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  1. Looks alright, I'd want to have a really good look around it in the metal though.
  2. I'd wait until you've had a bit more sleep, you don't want to make an assembly error at this stage.
  3. Sim

    2019 Nismo Pads

    Technically the MPSS was replaced with the MPS4S although it is made in some sizes still, the MPS4 is close to MPSS and IMO the MPS4S is better than the MPSS.
  4. Going TWOCing?
  5. Looks alarm or immobiliser related?
  6. Try http://www.willtheyfit.com, put your current wheel and tyre set-up in and then change the offset to match the change made by the spacers? The spacer size will vary depending on what size and offset your current wheels have, spacers basically just change offset and increase poke. If you're using spacers, get good quality hubcentric spacers from a reputable source.
  7. I can't see anyone listed on the UPREV website for Ireland or the UK. It's a bit of a trek for you but I've always had good experience with Abbey Motorsport and take my Z down there from Leicester. I had UPREV on my 370z and then went to ECUTek a few years later.
  8. Sounds like a good call, as @davey_83 has suggested worth a try if you're happy doing it, can't be much harder than doing a headlight refurbishment which is next on my list.
  9. Wow, continuing the epic build
  10. You're correct you could blow something. Have you pulled the old Bose amp set-up? What wiring have you used for the new set-up? It sounds like you've just put new wiring in for the sub? If you've pulled all the bose stuff, you'll need to connect the the bose input cables to the correct output cables, otherwise your new head outputs won't actually get to the speakers. Its not crazy complicated, just break it down into sections but you obviously need to have a complete circuit for you to get sound out of the speakers. Hope t
  11. Yup, sorry to agree with everyone else, but lacquer peel and will need a refurb, it does seem odd that it's only on one wheel though.
  12. Sounds interesting, I'll look forward to the reveal
  13. Wow, awesome, get some pics up What are long term plans with the Supra? Is it already modded?
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