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  1. reeceybeaney

    DB Nissan 350z GT 05' *bye bye RAYS :(

    Such a big difference wheels can make to the whole car! Awesome choice Have you noticed a difference in driving since the wheel change?
  2. reeceybeaney

    Cobra resonated exhaust drone problem

    True that, then you'll go buy some Art Pipes
  3. reeceybeaney

    Need to drop that arch gap

    With the eibach lowering springs (30mm), I found the drop a great improvement but found the standard camber arms couldn't adjust back within spec... I would advice going for coilovers as you have so much more flexibility with ride heights and also a good excuse to refresh the shocks too budget permitting of course
  4. reeceybeaney


    More people seemed to be putting their name down for this event in the other post! Unsure on the rules but maybe because this is in "local meets" section it isn't getting as much attention as it could be??? Anyhow, still looking forward to the drive down and the show
  5. reeceybeaney

    Cobra resonated exhaust drone problem

    I always thought my resonated cobra was perfect for daily driving, whilst still producing a gorgeous note. Maybe in the roadsters you can hear the exhaust more predominantly but there's not really a lot else you can do other than reverting back to a standard oem exhaust? A Milltek system is one of the quietest just in case thats a possibility?
  6. reeceybeaney


    Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID Louis350z - HR - PAID  reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2 Thanks to Martin for stepping in
  7. reeceybeaney

    350z Glass Scratches

    Unsure which section to post this in but hopefully will be in the right place! Ever since I bought my zed, the drivers and passenger side glass have been scratched quite deeply. As expected, polishing made little difference as the scratches are felt under the nail, so quite deep. Has anyone got had this problem and/or changed the glass at all and is it a simple enough job? Cheers!
  8. reeceybeaney

    Plasti dip colour

    I agree with the guys above, shadow chrome is subtle and classy! Not the best pic but shadow chrome alloys on a Z3M
  9. reeceybeaney

    Simply Japanese 2018

    Driving down early Sunday morning via A27 with a couple of other cars, be nice to see a few others on the way down. Also, is there a meet up point prior to entering the show at all?
  10. reeceybeaney

    Carbon Fibre Mines Style Lip

    If you're going to attempt removing it, I would expect the paint to come with it The picture from when I took my Nismo V1 splitter off...
  11. reeceybeaney

    The Pope meets Monsters

    Looking awesome! Have considered a wrap many times, but worried it won't have the depth and shine that paint has! But yours looks excellent against the bronze 370z wheels Someone is getting good at throwing their wallet at their Z
  12. reeceybeaney

    Ginger Zed Build

    Not really a build update but unsure where to put it Finished college early with a couple of mates and visited JapPerformance Parts in Crawley. They have some awesome stock, mainly for Subaru's and Evo's, but they had an awesome drift scooby in the show room with a RB26 and I'm guessing from the gearknob it was a 350z gearbox
  13. reeceybeaney

    What tyres ???

    If the car is a daily, I wouldn't opt for the Yoko's as they're predominantly used for spirited/track driving and even though the dry grip is insane, they wouldn't be an all round balanced tyre for daily driving, taking into consideration wear due to the soft compound etc. I was going to go for the Michelin's but picked up the Goodyear Eagle F1s for £450 all round including fitting, so was a no brainer as money was a factor with me, or I would have probably gone Michilin. But now had them over a year and would highly recommend them People who have driven a Z on MPSS struggled to tell the difference on the road, Michilin's may wear slightly better and may be better in the wet. But I wouldn't be pushing a 300bhp RWD car in the wet anyway
  14. reeceybeaney

    Ginger Zed Build

    Small update... was getting annoyed by the peeling/flaking lacquer on the steering wheel controls plastic trim. Went ahead and removed the wheel and carbon wrapped the 2 panels Not to everyone's taste but looks a lot better than it did previously Also treated myself (and the Z) and got hold of an Autobrite snow foam lance, damn the stuff smells so good
  15. reeceybeaney

    Heat wrap on new manifold?

    I would go for it, especially as the zeds engine bay gets so hot! Wrap is a lot cheaper than ceramic coated manifolds too which is the same sort of idea of keeping cool Could also look at it that it protects other components in the bay from contact on roasting hot manifolds