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  1. Sorry, If you see any more recaros let me know, yours look perfect
  2. Little update, I've managed to find some Nismo headlights for a bargain price, so will be swapping them out in the near future. Bit of a mega trek to get them but the seller did me a great deal. Thanks Greg if you're on here, lovely bagged nismo btw Standby for pics I'll be polishing mine and putting them up if anyone needs some to do a halo job or has been unfortunate enough to need some due to damage.
  3. Quick update as I haven't posted for a while. The bolster went on the driver side, I did look at recovering but while it was far more reasonable than new seats, I was hoping for a better (cheaper) solution. Ebay supplied some gold again, a 29000 mile drivers seat with a blown side airbag, good condition other than airbag and the seller was a star and even dropped it off for no extra charge. Bit of a ballache getting the seat out and stripping it down but for £140, the seat looks great again. Plus i've got the motors switches heaters etc which I m
  4. I thought they looked great but were overpriced and too slow given the price tag.
  5. I've raised this exact issue on the forum previously. Having bought Seibon bonnet and front wings (fenders if you're in the US), I've got to say build quality is good but UV resistance is utter dogshit. As others have said they haze and look like crap really rapidly, I've wrapped mine to deal with the issue as I got fed up trying to rectify the issue with polish etc,. They aren't cheap and aren't interested in the issue.
  6. Sim


    I quite like a big wing, as above, make sure you like it and it matches what ever you've got planned. My only bugbear about these is sometime people seem to fit them way too far forward and that ruins it for me, but it's personal preference at the end of the day.
  7. Someone mentioned it above but oil gallery gaskets are an issue on these, budget £800+ to get it done, as it hasn't been used much they could be more prone to failure as are paper so, if it's been left for long period, they could have dried and be more prone to breaking up? I don't honestly know but you should use it to assist in bartering on the price. If it was me, I'd get it done anyway, just to be safe. Good luck getting it for a good price, looks good in red
  8. Feck, car looks great, hope you got sorted
  9. Sim

    I.C.E in a JDM

    You should be able to get an adaptor kit that will connect your loom into the new unit but it will be specific to the car and head unit. As above, most likely by manufacturer, I did a swap out on my wife's 350z and it worked well, loom/wiring adaptor from a specialist but I can't remember where, sorry.
  10. Looks great, I love the little eyelid things on a 350Z, make them look that bit more angry
  11. Its weird that it's on all four, maybe it's something that's kicked up from the road as it looks different on each picture? I guess it could even be a small bit of spill onto the undertray that's then been kicked up as the car has been moved/driven? Hope you get it sorted.
  12. Great looking car and great to see it getting some love
  13. Looks great, my first Z was a ginger, best colour 350z IMO.
  14. They've all been on different cars, HSDs on my PS13, ultra hard set-up, Teins on my wife's 350z roadster, nice road set-up, BCs on my S12, again very firm, might actually get a softer spring, and KW3s on my 370Z coupe, night and day compared to stock set-up, but running on pretty much the softest set-up. The most surprising thing was how good RSR springs were on my wife's 370z roadster, really tightened it up compared to stock. Made far more difference than I expected.
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