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  1. I fancy one of these... the discolouration of the plastic tank is an eye sore fire me a PM over with the payment details please 😁
  2. So clean! Looking really good pal. Very jealous of the Nismo goodies
  3. Tyres got fitted yesterday. As you can see, big beef setup. Should be very purposeful when I get them fitted this weekend!
  4. 285/35R18 the reason I've chosen to go to an 18" setup is firstly to I can have a true square setup and secondly the range, availability and price of semi slicks in 18" vs 19" is on another level! These wheels will eventually pay for themselves in about 4 sets of tyres time. The square setup gives me much more tyre up front for front end grip & turn in as well as reduced shoulder wear (which is an issue due to the weight of the car) as well as me being able to rotate wheels to maximise tyre life across the whole tyre. So its more of a function over form thing
  5. AEM 0-150psi oil pressure gauge ready to be fitted at some point as well. Just need to decided where and how to mount it
  6. New wheels are due to arrive today... ready to be wrapped in these - Zestino Gredge 07RS Soft Compound (TW140) Semi Slick Tyre https://www.tegiwaimports.com/zestino-gredge-07rs-soft-compound-tw140-semi-slick-tyre.html 140 treadware so pretty soft so should be nice and sticky!
  7. goods great pal... the LMGT4's are perfect 👌
  8. yeah I've always gone 85ftlbs
  9. Looks like I closed the window prematurely... was still in the basket when I went back on the site. All sorted now hopefully
  10. Just order from your website... I should have done this ages ago!!
  11. Yes exactly that... think wheel spacer without actually using a wheel spacer Have a fiddle with this, all will become clear
  12. dave_7

    HFC degradation

    I had an issue with my berk HFC's. The catalyst inside them came loose and I had to replace them after about 2.5 years albeit with heavy use but still very disappointed as they're meant to be a quality items, maybe I was just unlucky. Not exactly the same issue but it did cause a multiple cylinder misfire code. Would definitely expect a set to last longer then yours have. Try clearing the code to see if it comes back. Only way to see if they have had it is to remove them and take a long in them and give them a bit of a shake. Also worth checking the gaskets
  13. Can't say I've ever heard of them but the offsets will work - slightly more aggressive than stock but nothing too crazy
  14. Haha... he looked at me like I had two heads when I was telling him about it as it is, not sure he'd have taken it very well if I told him the solution was to open the fuel tank up. To be fair this was before I fitted the extra fuel pump so my solution was to brim the tank every 2 sessions.
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