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  1. Good call, if it's blown out and old, this might be enough to quieten it down a bit.
  2. I have run a Miltek with berk and cobra HFCs, sounds great not too noisy but great sound at revs, especially through a tunnel If you don't want big noise, I'd keep CATs of some description.
  3. The big question is does it stay all red or do we stick with the original plan and put big white stripes on it?
  4. So after a long wait for new door pins, we have progress :)
  5. Don't get me wrong I love the wheels, just hate those tyres. Fair enough if you like them but for me the feel and grip levels from the Michelins are such a step up. PS. For any one looking to buy, the offset on the Nismo wheels is spot on imo so no need to use spacers if you're not a fan of spacers. And the dish is much deeper in the metal, it's hard to catch it in pictures.
  6. I'd love a second set of these, I could get mine refurbed and then put these on my wifes car, only problem is the tyres are only really fit for the bin compared to MPS4S and that's another £1200 Perfect fitment as well imo. GLWS
  7. lol, its an ebay GP kit I'm mad for doing the whole project ;)
  8. Few more pics from Body shop. Getting me far too excited again
  9. I fitted the RSR spring Adrian listed on my wife's 370z roadster. The drop is perfect even with the lip kit. The ride is great as well. Just a bit stiffer and more in control. I have kw3s and arbs on my coupe and until you really push on they don't feel that different. You will need adjustable camber arms on the rear and make sure you get a full geo after fitting.
  10. Yup, Leicester so anywhere midlands is good for me
  11. Sim


    Sorry to be an asshat...... but are they 18", they look small to me, great colour and style but they just look too small?
  12. Nice grippy interior floor
  13. Shell is progressing



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