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  1. Thank you, it's so much fun to drive, I'm glad we saved it rather than scrapping it. If he messages me I'll send him my number if he wants a chat, we've had this one for over 12 years now and I did so much research for the build, parts source etc.. I've found a company now that might be making a drop in adjustable rear cross-member kit with way more adjustment than stock, should be good for these and the Z31.
  2. Any excuse to post up a pick of the S12. This one is from Modified Nationals at peterborough the other weekend
  3. Got lots of interest at Santa Pod : )
  4. Hopefully I'll see a few of you there tomorrow. I've got matching wheels front and rear now : )
  5. Don't get a Nissan Mainstealer to do it, go to a specialist, I take mine to Abbey Motorsport in Oxted from Leicester. If it's already been done, there should be some paperwork from a previous owner. I just notice you mentioned an exhaust, is that with stock CATs? I'm pretty sure if you've gone with HFCs or test pipes, you're supposed to get a remap as well for it to run right?
  6. Random guesses: Have you checked fluid levels on everything? Brake fluid being low can cause odd behaviour. Have you had the oil gallery gaskets done? If I understand correctly, this can lead to the variable valve timing system not working correctly, could that have this effect?
  7. Wow, this is such and incredible build. Love it.
  8. There were a few Nissan interlopers ; ) I took my VQ35DE swapped S12 👍
  9. Great run out and great to catch up with people and meet some new enthusiasts : ) Top work again @davey_83 👍
  10. I agree with @Payco, it doesn't matter how much you pay, they pretty much always need some fettling. I'd almost argue buy cheap and spend the money getting a decent bodyshop to make them fit nicely.
  11. My mate works for Nissan UK. I'm sure if you really wanted one it would be possible.
  12. I'm on the SXOC stand now, hopefully see some Zedders there : )
  13. Got my transmission cooler on the low pressure return from the rack, bled it out and just need to mod my bash guard/undertray as I've lost some fixings, so going to use stainless rivnuts to make sure it's nice and solid. Then it's Mallory : )
  14. Hi, Looks great. Mines a 2009GT Ultimate, so Sat Nav bluetooth calls only and no touch screen, do I keep all the functionality of the stock system, so do I see cab temps etc when I turn the heat up and down? Thanks in anticipation : )
  15. @davey_83 Yup, pepper pots on my D reg popular plus fiesta.....
  16. You'll get to love the racecar vibes
  17. My favourite colour for the 350z
  18. Sim

    Clutch help

    Could be the master, I was in a similar position and swapped out the master, not had the issue since, although will go with a relocation kit next time it's apart.
  19. @valy what the actual model, is there a install kit with all the gaskets and fixings that I can buy? Whats the brackets that needs welding, I can't see anything on the pictures. Will it go on a roadster. I think Lorn would love it with stock cats for some fruit and to annoy the neighbours
  20. So, she monstered her first day of abuse, only issue was boiled power steering fluid, so I've bought a cooler to put on the low pressure return. I didn't hit the top track but had decent figure 8's again by the end of the day in the play pens. Got some great set-up tips from Richie Gilbey who was a star talking to about suspension set-up and tyre pressures.
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