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  1. The reason for the pops is likely to be down to the separate amp being powered up but not the headunit, have you got access to a multimeter and the wiring diagram to see if power is getting to the head, it could just be a blown head sadly.
  2. Does the head unit even power up? Or does it power up but you get no audio, just the odd pops?
  3. I can't tell you for spot weld but for rivets I always use a regular drill bit, really sharp one, anything dull is a waste of time and just heats up.
  4. Fkin global warming
  5. Looks great, never seen those vented wings before
  6. @V1H love the new wing, sits in just the right position. So many big wings look too far forward but that looks just right
  7. That looks ok, wouldn't take much to get looking better, a finer mesh on the front and it would be much better. Odd that they list it as Nismo style, it's more mix and match and why the odd seats?
  8. With if off the floor it wouldn't see any real load, so even totally knackered there'd probably be enough to push one or more wheels around. As @ZMANALEX said, if you've done the same thing with the wheels on the floor and the prop spins but you get no drive, it must be the diff.
  9. Great to see you @davey_83 I'll try and get up earlier next time And thanks for the little video
  10. Just do an MOT check on the DVLA website and stick the reg in, if it doesn't recognise the reg at all on there something is not right. https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-status
  11. Good question, as I'd already swapped out the front to a hybrid S13 (Hubs, Knuckles, Brakes, coilovers) /S14 (tension rods, LCA, Tension rod Brackets) (although Abbey did have to fit longer tensions rods from an R33(?) as the castor was crazy), I had the ABS sensor on the S13 Hubs/Knuckles, so we're using that, it's mega accurate. Thanks, I'm very happy with how she came out
  12. He does say ono in his advert, the worst you can get is a no. As Davey Said, they look great on a 350z as well
  13. I think 265 works on the front as well. I'm running them with a 305 on the rear.
  14. My wife and I noticed the same. Why is it always a Matiz FFS?
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