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  1. Few months ago I polished my headlights with megs metal polish. Came up great. Then Used clear protection film that Davy recommended. Was not overly happy with the end result only because I couldn’t get the film nicely around bottom edge. Plan was to remove it never did. 3 months on and you can now see difference between both headlights. Cloudy without film obviously. Film certainly works keeping that hazing away.
  2. I didn't mate don't worry. My 3 year old was talking to him so did attempt it.
  3. Spidex sounds good. But as orange peel is a double recommendation I will try this. Thanks for all ideas.
  4. You're having me one right.? I am not trying to make him a cocktail.
  5. I have a pressure washer but the sod just hides Behind. Then comes out once the car is clean and shiny.
  6. So those pesky spiders get into the wing mirror. I usually tease them out by wiggling there web and as its come out I swoop it onto the ground and let it scarper. However I have met my match with this 8 legged bugger. He only comes out to look, sees its not a tasty bug and goes back. I take the Web off daily, and it's really bugging me, but it's back each morning, 3 weeks this has been going on. Any ideas to get the spider out of my wing mirror?
  7. Congrats on reincarnation but as a topless model this time. Lovely car Steve. With recent heatwave I am sure you have loved it.
  8. 5 years on and I still look back to admire my Z.
  9. Check air breather intake pipe has no cracks or holes.. Had this on another car with very similar symptoms. Often the flexible rubber parts crack and let air in upstream of the maf meaning car gets confused with amount of air maf is reading compared to amount entering engine.
  10. I did this today with the wrap. Not really happy with result. More likely to be my lack of wrapping skill, but a few bubbles and the edges I found a nightmare. Think I will go back to yacht varnish. Wrapping was painful.
  11. Carrera GT V10 for me but already mentioned. Aston Vanquish on this video. Turn volume up.
  12. LC 500 had my eye on the prices for a while as most lexus depreciate badly in UK. They had hit £50k before the pandemic, but dealers seem reluctant to lower prices below the 50k mark. Will certainly be interesting to see where these go once they reopen and I am sure in person there would be room to push prices by 10-15%. Personally I am hoping maserati granturismo 4.7's go sub £20k
  13. I just bought some based on @davey_83 recommendation. 2 years and still sparkling. I went for clear version rather than tinted.
  14. Great day out, my favourite event in the motoring year (2nd to LeMans 24hr). I find Friday is quieter but with still a good buzz around it and some epic cars. Of course if it rains the event is not going to be all it could be but hey we live in the UK not LA so its the gamble we take. Advice, get there early as there is a lot to get around if you are only there for the day. And the supercar paddock is brilliant, particularly when they are all leaving or returning from the blast up the hill.
  15. Stunning. This one. Not so keen on Roma. Looks like the new maserati they were going to bring out, Alfieri I think.





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