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  1. I have a small tear in my roof of my 350z roof, would it best to get a trimmer to fix or just try to repair it with DIY kit? If with a DIY kit which one? Cheers Sunshine
  2. Thanks for the welcomes. It is the one from Leicester, the seller seemed a really nice guy. Very pleased with the condition,it is definitely a "Looker".
  3. Hi, I thought I would introduce myself as I am complete newby to 350z. I have just brought a 2006 350z GT 3.5 V6 roadster in Sunburst Orange. It has only done 20k miles and it is in great condition. I really loved driving about 120 miles in it after buying it. The only downside so far is having to pay £580 in road taxes. I live in the middle of Suffolk so looking forward to driving on the many country roads. Looking forward to reading up on the threads to gain a bit of knowledge about the 350z. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what threads I should look at first, to make sure I do not make too many rookie mistakes. Cheers Sunshine 350





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