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  1. Sorry, no offence was intended and I was definitely not being big headed, I didn't do mine, Abbey Motorsports did it as it's way beyond me and a blown motor is not something I'd want. I'm all for having a go on jobs, I took me nearly all last saturday to fix the plumbing on our kitchen sink and I ended up putting local isolators in as well as new drain/overflow etc as it was minging, and I got the new mixer tap on as well, all probably could have been done is a couple of hours by a professional but a little bit of water downstairs if I has messed it up is way cheaper to fix than an engine. Hopefully @nissanman312 has sent you some pictures by now showing the info you need. As I said, it will be great when it's done
  2. They have to make a living like everyone else......... And to be fair they all give lots of free, helpful information. Like don't do big jobs on your car if you aren't sure what you're doing Sorry couldn't resist... In all seriousness @nissanman312 does have the same kit on his car, he had some pro help with his install though.... Good luck, it's worth it in the end. PS. Get the tune done by a pro and make sure you have all the correct ancillary mods to the fuel and lubrication system.
  3. I visited her at the bodyshop
  4. Sorry for late reply been working away. They were about the same cost as the Remflex but I had to.send patterns. So it's the 2 bolt round/oval one, it would be cheaper for you to buy the Remflex one.
  5. @skate2create I got some made up, I run FI and was burning gaskets out way too quickly, I used REMflex ones for one side of the CAT, two bolt CAT to Y, and got the header to cat (the warmer side) 3 bolt sort of triangle shape made up by a gasket manufacturer, RAM, these are similar to the REMflex ones, both the RAM gaskets ones and the REMflex ones are thicker and can take up the irregularity caused by slightly warped flanges. I haven't had any problems since flipping over to these. I believe that @Adrian@TORQEN is getting the 3 bolt ones made up by REMflex as well but I'm not sure. If you cant find RAM, message me and I'll dig out the gasket company details as they were very helpful
  6. Stripes it is I'm excited
  7. Good call, if it's blown out and old, this might be enough to quieten it down a bit.
  8. I have run a Miltek with berk and cobra HFCs, sounds great not too noisy but great sound at revs, especially through a tunnel If you don't want big noise, I'd keep CATs of some description.
  9. The big question is does it stay all red or do we stick with the original plan and put big white stripes on it?
  10. So after a long wait for new door pins, we have progress :)
  11. Don't get me wrong I love the wheels, just hate those tyres. Fair enough if you like them but for me the feel and grip levels from the Michelins are such a step up. PS. For any one looking to buy, the offset on the Nismo wheels is spot on imo so no need to use spacers if you're not a fan of spacers. And the dish is much deeper in the metal, it's hard to catch it in pictures.
  12. I'd love a second set of these, I could get mine refurbed and then put these on my wifes car, only problem is the tyres are only really fit for the bin compared to MPS4S and that's another £1200 Perfect fitment as well imo. GLWS
  13. lol, its an ebay GP kit I'm mad for doing the whole project ;)
  14. Few more pics from Body shop. Getting me far too excited again



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