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  1. Damn, they are great looking cars in the metal...
  2. Sim

    dodgy car sale

    Sorry to read this, there is no way it would ever pass and MOT with DeCATs on. They are great cars and worth the effort but it does sound like you've been done over a bit. As per everyone else's comments, see what the seller says, if you aren't happy with the offer, reject the car and the seller and the credit card company are both liable in their own right for your refund.
  3. Sim

    Emissons Failure

    As said above, I always get mine properly hot before an MOT as I run HFCs.
  4. Sim

    Boot gas struts. Best approach?

    I bought some uprated ones from from @Adrian@TORQEN. I think I will take out the boot weights as well at some point as I've put new poppers in, which are a different part number to the original ones, but it still seems to be random as to whether or not it clears the latch.
  5. Sim

    370 Steering Lock

    I've attached a copy of my letter (the advantage of having a full service history), this shows the VSC in April 2013 and that the issue was the steering lock. I never had any problem with it but I took it in and had it replaced anyway. Hope this helps anyone in future because £2k is joke for the issue. As per the other post by Wayne370Z, any proper Nissan dealer should be able to see on the system if the steering lock was ever replaced under warranty on your car.
  6. Sim

    370 Steering Lock

    My 370z was subject to a steering lock recall through Nissan UK, it's a 2009.
  7. Sim

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    Just read the whole thing, this sounds like it could be a good call.
  8. Sim

    BlaqkAudio - STS Turbo Zed Thread

    Great build @blaqkaudio I bets it's fun to drive
  9. I like it as well Although I would have also left off the porsche badge as others have said.
  10. Sim

    The ilogikal1 test thread

    Thanks all I use two buckets, wheels last and with different cleaning implements, some funny long brushes and a cloth that is never used on the rest of the car. I keep my drying cloth handy in case I get any water on the already dried paint. Only after it is all done do I wax or detail.
  11. Sim

    Seibon Carbon Fibre UV damage issues

    Because they are the worst by such a long way, and even worse if you include the relative cost..........
  12. Sim

    Car Control - Do You Have It?

    Cool, interesting read, I haven't ever done any advanced driving courses but I feel the many DWYB drifting days I've done at Santa Pod has improved my day to day confidence and car control.
  13. As per the title, having read the great test by @ilogikal1 for fallout remover, I thought I'd have a search to see if anyone has got recommendations for a good bug or tar remover but nothing came up in the search. So, anyone got any favourite products? TIA