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  1. dave_7

    High flow cats and akraprovic exhaust.

    i had some berk HFC fitted just over a week ago after i found the ark grip a bit tame (similar situation to you), and it is ALOT loader than before but i love it. cant comment of gains yet though. I get a bit of drone now between 2000-2400 RPM give or take but its nothing i cant cope with, but once it hit 4000 rpm its an absolute animal. One think to note is that you will get some hiss and rasp once the stock cats are gone though
  2. dave_7

    What gaskets required for used cat back?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-5-63mm-Exhaust-gasket-to-fit-for-Subaru-Impreza/311931164787?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 these ones definitely fit... it is a bit of a mine field though
  3. dave_7

    Project: WeaponiZed

    that looks mega mate... very jealous
  4. hahaha nice try buddy... i need to keep the track day noise police in mind though
  5. Too be honest i've found the ark grip a little same really but I've got berk HFCs going on this friday so it that should change in a big way!! Cant't wait
  6. dave_7

    What gaskets required for used cat back?

    I've got a used cobra that will be going in the for sale section in the coming days if you're interested?
  7. I've also still got the stock nismo system in the shed if you after something quiet? obviously is not worth anywhere near as much as the short tails so i wouldn't expect you to swap though
  8. well louder than stock but absolutely no way near as loud as short tails.... its all about getting the right balance to suit you
  9. I have a 14 month old cobra cat back including y-pipe that's done about 9k miles if you're interested?
  10. dave_7

    Quiet decats

    I bet that sounds absolutely savage!
  11. dave_7

    Quiet decats

    its all very subjective. I've had an arc grip fitted for a couple of weeks which replaced my cobra cat back (will be going in the for sale section when i get round to it), and too be honest I've found the arc a bit too tame coming from the cobra, which sounded great but i think would be very loud with HFCs. I've since picked up a set off second hand berk HFCs off ebay for a steal to try, ill let you know my opinion on them. Point is there is not one setup to suit everyone which makes it very tricky.
  12. dave_7

    2 weeks into ownership and its dead !

    definitely worth pulling the fuse. 5-10 minute job
  13. exhaust now received and fitted no issues. A bit too tame for me though as it stands so some HFC's should fix that
  14. dave_7


    strong wheel game!
  15. dave_7

    370Z Stillen Exhaust for 370Z Nismo MK2 Exhaust

    think i'll give this a miss after doing a bit of research on the Stillen exhaust as i think it will be a bit too tame for me. If you struggle to find someone to swap and need to buy a standard Nismo exhaust let me know.