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  1. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

  2. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Few more snaps test fitting before I get this thread closed and a new tidier thread started up!
  3. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Plenum Spacers all complete ready for shipping thanks to the original members that stayed with me from the start! Hope it will all be worth it
  4. reeceybeaney


    The car market in general seems to be a little down at the moment. I have seen only a couple SC 350z's around for sale in the last 2/3 years and the cleanest one, in my opinion, had been up for 11k (none of them pushing more than 430bhp though). However it was an import which also seems to put people off. If it is tidy with an impressive spec list then I don't seem why it couldn't be up for £15k
  5. reeceybeaney

    350z Mileage and Ownership Thread

    Length of ownership: 2 years (sept' 16) Price paid: £6800 Spent during ownership: Approx. £1000, previous owner spent the most Vehicle Mileage: 75k Rating /10: Solid 9 Worst/Favourite Features: arguably best bang for buck sports car, love the looks and attention the zed receives and the sound is amazing. Dislike the fuel consumption and rust becoming more common on the rear arches
  6. reeceybeaney

    350z Mileage and Ownership Thread

    Wanted to get a generic thread going where owners can share their cars, opinions and a brief overview of their Zed ownership. Can Include: Length of ownership: Price paid: Spent during ownership: Vehicle Mileage: Rating /10: Worst/Favourite Features: Really looking forward to what people enjoy about their Zeds PFA
  7. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    I'm getting inpatient now! CNC watercut from billet aluminium - queue the gains
  8. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    So after a lot of tea and biscuits, all fixings are bagged up Receiving machined plenum spacers and strut spacers tomorrow... Might have the day off tomorrow though as it is my birthday Thanks guys
  9. reeceybeaney

    UK 2003 350Z 61K Miles

    Shame not a lot of cars selling at the moment, looks like a nice example with a few nice mods! Sorry to go off topic but I'm after a double din unit head unit, would you recommend one like in your Z?
  10. reeceybeaney

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Drive a Z3M and you'll have great fun! Although no where near as competent as the Z4M, they're great fun and a pure driving experience. The later S54 engined models are getting very expensive now due to the collectability, but an earlier S50 is similar power anyways as they restricted the S54 slightly in the Z3M.
  11. reeceybeaney

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    Seen loads of good things said about the invidia gemini exhaust! Glad the car stays
  12. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Now taking full payments as all components have been ordered and machined. Awaiting on sub contractors now so as soon as I receive everything, I will promptly package and send out to those who have paid in full
  13. reeceybeaney

    BMW 335i?

    Really starting to get the itch for some turbo power and German build quality and class
  14. reeceybeaney

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Even better... A 350z or a 370z
  15. reeceybeaney

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    The 996 with a manual and 3 pedals (obviously) is arguably more of a drivers car to a 997? But the interior does looks a bit dated in comparison. A Z3M is more expensive than a Z4M these days too due to collectability, make sure you look for one with a later S54 engine not the S50 from the E36 We looked at many Z3M coupes to go with the collection of S54 M cars, however couldn't get on with the styling The old man is selling his Z4M roadster which the 996 turbo replaced and I'm gutted as they are such brilliant driver cars!