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  1. Sim

    Kuro 350z STS rear turbo - 2004, 47k

    GLWS, looks great
  2. Sim

    Write off or Not?

    I stand corrected, I thought you had to replace the whole thing to fit struts, didn't realise it was a delete kit, not doing it anyway if it invalidates the insurance...........
  3. Sim

    Car Control - Part 2

    Interesting read again
  4. Sim

    Tyre Query

    For the second time today, I'm just going to add that good tyres and good brakes are the most important things IMO. MPS4Ss FTW
  5. Sim

    BlaqkAudio - STS Turbo Zed Thread

    You'll miss it What are you getting next? Have you got a sale thread up somewhere?
  6. Sim

    Write off or Not?

    Yup, most likely a write off, might well be worth buying back an repairing with second hand parts or modding it Just make sure there isn't anything too daunting in the repair list and get a full list so you can see what is needed and tot up what you can find on here and ebay. As @MITZ@CougarStore said, the bonnet hinges have an actuator on. If anyone has removed them to fit gas-struts you might be able to buy some S/H. Good luck and at least no one is hurt
  7. Sim

    A few post MOT questions

    One thing I'm not sure anyone else has noted, if you are abusing your Z and really driving it hard, I'd seriously consider replacing any brake pipes that are properly corroded and not just the garage trying to get some extra work. The last you you want if you're nailing it down some country lane, is to stand on the brakes and suddenly lose brake fluid and your brakes. The two things that are most important IMO, are brakes and tyres.
  8. Sim

    Looking for opinions

    I've been looking for a spoiler for my wife's 370z roadster as well, got to be honest, I don't like how that looks.
  9. Sim

    Wanted! 370Z Nismo Exhaust

    @Adrian@TORQEN might have one knocking about?
  10. Sim

    A few post MOT questions

    As others have said, sounds like severe uneven tyre wear which points to your geometry being out. Get it done at least annually and if you change anything then get the geometry done otherwise you may well get excessive tyre wear.
  11. Sim

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    It does look better from behind, like so many things in life....
  12. Sim

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    I have to second this, very wrong........ I was nearly sick when I saw the pictures......
  13. Sim

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    They are big and heavy and you don't get the same buzz because they do so much of the driving for you, plus you end up going faster to get a similar thrill. The big negative for me is they aren't a pretty as the Z. That said, they are still great cars.
  14. Sim

    Which Michelin Tyres (Dan ?)

    I've got to agree with Adrian, I ran the MPSS and went to the MPS4S, (not to be confused with the MPS4), they are an amazing tyre. Both my wife and I run them on our Zeds.
  15. Sim

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    I'm still not convinced the proportions are right, I'll wait until I see one in the metal but for now, I say it looks no where near as nice at the FT1.