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  1. Yeah no worries at all, just make sure you don't tighten the plenum down too much there as it won't be supported, under that position, and could crack if not careful! No worries
  2. That's frustrating! I made plenum spacer kits for a while, although I'm out of the workshop for the foreseeable... if you get really stuck and I'm back at work, I'll turn one up for you
  3. Thanks chaps, it's a great car, certainly will take some topping! Another zed is still in the back of my mind... maybe one day
  4. Can't bring myself to give it up yet... now running a primary decat and making some awesome noises, even by zed standards The 62l tank isn't great and returning 230 miles for about £75 is getting a bit tiring lol
  5. Good to see this is in good hands! Saw it advertised and was tempted myself Interested to see what else you got lined up for the Z!
  6. Looks like an awesome piece of kit, not sure I'm ready to give up my M3 yet or I'd be all over this!
  7. There's almost certainly someone interested in it, in current state depending on the rest of the car too!
  8. Can spray wd40 on the belts which should make them stop squealing if they're causing the noise. May be worth changing them anyways! Can check their tightness or condition which doesnt take 5 mins too
  9. Miss my 350z... a lot more than I thought I would. Fear that if I have another one it won't ever feel the same again! Currently in an E92 M3 and suffering even more frequent visits to petrol stations
  10. Would love to attend as it was a great show last year. However my Z has gone and I think I would look very out of place on the stand. Hopefully still make it down to see some familiar faces
  11. If I was back in the market for another Z I would be jumping up and down to go look at this! GLWTS
  12. reeceybeaney

    Y pipe ?

    To me, the design of the later Y pipe looks better I believe japspeed made them like that and now the above is more easily accessible and cheaper.
  13. Potentially up for swapping the M3 with (cash my way) for another Z if a nice clean, low mileage one pops up! Not only do I get another zed but some spare cash to please the missus to make it look like I’m making an effort...
  14. M3 might have to go quicker than first planned... possibility for a house purchase is around the corner and I think the sensible side of me is telling me to get on the ladder! Hopefully it doesn't come to selling, the car is gorgeous and I love it, but everything is for sale at the right price
  15. Does all seem a bit suspect to me! GT4s are only going to get more scarce, tempted to put it back OEM+ as it does needs saving but might be too far gone...





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