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  1. Car is now gone... A worthy replacement with a hell of a spec though๐Ÿ˜Ž Enjoyed the Zed ownership for the second time round with the best version of the 370z Nismo
  2. Exactly! I've only ever seen 1 other on the road round my way, definitely rare cars
  3. I hope so too, sounds like a young chap like myself so hope the car treats him as it has done me! Doubt I'll ever have a car that looks as good as this... Probably regret it at some point when I see another on the roads
  4. They're pushing 600bhp so would have to be a fair amount of boost! Just taken a small deposit on the car too... ๐Ÿ˜ข
  5. Yeah all dealer ๐Ÿ‘ shame these cars still have ancient steel panels not all aluminium ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. Exactly the same issue with my 2014 V1... Was expecting the dealer to be a nightmare. Turns out they were very helpful, dropped the car off and got a brand new micra to drive about in and within 3 days the car was done๐Ÿ‘ I'm very particular about cars and I was expecting a cheap fix but they done a cracking job, how ever they did it!
  7. Trying to hang with the big boys today, makes the Z feel as quick as a Micra lol... Also viewing the potential replacement cars at the weekend, exciting!
  8. 987 Cayman S, gen 2 if you can stretch it. Gen 2s have a much improved engine over the earlier models although a lot of gen1s have had rebuilds and upgraded IMS bearings now. Bought mine April last year and sold in August and made about ยฃ4k even after putting 6k miles on the thing and a track day. All petrol heads need a porsche at one point I think. If budget is a bit less I'd have a Z4M, arguably a more "lively" engine than the Porsche but less balanced and more tail happy and is more likely to keep you on your toes when pushing on. Proper M car with a short ratio 6 speed, quick steering rack, mechanical diff and a accelerator pedal feeling like it is glued to your foot. Can still pick a nice roadster up for ยฃ16k would be my choice especially with summer coming up. If you want something a bit newer and with a turbo Z4 35i all day. Simple mods and a tune can have 420bhp and 600nm of torque in tap. A folding hard top, making the car feel more like a coupe and all the mod cons you need inside. Not quite as much of a drivers car due to the lack of the responsive NA engine and hydraulic steering but still a good fun and very fast car!
  9. Cracking car in good hands, always a good read ๐Ÿ‘ makes me feel bad for putting 6000 miles on mine since August and still using her as a daily lol
  10. If I still have the Nismo I will definitely make it down always makes for a good day
  11. Mega! The 370 is a big car with some big arches, can't wait to see how the 18s look! Don't you dare sell the stock wheels either
  12. In fairness the 370z still feels very much like the 350 but just with some extra poke up in the top of the revs and more grip and handling capabilities. Still hydraulic steering so good amount of feedback through the wheel too๐Ÿ‘
  13. Just recently done an oil service myself as I don't like long service intervals. Also the car sits on H&R Springs now with spacers and adjustable rear arms and has been fully aligned with a fast road geo. Car looks absolutely cracking! Also have a K&N typhoon intake fitted at the moment which sounds great up in the revs, all standard bits remain
  14. Probably will push more to sell the Nismo next year, feel like the journey is coming to an end even though I'll never own a car as cool looking again
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