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  1. I would say so, would like to have a go back to back in both and compare Sure the Nismo will feel much more fun and engaging I did see that one for sale and the boy in me is liking it a lot! Have to see if any serious bites come of selling the bimmer
  2. Starting to fancy myself a go in a 370z Nismo, glad to have chosen the bmw but can't see myself keeping it much longer than a year or max 2
  3. May be looking the other way, getting rid of the more practical car and going back to a zed... Possibly a 370z or Nismo Mind you the more practical car I have now is faster than my old Z by a long shot
  4. Bleed on the slave cylinder the slave cylinder can also be a weak link on these cars if you search the forums, but may not be a problem for you! A good tip is to get a clear piece of tube in a bottle or something to see when the air bubbles stop when you're bleeding the system through. As zman said, to try stop your squeaking have a good spray up to lube all the clutch linkage.
  5. The clutch system is hydraulic, my 350z clutch line broke and I lost all the fluid resulting in the pedal hitting the floor... You really don't want this The hel braided line is fine for the clutch line replacement, there were problems with brake lines I have heard before, but then again some people haven't had any trouble! Easy enough to do, the line simply is a straight replacement, just might need a second person in the car on the pedal and topping the reservoir up while it's being bled through
  6. Now converted jap to German owner... I can't stand the new Z4 Where's all the Z4M's... Only real 2 seater sports car bmw has made for a while IMHO
  7. Thought I'd share a nice pretty graph The car is a torque machine now! Was expecting higher bhp figures, so was the tuner. Have been told I can go back to visit for another run in the cooler weather as ambient temps were pretty high! All in all though the car has been seriously woken up and picks up speed scarily quickly
  8. I'm sure with the small ish, twin scroll turbo giving additional bhp and torque all the way through the rev range it will increase drivability just right
  9. Dyno day Saturday, first car of mine to ever be tuned/dynoed. Little bit nervous, but hoping for some strong gains
  10. Absolutely gorgeous car, the only brand new bmw that really appeals to me! Got the 135i coupe with the older version N55 engine, going for dyno and mapping Saturday
  11. Tints look great! If you don't mind me asking, how much did it set you back? Looking to get this done too
  12. GlWTS Martin, surprised to see you selling up after lots of ££££ spent on your pride and joy!
  13. Ohh the turbo noises make me smile Still missing that V6 exhaust
  14. The 350z replacement... See where I got the bmw bug from



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