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  1. All about the manual, original movements on the professional speedmasters Haha it's strange how people are in to different things, I love the investment and rarity of some pieces... I like having something someone else wants! For example the new Rolex GMT has a 7 year waiting list and some second hand values are double retail Good investment if you can get one...
  2. With a car change as well as making other investments, the bank account is drying up... Investments better pay off as it's part of my house deposit
  3. Bump! All prices now 10% reduction, do the maths Don't hesitate to message me, still flexible on prices.
  4. Same N55 engine I believe? Think I'll fit everything and see how mad it can go Going for a proper dyno tune so will be real figures
  5. I've had a bit of a play and the NS2R seem better than the Dunlop run flat on the oem wheels Just made myself a member on there in the past week, no match for the mighty 350z forum though Sure I'll have some great fun with it, lots to play about with and some turbo fun which is different!
  6. Thanks Just getting to grips with the car and now running NS2R tyres which is a bit different and I'm not sure how well I'm going to get on with them... I've heard M3 bits fit so I'll probably be looking into that! I think on N55 you need downpipes as they don't quite respond to mods quite as well as the N54 engine, just from what I've read? Going for the noise too as the standard system is staying... For now
  7. They're great fun, maybe not on par with a manual on a back road but pull the paddles and it's more engaging that I thought! My old man has a z4m coupe, just bought at the right time
  8. It was going to happen at some point, thought I would just make a post to share what I've moved on to! As always any comments welcome 61 plate 36k miles 135i DCT M sport coupe. Completely mint, all usual German refinements and some turbo power! Getting used to not having a clutch pedal (only gone to press if a few times), the dct gearbox is lightning and hardly noticeable in normal auto mode. Feels everybit of 300bhp and 300lb/ft, uses just as much fuel as the Z did so no shocks there Mods already taking place, almost in 2 minds whether to modify it as it is so clean... But needs must everything on order. Aftermarket intake, decat downpipes, eibach springs, big front mount intercooler, front lip and Zito 935 (csl style) wheels. Future mapping potential to approx. 20psi of boost, gains of +80bhp and +100lb/ft!!! Not used to them sort of gains
  9. All surplus to requirement as no longer have the zed. Prices can be negotiable or pick up from Crowborough TN6. Original 350z front mats - great condition, slightly more wear on the drivers side by the heel. £20 + p&p. Tomei duracon gearknob - brand new with very slight storage marks. £20 + p&p. NGK iridium spark plugs - brand new from tarmac sportz for DE. £50 + p&p. Upgraded Clutch Pivot Ball - brand new from torqen, a must if upgrading the standard clutch and flywheel. £30 + p&p. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/powertrain/ancillaries/654-350z-de-torqen-chromoly-clutch-pivot-ball-2003-30537-vp100.html 350z DE tachometer - in good condition, bought to modify leds and gauges but never got round to it. £35 + p&p.
  10. Bye bye Z Took a grand total of 2 days to sell and gone to someone who I'm sure will take good care of her. Maybe I'll return in the future once I really start missing her!
  11. After a few great years of 350z ownership, I've decided to sell up the car. Many know of the car, as it has appeared at many shows and forum arranged meets in the South East and I have been an active member of the 350z online forums and pages. '54 350z GT 75k miles w/ exceptional history and paperwork. 2 keys and original master key and original Nissan leather wallet and handbook etc. The car comes as standard fitted with the GT pack consisting of: heated/electric leather seats, cruise control, 18" forged Rays wheels, VLSD (limited slip diff), brembo brakes, parking sensors and the bose stereo system. Basically a must have essential for any 350z buyer. The car has also been tastefully modified over the years, with plenty of paperwork and receipts to reinforce works of all modifications and maintenance records. At present, the car is equipped as followed: Cobra Resonated Exhaust Japspeed Y Pipe Eibach Pro Lowering Springs Eibach 20mm Front & 25mm Rear Spacers Japspeed Front Camber Arms Eibach Rear Camber Arms Motordyne ART Pipes (car sounds heavenly due to these) Motordyne 5/16" Plenum Spacer EBC Turbo Drilled & Grooved Discs EBC Redstuff Pads Mishimoto Fan Shroud HEL Braided Clutch Line K&N Drop In Panel Filter Orange Silicone Engine Hoses Quantum Remap (292bhp) Mines Style Carbon Fibre Splitter Nismo Style Carbon Spoiler Carbon Mirror Covers Zunsport Grille Stubby Ariel Pioneer SPH-DA120 head unit Kenwood Ksc-sw11 underseat subwoofer with controller Standard components such as the spoiler, stereo, catylitic converts are available and will come with the car. I never planned to sell the 350z, so I also acquired a few parts, of which I planned to get fitted. None of which are required. I have an exedy stage 1 clutch kit, single mass flywheel, pilot bushing, slave cylinder (full clutch overhall kit). I also have a set of NGK iridium spark plugs and HEL bradied brake hoses. This can all come with the car at an additional price, or may also be advertised elsewhere. I would love to see the car go to an enthusiast, as the car is in such great shape. FSH with numerous stamps and receipts to back up Nissan maintenance scheme of P1, P2 and P3 services. The gearbox oil and diff oil has been replaced within the last 2 years and the engine oil and filter was last changed less than 1k miles ago. There have never been issues with MOT history or overall running of the car. The interior and exterior of the car are in fantastic shape for the age, it has been fully machined polished, waxed and sealed recently for the summer season. Any other details and information, don't hesitate to message me loads of other images available. £6750, open to offers
  12. Looks like a really well sorted and cared for Z. With the time, effort and money put into it, it is hard to value. It's all personal really with our modified zeds, as some like particular mods more than others and some people are more worried about mileage than others... But personally I would start at around £6k/£5.5k due to the mileage being a little steep and anticipating a clutch change. For any other Z of that mileage I would have said a fair bit less, but if the car is in good condition and obviously spending £3.5k on a respray (you won't want it going cheap!) so it has got to be worth starting around that price! I decided that I probably wouldn't get the money I wanted for my Z, so I'm keeping it for another year at least, and getting my clutch and flywheel done



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