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  1. dave_7

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    thanks for that i appreciate it. £275 is definitely a bargain!! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for a similar deal. 100% agree with you there as long as they'e tough enough to take the abuse and easy to adjust they should be spot on. the hardrace stuff always looks very well made from what I've seen
  2. dave_7

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    where did you buy the front upper control arms from mate? and is there are reason you went with them over any other brand? I've been looking to get some at some point but there are a lot of different ones available
  3. dave_7

    Tyre Query

    Couldn't agree more. I've done 3 track day on Falken FK510s now and cannot fault them at all. Plenty of grip, progressive when you are on the limit, can take the heat involved very well, good straight line braking especially with a bit of heat in them and VERY VERY good in the wet. great value for money. Dont get me wrong their are better out there but its very subjective (car, usage and driver dependent). I think people can judge based on some of the other Falken tyres about which I've also used and are a bit poo when pushing on with them but are perfectly safe. I've also run Michelins previously and although they are great in all conditions, they outer shoulders are just too soft for me and they wear out in no time which makes the price tag hard to swallow. I'm going to go for AD08R's next for this very reason, though as I've now got a POS daily for winter/bad conditions. This is of course just my 2p worth, but having experience with both the falkens and michelins (amongst many others) on road and track i thought I'd let you know what i think
  4. dave_7

    Nismo Racing Harness

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkj2iPC6tg4 check it out great little gadget yeah i heard that as well, they come up pretty often second hand on fb groups though
  5. dave_7

    Nismo Racing Harness

    I know its surprising what a big difference it makes!
  6. dave_7

    Nismo Racing Harness

    no you will need a buy a proper harness bar but they aren't cheap. A CG lock isn't as good a full harnesses but its the next best thing for keeping you pinned in your seat on track
  7. dave_7

    Preparing my Z for first track day?

    Keep an eye on you oil temp if you haven't got an oil cooler, if you're going to do a few track days i'd definitely recommend getting one. I'd make sure you brake fluid is up-to the task as well, something like RBF600 is fine. Apart from that just the usual tyres brake pads and fluid checks and possibly get you geometry check somewhere if its not been checked in a while. If you're into you detailing its worth sealing up your wheels and paint as molten brake dust can be a pain to shift sometimes. I'm at Donnington in March with Opentrack... can't wait!
  8. Yes still available. Not far from j18 off the m6
  9. I know, can't believe someone hasn't snapped it up yet!
  10. PRICE DROPPED TO £400 NO OFFERS Absolute bargain
  11. dave_7

    Nathan's 370

    I've been considering these... let me know how you get on
  12. dave_7

    High flow cats and akraprovic exhaust.

    Glad I'm not he only one with a raspy rattle
  13. I'm selling my cobra cat back exhaust including y-pipe which I bought new for my mk1 nismo. Was on the car for 14 months and covered 9k miles. In full working order and sounds fantastic. 5" slash cut tips. Price is £400, Collection from Cheshire preferred but will to meet half way within reason. Any questions give me a shout.