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  1. Surprised this thread isn't more active! GoJapan + Tunerfest was great last year!
  2. You followed me for a bit! Put hazards on and you flashed back! If you're here hello!
  3. Gave you a little wave not sure if you saw!
  4. Looking good, glad you got it to fit in!
  5. Orange 350z with spoiler and bumper, looked super clean about 6am this morning. Was in grey 370z gave you a wave don't know if you saw!
  6. Lovely looking car mate hopefully see you at a meet in the future
  7. Wish I hadn't seen this, have to look after parents dog Friday otherwise I'd have been joining you... Fingers crossed next month
  8. Cracking photos! Day was great cheers @Payco!
  9. Welcome! Nice looking car mate! Must of got there just as I left, would of loved to see those wheels in person look awesome. Ace was great! Japfest + GoJapan coming up so maybe see you at one of those? Love the plate๐Ÿคฃ Nick
  10. Thanks for organising the event Martin! Had a great time and was nice meeting some people! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Heres to Japfest & GoJapan!
  11. 1) PAYCO - Datsun 510 SSS 2) nismoandy 350z registered & paid 3) msitpro - 350Z registered and paid 4) Bunning - 370Z registered and paid 5) Jinshim +1 - 370z registered and paid
  12. Managed to get out and measure today. In case any one was curios, this picture is passenger side, left harness is 19mm diameter and the right harness is 25mm. Hope this can help someone
  13. Not too sure how to word this question - every time I look at the part I change its name so I'll attach a pic for ease... (maybe) This wire housing/protection/cover. Few of them dotted around the engine bay, does anyone know the diameter of it? Not near car at the moment so would be super useful if anyone knows the size of the top their heads. Cheers Nick
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