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  1. I just bought some based on @davey_83 recommendation. 2 years and still sparkling. I went for clear version rather than tinted.
  2. Great day out, my favourite event in the motoring year (2nd to LeMans 24hr). I find Friday is quieter but with still a good buzz around it and some epic cars. Of course if it rains the event is not going to be all it could be but hey we live in the UK not LA so its the gamble we take. Advice, get there early as there is a lot to get around if you are only there for the day. And the supercar paddock is brilliant, particularly when they are all leaving or returning from the blast up the hill.
  3. Stunning. This one. Not so keen on Roma. Looks like the new maserati they were going to bring out, Alfieri I think.
  4. When I lived in a first floor flat I used to fill two 10/15 litre plastic Jerry cans and use that to wash the car. It wasn't ideal but worked well.
  5. Electric car discussions are about as interesting as Brexit talks
  6. TVR Tuscan - what a car Maserati Granturismo - 2+2 but GT not sports car 996 4S porker - really nice car particularly if you can find ims upgraded Lotus Elise - great drive but can you live with no creature comforts Aston Vantage - may stretch budget a little, great value and in General very well looked after. And it's an AM For me it's maserati next as need 4 seats for kids and it scratches that V8 itch
  7. 1) davey_83 2) Charlie boy 3) Valy 4) Justthejedi 5) Andy_Muxlow 6) Secretstar07979 (Adam) 7) Dania350z 8) Cob1980 9) T4uvp +1 10) Mopedmark +1 11) Tinyflier 12) SHEZZA + 1 13) robman23 +1 14) buster 15) zzIncubus Sorry guys have to pull out due to some family commitments. Have a great time
  8. 1) davey_83 2) Charlie boy 3) Valy 4) Justthejedi 5) Andy_Muxlow 6) Secretstar07979 (Adam) 7) Dania350z 8) Cob1980 9) T4uvp 10) Mopedmark +1 11) Tinyflier 12) SHEZZA + 1 13) robman23 +1 14) buster 15) Monkeybrain1234
  9. Realistically could do with more info of what you need/want out of your hotel. Nevertheless I was in Rome on business and stayed here - Hotel Forum Rome It's quite a simple hotel but location is perfect for walking to main sites. Also had secure parking (daily charge) Great roof top terrace for a drink while overlooking Rome. Rome is very much like Paris, you don't get much for your money unless you want to spend £250+ per night. Happy to give more advice if needed. https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/forum.en-gb.html?aid=311076;label=hotel-80044-it-2tak3yabDSEWhUZrNBTeDwS266324075682%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atikwd-186669216%3Alp9045585%3Ali%3Adet%3Adm;sid=c9509dbd3d6cfd5e61200ee22ec28e93;all_sr_blocks=8004402_88152896_0_2_0;checkin=2020-03-12;checkout=2020-03-13;dest_id=-126693;dest_type=city;dist=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;hapos=1;highlighted_blocks=8004402_88152896_0_2_0;hpos=1;matching_block_id=8004402_88152896_2_0_0;no_rooms=1;ref_is_wl=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;sr_order=popularity;srepoch=1569713840;srpvid=af0ca618a8c800d3;type=total;ucfs=1&
  10. Agree with @davey_83 saw same one at caffiene and machine, first time seeing in the flesh, thought it looked quite good. Was surprised I liked it as not really a fan off the pictures I had seen or the old supra. (respect the old supra but don't actually like it, same with GTR) However thought this modern day Supra looked good. (unlike the gt86 which is terrible)
  11. Caff & Mac rocked, would certainly be up for going again. Unfortunately I would say you have been victim to your own success this time with 20+ cars, as with so many people its hard to keep together and sit down and eat. If it was just 5-10 cars it would be simpler. Either way I am happy to join in . . . perhaps you put a date up and see what the uptake is like and decided the best POA from there. . .
  12. @davey_83 thanks for organising a great day. (Although I didn't get to see you all day as you where here there and everywhere). Really liked Caffeine and Machine, first time there but certainly will not be the last. Look forward to next event. . .
  13. 1. davey_83 - LUNCH 2. 14N - LUNCH 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe - LUNCH 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe - LUNCH 5. AntelopeSam - LUNCH 6. Justthejedi LUNCH 7. Buster +1 - LUNCH 8. Charlie Boy 9. Jazz + 1 maybe 10. MoNsTaaRz + 1 maybe 11. Mopedmark + 1 - LUNCH 12. robman23 13. Face_Eator 14. bhupz350 + 1 maybe 15. tom Mckay (not on forum) + 1 maybe 16. Monekybrain - LUNCH 17. cob1980  18. StormtrooperZ + 0.5 - LUNCH 19. Silverthorn - LUNCH 20. Whitevanman. 21. Valy - LUNCH 22. Chris Kleiser (banged up 350z black) - LUNCH 23. SmudgerByName 24. Umster (will meet at C&M, maybe lunch and maybe with stock 370z discs/pads to sell ) 25. KG350z - LUNCH





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