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  1. Awesome project Great looking car as well.
  2. If it's any help I've got Stillen ones on mine that I bought from Tarmac. I was amazed by how much extra grip/feel/stability that it gives the front end at speed, does cost a little bit of drag/top end but totally worth it IMO.
  3. I just bought a set of 265/35/19 and 285/35/19 for the mkii nismo wheels on my wife's 370Z roadster, grip and drive are great. And as pointed out above, I got them from tyreleader, it was about £900 in total, but we both think it's worth it. I run the same front and a 305 on my nismo mkii rears, copes very well with the extra power.
  4. As per this post, it could be deposits on the discs. Have you tried bedding the discs in again, sometimes that is enough to shift the deposits.
  5. Sim

    AMS GT Kit 350z

    I'd guess @Adrian@TORQEN could sort you out with that kit? But I also guess it would be a real one and not a copy, I can't see that one being legit at £750 for the whole kit.
  6. If you go with an early 370Z, the gallery gasket is still an issue pre 2012. When we bought my wifes 370z roadster, I took the decision to do the gallery gasket and clutch, slave etc for piece of mind, so the more history you get with the car the better.
  7. As others have said, looks great and great price, win win Enjoy the empty roads.....
  8. I just tried it now and it's working fine.
  9. I just tried to get here via 370z-uk.com and get a bad gateway message?
  10. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this, if it's anything like the 350Z it will be epic
  11. Sim

    Ecutec Bluetooth

    I started with UPRev, then went to ECUTek for a few years and then went over to the bluetooth version. Although it seems steep, I can confirm it's well worth it, I'm pretty sure the ECUtec dongle one will have been developed specifically for them. I guess part of the cost is quality of the processor and the resulting speed that means you can datalog etc., A lot of the cheap readers only do very basic things, some won't even clear DTCs properly, I've had a couple of ebay specials as well that I use on other cars and vans. Mine was done by Mark @ Abbey and I can recommend their custom traction control as well.
  12. Just thought I'd update, as I finally got round to wrapping the wings to match the bonnet but with a slightly more subtle faded version of the same print. Pulse Signs in Coalville did it again and I'm very happy with it.
  13. Engine: Custom mounts, custom prop, custom gbox mount/crossmember. Pipe might be a bit loud but can always put a mid-box in.





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