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  1. Sim

    I.C.E in a JDM

    You should be able to get an adaptor kit that will connect your loom into the new unit but it will be specific to the car and head unit. As above, most likely by manufacturer, I did a swap out on my wife's 350z and it worked well, loom/wiring adaptor from a specialist but I can't remember where, sorry.
  2. Looks great, I love the little eyelid things on a 350Z, make them look that bit more angry
  3. Its weird that it's on all four, maybe it's something that's kicked up from the road as it looks different on each picture? I guess it could even be a small bit of spill onto the undertray that's then been kicked up as the car has been moved/driven? Hope you get it sorted.
  4. Great looking car and great to see it getting some love
  5. Looks great, my first Z was a ginger, best colour 350z IMO.
  6. They've all been on different cars, HSDs on my PS13, ultra hard set-up, Teins on my wife's 350z roadster, nice road set-up, BCs on my S12, again very firm, might actually get a softer spring, and KW3s on my 370Z coupe, night and day compared to stock set-up, but running on pretty much the softest set-up. The most surprising thing was how good RSR springs were on my wife's 370z roadster, really tightened it up compared to stock. Made far more difference than I expected.
  7. Most traders drop deals on the forum or in the FB groups so it is worth checking or just email or call them.
  8. I've had HSDs, Tein, BC and KWs, all have been good on the various cars they'v been on, I guess the main thing is getting them set-up properly and getting the geometry done after you've fitted them. I don't know how low you are going but you might need a few more bits, adjustable arms etc, to get back within tolerance.
  9. Great looking wheels, GLWS
  10. All Zeds are great cars, we've had two 350Z and two 2 370Z, all lots of fun.
  11. Wow, sounds like a nightmare. Hope you get it sorted. I had a bit of a battle getting my S12 V5 with all the correct info, they were trying to say it was rebuilt and I was in dnager of getting a Q plate at one point, but thankfully I plenty of documentation to prove everything. PS. I know it is no help now but for reference, never send anything to a government body without taking copies, driving license, V5 etc etc etc.
  12. PS. I've got KW3s on my 370Z, but we put springs on my wife's roadster and they worked very well, far better than I expected to be honest.
  13. It doesn't look like it's adjustable? I'd check, because for that sort of money you could get some good coilovers and tune them to your driving style.
  14. Just to throw my opinion in, we've had two 350s and two 370s, all have been great cars. Started out with an 04 Ginge 350ZGT (2005-2009), loved it, wish I'd never sold it, then I got a 370Z GT Ultimate in 2009. My wife had an '06 Roadster for a few years, then we sold it and bought a '10 370z roadster a few years ago. In all honesty, we both prefer the 370s but they have all been great cars, and as above, if we had more space, I'd have kept the first 350Z we had. They are GTs, but you can hustle them along and get a big grin, they're best with a f
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