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  1. Bry

    Track HR build PIC HEAVY

    Looked better standard, but as it’s a track I guess looks are not top priority. What tyres are you using ?
  2. Bry

    Recommend a Mechanical LSD

    Have a look at Wavetrack
  3. Agree on the 370z seating position, it’s way too high
  4. May as well add that I've also had 4 opel mantas 2 AE86 corolla 2 mk1 mr2's 1.9 gti Peugeot 205 325i bmw 3 mk2 mr2 turbo's S15 silvia 1.6 sr corolla coupe (1982) Wide bodied 2.6 starion Rwd starlet And lots of other less interesting cars
  5. My s2000 was a 2007 model and under warranty it needed new clutch new engine short block new VSC ECU (stability/traction control ) hood catches I must say Honda were superb in replacing the above and always gave me a courtesy car. I’d love a Porsche but scared of their durability and how much it will cost to keep it tip top. I live about 3 hours from the nearest Porsche dealer so a bit of a trek for a service. I did consider an e92 m3 but was not impressed with it compared to the e46, it was technically better in every way than the e46 but just felt a bit too refined for my taste. I also considered a z4m coupe but they are very rare and expensive here in Oz. I’m loving the 370z and plan on keeping it for a long time. It recently went on a trip into the mountains with v8 mustangs,falcons,and utes, rx8 and focus rs and the z was superb especially the brakes . Usually I have my eye on a future replacement but for once I have no plans at all, the big Z is here to stay .
  6. S2000 to 350z to E46 m3 to 370z. s2000 was great but bloody unreliable. Loved my 350z , a great all rounder. M3 was epic only sold it to come here to Oz. 370z best looking of the group and joint quickest with m3, just wish the engine had more character .
  7. Bry

    370z True Coilover Options

    MCA here in oz make very very good coilovers. I have there purple versions in tarmac spec . They've just brought out Stance spec which would suit you . They make fully custom spec too. Have a read up about them, they're very highly regarded here . https://mcasuspension.com/
  8. Bry

    Preparing my Z for first track day?

    If you have a manual gearbox then change the clutch fluid (rbf 600 )
  9. Bry

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Last week's drive up into the mountains with alot of v8's
  10. Well the module finally made it here down under. I just finished fitting it and so far all seems good. Push the button and the lights on the dash light up telling me everything is off. Not had time to drive it yet but I don't anticipate any issues. Install instructions were excellent although I had to laugh as step 1 was to disconnect the battery and then step 2 said move the seat (electric ) all the way forward. Also you don't have to remove the gear knob (I didnt) I just leant the back end of the centre column up against the passenger headrest and this gave me enough room to access the yaw control box. Very impressed with the product and the service.
  11. Bry


    Did you use Nissan gearbox oil ?
  12. Bry


    Have you changed the oil in it ?
  13. Bry

    My 240z Project

    Absolutely stunning, not only do you have talent, you also have taste too, truly inspiration work my friend
  14. Looks great although I’ve never liked the trend to paint wheels black, I think it looked much better silver but as long as you are happy
  15. Arrived today , just waiting for my brother to post it to me down under. Why can’t all traders have service this good !