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  1. No sorry, I've decided to keep hold of these... probably should have had this thread locked a while back. Mods please lock. Thank you
  2. Very jealous of the seat, looks great! I told you it would make a huge difference to the driving experience 😉 (despite taking away the ability to get in and out of the car gracefully 🤣)
  3. Next up was a huge one for me... 1500 mile, 5 day trip to the ring, planned around the circuitdays summer trackday there. My first trip and it wont be my last. There are few things in life that live upto the hype these days, but these for me even better than I ever thought it would be. The picture sums it up better than anything really! Plan is to get pack there in 2024 for more
  4. It really is a game changer to be able to pick the most suitable setup for the weather conditions. I just make the call the day or so before. Gets rid of that semi slicks in the pish rain anxiety. There were on offer and I also had a discount code so set me back around £600 for a staggered set.
  5. June saw me finally fit the AEM oil pressure gauge I bagged on black friday the previous year. Straight forward enough to fit as long as you don't mind extending the wiring that comes with the sensor (you need to cut the wires to hake it easier to fish through the bulkhead anyway). Mounted in a standard 53mm pod so it sits inline with the stock pods on the dash from my driving position Also scraped the fund for the extra set of rubber for the 19s. Went for Goodyear Eagle F1 super sports and they're fantastic. Brilliant in the wet and not a million miles from a semi slick in the dry! Then a bit of a spruce up before what comes next...
  6. Then the April saw another Anglesey Trackday... this time dry all day and really felt the benefit of the new wheel/tyre setup combined with the revised geo
  7. Over the next few weeks I'm going to attemp to bring this build thread back from the dead and upto date... you can thank @Lewis Schwier for convincing me. A lot has gone on over the last 15 months so I'll keep it brief. First up was the switch from the Kinetix front camber arms, to some posh hardrace ones. Reason being I got to the point were I needed to run more camber and the Kinetix ones I'd max'ed out. Now running 2.8 deg at front and 1.8 deg rear, with more scope to go more extreme if required but for now this is a good balance for both road and track for me. Next up was very very wet trackday at Donington. The semi slicks were as hopeless as you'd expect in the conditions which cemented the idea of running a good road/wet tyre on the Mk1 Nismo rims. The conditions made from some dramatic pictures though!
  8. Either that or a black one
  9. I'm on the look out for a spare pearl white bonnet to chop up and fit trackspec vents to bonnet (https://trackspecmotorsports.com/shop-by-vehicle/nissan/nissan-370z-hood-louver-vent-kit)
  10. Scratch that, I've just had a quick look and apparently any new customers are now put on a revised policy according to a thread on pistonheads. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=18&t=2013908&i=0
  11. I use Autoaid, it's not specifically excluded and have heard of a few people getting picked up from the Paddock using them.... they basically sub it out to a suitable local breakdown company who won't care they'll just want to get the job done and get paid. I've never had to use it mind but have a much better chance with with the likes of the AA or RAC etc
  12. Not a small job, but not a massive one either. Undertray off for the bottom nut. Strut brace and intakes out from the top. Access is a lot better without the headers in the way but can be done with them in place. Jack the engine using a bit of timber across the sump. Reckon it would easily be done at home in under a day. Paying a garage... maybe 3 hours at a guess. Might be worth some of the experienced traders on here chiming in as I'm sure they've done a few in their time
  13. Ah I well missed out on this one, would have been ideal to swap out for my ark grip. You snooze you loose
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