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  1. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Only 1 plenum spacer remaining!!! Unless another reasonably large group of people are interested in plenum spacers, this will be the final one sold, limited edition plenum spacers 1 of 25... Should mean they go up in value like a prestigious watch or piece of art
  2. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    @Qirex Of course, car mods solve all It's reece.beaney@gmail.com £162 for paypal goods and services(to cover fees) £155 for friends and family That's all inclusive of postage/shipping Thanks buddy let me know your preferred delivery address too I will private message you, as I have only just realised this is on the main post!
  3. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    @QirexI currently have 2 left available Everyone's seems to be having their ups and downs at the moment, totally with that Let me know if you want anymore information!
  4. reeceybeaney

    Aodhan DS02's w/ Achilles ATR Sport 2s

    @Silverthorn mine went down about £250 compared to being 20 Really loving them on both zeds, just the roads down here are shocking and I daily my car so these would get beaten up bad Glwts, you'll have no problem selling these!
  5. reeceybeaney


    1)Payco - Pearl White 370z Nismo. Reg PA04YCO 2) Zippypooz - Gunmetal 350z. Reg N44SSN 3) Rs2oo  - Gunmetal 350z Roadster V6 XXK 4) andy James - Resale Silver 350z. Reg AJ07 ZZZ 5) nismoandy 350z silver Reg WP06FNX  6) chippychip123 - Brickyard Red 350z. Reg UK04 ZED 7) Flashback - Azure 350z - HJ54TBZ 8) Kbad - Gold Dust black 350z - J44SUS 9) Panman - Azure 350z - P44AAN 10) reeceybeaney - Ginger 350z - R33CFB
  6. reeceybeaney

    Aodhan DS02's w/ Achilles ATR Sport 2s

    Oh I wonder how these would fit on a 350! Just paid my insurance at 21 and was surprisingly cheap
  7. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    3 remaining plenum spacers, they'll be gone soon!
  8. reeceybeaney

    A few post MOT questions

    I have had the brake pipe corrosion advisory before... took it back to the same guy the next year and not a word said The disc and tyres are just general wear and tear items and simple to replace. Shame the tyre is under limit on the edge but maybe this is an alignment issue, as said above! The wheel bearing would be the one I would be thinking about getting booked in if you dont want to take on the task. It took me 4/5 hours, with many cups of tea, and cost approx. £80 for a replacement bearing.
  9. reeceybeaney

    The Ginger Daily Z

    Thanks! The dye was from a company called Gliptone and I think it's called a scuffmaster kit? Filled in a form with car details and leather colour and they matched it! It's held up real nicely with a lacquer applied after the dye and further cleaned and conditioned throughout the year .
  10. reeceybeaney

    The Ginger Daily Z

    Very kind of you to say so I got the mines carbon splitter from Grams styling, heard mixed reviews but I can only say good things my end. The wing mirror covers were off ebay, pure gamble but paid of nicely! The Nismo spoiler was on the car when I bought it, so I can't help there unfortunately! Had a Nismo splitter too when I bought it but the previous owner had a misunderstanding with a curb
  11. reeceybeaney

    The Ginger Daily Z

    After my minor incident with broken ART pipes... I've decided it's time to fit all the parts I've been hoarding This year brings all of the goodies taking up room in the garage: Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit 7KG SMF Stoptech Slave Cylinder Z Speed Clutch Pivot Ball HEL Braided Lines w/ Millers Racing Brake Fluid Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 w/ filter NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Uprev - likely at Abbey Motorsport Hopefully the zed will be better tham ever this year
  12. reeceybeaney

    Rays getting Blasted and powder coated!

    Nice! They really look like rally wheels in white
  13. reeceybeaney

    The build begins..

    Really want to see this round the area! Surprised you have kept it so low with the state of our roads
  14. reeceybeaney

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Always scary this time of year Paid £831 last year at 20 with 3yrs ncb... Be interesting to see how that changes this year at 21 now
  15. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Only 5 of these left now, price remains £155 including UK postage! Had some real good feedback from everyone so far