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  1. Have a great trip. Looking forward to lots of pictures
  2. Sim

    Does snowfoam work

    Same as previous replies. Snowfoam first to remove bigger bits of dirt and help lift/soften stuck on bits, then rinse, thoroughly. Then two bucket, another rinse then wax or detail or some combination depending on how much time I have.
  3. Sim

    370z 12 plate alarm going off randomly

    I used to have this but haven't for a long time, since I fitted a dehumidifier pack. I vaguely remember something about wifi signals messing them up as well but not honestly sure? What was you problem @gingerslippers?
  4. Sim

    Project: WeaponiZed

    Yup, I agree, I prefer it white.
  5. Sim

    Project: WeaponiZed

    Who did the re-trim, looks great
  6. Sim


    I used an autoglym restoration kit and then the ebay sealer, worked pretty well
  7. Sim

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Active sounds would be good, today I'll have a V8, tomorrow a V10 and then maybe a V12 on sundays
  8. Sim

    350z rear diffuser

    Wow, what are you thinking of replacing it with? I have been driving mine again and am thinking of keeping it
  9. Sim

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I am pretty sure it's only going to be ban on sales. They can't ban old cars it would so unenvironmentally friendly. I couldn't see a date in there for actually banning them from the road completely.
  10. Sim

    350z rear diffuser

    How extreme is the chopping?
  11. Sim

    Whiteline front sway

    Sounds like you just need to be heavier on the throttle to get rid of that understeer
  12. Sim

    Whiteline front sway

    @Shep1982 the handling issue could be because your geometry is already out of whack. Just to be controversial, I've got Eibach ARBs and whiteline drop links.
  13. Sim

    Subtle changes

    Looks great, my first Zed was an 04 ginger 350z with the ginger inside, loved it I know you said to don't want to lower it but I fitted a some RS-R springs on my wife's roadster, I was really surprised how good they were and how much it sharpened the handling up for not much cash outlay. Plus it still goes over speed bumps
  14. Sim

    350z rear diffuser

    You thinking about? I saw this and thought about it for Lorn's Z but don't want to chop it up, plus i'd want to colour code it.
  15. Sim

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Awesome build. Are you going to forge the spare lump at some point and then really push the boost up?