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  1. reeceybeaney

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    I suppose a lot of mods have been done as you use the car quite heavily on track, every mod compliments the other! Glad you said about ditching the DMF as I've just picked up an upgraded exedy clutch kit and a SMF which I'll be looking at getting fitted soon! With all the different mods all around, I bet it doesn't even resemble a standard 350z anymore. Awesome mate
  2. reeceybeaney

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Just to update: I am still requiring deposits/payment from some people as I really need at least 15 orders before I can cover my own costs of manufacture! Hope this isn't a problem but just to make others aware, I do have some peoples money already and I don't want them to be out of pocket for nothing! If this cannot happen then I will start having to think about refunding people, which I don't want to do!
  3. reeceybeaney

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Awesome spec what would be the best performance mod out of the lot, guessing cams? What made the biggest difference?
  4. reeceybeaney

    Ginger Zed Build

    Just caught the sun, guess that's why it's called sunset orange
  5. reeceybeaney

    Ginger Zed Build

    Productive day today! Machined the sheared bolt out of the flywheel and re tapped it Also cleaned up the cloudy headlights again as it seems to be a 6 monthly thing now Also managed to find out what the humming noise was, coming from the rear of the car that I've been putting off looking at for over a year... Wheel bearing absolutely shot on passenger side, so got one of them on order for next weekends excitement https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2idzodrpxwfjkp/Snapchat-603733395.mp4?dl=0
  6. reeceybeaney

    Busters new toy

    Love to see the car becoming personal so quickly! Handy the car came with some nice set of Work's and the zaust
  7. reeceybeaney

    Ogman's 350z: Project Kompanion

    Zed looks great, even against the other 2
  8. reeceybeaney

    Zed Virgin

    Stunning colour, I'd be forever cleaning!
  9. reeceybeaney

    370z In Tyne and Wear

    Nice looking 370z Welcome
  10. reeceybeaney

    www.350z-uk.com Car Stickers

    Getting close to my 350 posts now! Hope these fit in the rear quarter window of my z
  11. reeceybeaney

    Racing Crashes...

    Not the most cheery topic but unfortunately does happen. Anyone been in the right place at the right time for a photo opportunity of a crash in racing? Thought it was pretty impressive this one at Goodwood
  12. reeceybeaney


    Might be a bit early to start thinking about this, but anyone travelling up from South East? M25 - > M40 Looking forward to one of the last big shoes of the year
  13. reeceybeaney

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    Agree with the OP in a way... I mean there's idiotic driving and then there's going around a slow a** driver in the overtaking lane I doubt any of us are pure angel drivers but there is definitely a difference in being a little bit cheeky and just out right dangerous
  14. Definitely been busy with the mods, so susprised with the exhaust situation! Something can't be quite right there Difficult decision with wheels when the LMGT4s look so good on the Z!
  15. reeceybeaney

    Motordyne ART Pipes - 350Z HR / 370Z

    Got ART Pipes on my DE... Someone do themselves a favour and snatch these up!