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  1. Today's update is the arrival of my new Z1 poly motor mounts - thanks @Umster They're a nice bit of engineering and very very light weight Plan is to get these fitted along with, replacement diff bushing (probably whiteline polyurethane) and diff bracing after my stock diff bushing has decided its had enough. May also try and get some z1 rear subframe bushing collars to do at the same time if funds allow. If anyone has and input into this, either best places to get parts or tips for getting the job done (i already know getting the old diff bushing out will be a battle) it would be very helpful.
  2. thank you. Obviously its all personal preference, but the minute i saw a mk1 Nismo in the flesh i had to get one, really does turn heads wherever it goes. The fact they're so rare is a real bonus for me as well. It ticks all the boxes for me; japanese, RWD, manual, N/A with an old school analogue feeling and it looks and drives just how I'd want it to. All this awd, turbo, torque vectoring, dsg farting stuff that most people like these days just isn't for me really me. If you fancy a track day i highly recommend doing one. It is however highly addictive! But you do learn more about driving and your car than you ever could on a road
  3. I'm at Oulton park next Friday, then at Angelsey at the start of August so i'll make sure to post up a couple more Cheers mate. I really like your car albeit having a very different end goal to mine. The time, money and attention to detail on you car is top draw. It would be very boring if we all just did the same thing!
  4. cheers guys, I am glad there is a bit of interest as it is a slightly different take on a 370z than other builds on here. Hopefully there will be others that can have an input sharing what setups/changes they have found good on track!
  5. cheers, I will definitely look into that. 370Z track days are few and far between it seems compared to the 350Z, which is to be expected i guess. I've only ever seen 1 other 370Z on a track day I've been to. Seen plenty of 350s though ranging almost stock to some full on mental racecar builds which is always cool to see. The horsham time attack car has to be a highlight, awesome machine (i believe its been sold on now though sadly)
  6. Been meaning to get round to this for a while so here it goes... Had the car since March 2017, done around 15 track days so far with it, in which I've learnt loads about the car and have slowly been been addressing issues and shortcoming as they arise (as you get better/faster the more you want to tweaks to your setup). I must say though straight out the box its a great car for fast road and track use. Only main concerns being oil temps on track and fuel starve and being a big old girl obviously costly on consumables. Mods list so far: Cobra cat back (now sold and replaced with arc grip) Mishimoto oil cooler kit with thermostatic sandwich plate tarmac sportz short shifter paired with customer shifter extension and weighted shift knob Arc grip cat back exhaust Berk HFCs Kinetix front camber arms Hel braided brake lines 20mm Eibach hubcentric wheel spacers front and rear Silicone Induction hoses paired with stock air box and Cosworth filters DIY twin baffled oil catch can set up Rear SPL titanium camber arms SPC toe bolts SPL eccentric lockout kit Mesiter R CRD coilovers Gloss black wrapped roof Nismo Steering wheel refurbed in full alcantara 9040 by Royal steering wheels Also: RBF660 fluid for brakes and clutch Federal RS-Pro Semi slick track tyres Hawk HP+ pads (aimed for autocross and trackdays) Custom geometry setup I've also got Z1 engine mounts on the way curiosity of @Umster I'll try and post more detail on the above over the next few weeks but bear with me there is a fair bit to cover. Still on the to do list long term: Front ARB & droplinks Fixed back bucket seats Remap (ECUTEK) Wheel refurb Transmission mount Bolt in half cage Harnesses Diff bushing Diff brace Rear subframe collars Coolerworx shifter Ali undertray Fuel surge tank Lightweight flywheel upgraded CSC black lug nuts My diff bushing has committed suicide after getting it dead kicked in constantly (not surprised really) so next job will be Diff bushing and diff brace when time and funds allow. I've literally got hundreds of trackday pics but here are some of the highlights
  7. How much do you want for them?
  8. For sale 2 Falken fk510 tyres 285/35R19 Around 5mm of tread left on both. Good even wear. No previous repairs. No damage. £80 firm for both tyre. Collection only from Cheshire. Cash on collection.
  9. https://www.greenlightinsurance.co.uk/insurance
  10. greenlight mirror my no claims from my daily even though the other policy isn't with them
  11. These are 100% going to be my next set of tyres. Never heard anyone say a bad word about them
  12. No worries mate, obviously if you're going to really abuse them there are more expensive options. Horses for courses and all that
  13. I changed to Hawk HPS pads last year and so far they've out performed the stock pads in every way. Used for fast road and track as well as the occasional commute to work. Great bite from cold and can take some abuse as well. That's not to say they are the best option but i have been pleased with them
  14. thanks for that i appreciate it. £275 is definitely a bargain!! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for a similar deal. 100% agree with you there as long as they'e tough enough to take the abuse and easy to adjust they should be spot on. the hardrace stuff always looks very well made from what I've seen





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