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  1. Probably bang average really. I'd just take it off then take it into work to use the big boy press on it... unless im missing something? I follow @350Butcher's build thread... absolute mega car one of my favourites on here
  2. Sounds like a job to take my time over and do through the winter then. Yeah just the subframe collars, diff brace and diff bushing at the moment plus the bushings that come in the front and rear camber arms so still plenty left to do. Looking at chassis bracing as well, the price of the Soul function stuff is eye watering through.
  3. Nice fix! I've suffered with pad deposits from heavy track work in the past, but always been able to overcome it just by giving them some stick and getting them nice and hot again. Really annoying when you see people always say its warped discs as it is very very rarely the case
  4. looks really good pal. It's all coming together nicely!
  5. Must have a ball bag like a spacer hopper!
  6. yeah a silver mk1 is as rare as rocking horse sh*t
  7. Congrats, looks super tidy!
  8. Thanks pal I'll try and keep the updates coming as I'm glad some people are into it, i know its not everyone's cup of tea though. Yeah I was willing to sacrifice the rails in pursuit of headroom but it is a compromise. Your new setup is awesome though, those posh recaros are so nice! You've done a really good job to not gain any height with a base mounted seat and rails from my research Glad to hear you like the spacer, its something I've been in desperate need of for a long time! Yeah i was a little bummed out about the expense of h
  9. Yeah its a whole different experience, been wanting this kind of set up for a long long time, so i knew exactly what i wanted and how i was going to achieve it. Seat base is super thin, literally fibreglass shell and foam cushioning which is sat touching the floor. Only way you'd get any lower is to have no seat and sit on the floor. Nissan didn't leave much on the table when it comes to reducing the height of the seat so it was the only way really. Another thing worth mentioning it the weight saving is huge,as you'd expect!
  10. I plan on getting mine done at some point in the near future. Sounds like the launch control is not working at all there!
  11. It's not all about the numbers mate. I suspect the response and drivabilty have massively improved?
  12. Next up is a big one for me Bucket seat and harness setup finally complete. 2x Mirco GT bucket seats - made to order in black velour with white branding removed from the backrest/headrest area for a clean luck with white fibreglass shell to match the harness bar. FIA approved 2x Sabelt 4 point harnesses 2x Z1 seat side mounts - had to machine these at work and paint as they clashed with just about everything. How Z1 got this so wrong I have no idea - Just because some can use a CAD package does not make them an Engineer and this is a
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