trying to make him a cocktail.
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