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  1. 2014 370z Nismo V1 #120 3.7l V6 344bhp 25500 miles (may rise slightly) 3 previous owners - last owner travelled 4k miles in 5 years and the car was a garage queen and still remains kept in a garage Reported only 120 V1 Nismo's brought into the UK. Full dealer service history (with continuous inspections/checks) 5 service stamps and paperwork/receipts at exceptional intervals. August '21 major service including spark plugs, brake fluid, coolant etc. Motorline Nissan further carried out a full inspection of the car with nothing to report. The car asks for nothing. The car is f
  2. I'm sure they come alive more with some money spent, but I'm too tight for that and as the V1 is quite rare I wouldn't want to stray far from oem spec! Had the car fully serviced at £650 which is important to me and very surprised it was the same price for a specialist to do a full service on my 987.2 Cayman S!!!
  3. I quite fancy a manual M4. Should have been natural progression after the E92 M3. Fancy a turbo, manual car with over 500bhp just hope it doesn't feel too electronic!
  4. Going through a phase of trying different cars, after an M3 and a Cayman S the Zed doesn't quite drive quite like them! Although the styling is bang on😎
  5. I may be selling mine shortly. 25k miles on the clock, 3 owners and of course full service history... Hard to price as there's so few of them and quite a niche car! Nice in black though and rare as a 15 plate.
  6. Just had a good read through, loving the journey with this car! I can't bring myself to modify my V1 too much and I'm not sure if it is because of their rarity of whether I'm just tight🤣 Good to see you using it for more the actual purpose of a Nismo!🤗
  7. Good to get back to a jap show at Silverstone this weekend gone. Enjoying the Nismo a lot and using a lot of fuel🤣
  8. Thinking might be able to use these without the side mount brackets? https://www.royalautomotive.co.uk/m2-motorsport-nissan-370z-low-mount-seat-rail-left-right-pair-8287-p.asp
  9. Hopefully he'll be along shortly to offer advice! Obviously sliders/runners would be nice but not crucial as nobody else drives the car and would rather the cheaper and lower seating position😆
  10. Hi chaps, Found a real nice set of Cobra Misano seats and was looking in to the fitting process. These are base mounted and wondered if there were any off the shelf bases that would fix the seats straight to the 370z as I can't find much at all! Any help would be appreciated! PFA
  11. Cheers pal, hope you are well. I would like to get a v2 along side mine for a few photos😆
  12. Also looking for 370z intakes if anyone has any recommendations! No hot air intakes though please😆
  13. Now this: #210 370z Nismo The previous owner had her for 4 years and only managed a grand total of 4k miles... Firstly she's booked in for a full major service just to keep things up to speed with the service history! The car has short tails fitted currently, which I'm sure are a vast improvement over the noise restricting oem exhaust. I would really like to fit resonated test pipes in the future as the ART pipes on my 350z were mega! Potentially thinking about intakes and maybe some 15mm spacers all round, but other than that she's perfect as she is... Until I get tempte
  14. After a few years absent from the Z life, I've finally got myself back in a lovely gem of a 370z. After having my 350z for 2 years I decided to go German having a modified 135i, E92 M3, Z4 35i and Porsche Cayman S... But I've never been able to stay away from what I started with!!! Previous cars after my last Z
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