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  1. Probably not best to try if it's an electrical fire.......
  2. Try the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or 4S, (MPS4, or MPS4S) they are way better than the Bridgestones. The 4S is better than the old MPSS in my opinion, (I have had MPSSs on previously), and from all the reviews I've seen the 4 is not far behind the MPSS. I've never tried them but lots of people swear by the Falken 510 (? not sure on this number) and say it's very similar to the Michelin but wears faster, so if you're on a budget, maybe try them? I'm sure someone can confirm if that's the right code for them? Which ever way you go, hope it gets sorted.
  3. Most auctions I've been to have no returns and are basically sold as seen. @y.andreevvdHopefully it was cheap and will make a good base car to start from.
  4. I started on UpRev and went to ECUtek, IMO it was worth the upgrade for the extra functionality of ECUtek. I've upgraded my ECUtek as well and gone to the bluetooth dongle version.
  5. How is your engine bay not covered in white flecks? I made the mistake of not covering the rest with a dust sheet and it took an aged to get it cleaned up, in fact I bet there are still a few specs I missed.
  6. Nothing is wrong with Horsham that I am aware of? I have no experience with their mapping, so I've just recommended who I've used before for my Z. I've used Protuner as well and Greg did a great job on my PS13, but I haven't mentioned him for the same reason, never taken my Z there?
  7. Love that ginger wrap, reminds me of my first Z, an 04 350Z
  8. Interesting project, I'll be watching this
  9. A remap isn't really about absolute gains unless you're doing something big like FI, it's more about getting is more usable, smoother and more driveable by getting rid of any flat spots and removing throttle restrictions. Go somewhere good, like Abbey Motorsports for a proper UpRev remap on their dyno
  10. Sim

    Which HFCs

    I've had Cobra and Berk HFCs, both have passed an MOT, just got to get them nice and hot. Tarmac HFCs are listed as 200 cell, neither Cobra or Berk list a cell count on their websites. As to noise, it's fine, not too noisy.
  11. Sim

    25 & 20mm spacers.

    20mm front, 25mm rear is the usual but many go 5mm higher. Personally I went with Nismo wheels, the specs of which are around 15mm more width and poke than stock all round (i.e. all the width increase is on the outside of rim centre).
  12. It's nearly the end of the month, Any news?





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