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  1. Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem. Look forward to seeing it once it's all installed
  2. At least you are make your modifications with a clear goal in mind and analysing the effects of the mods good and bad . Any research into if the rear turrets can handle the force of high kg spring rates ?
  3. 10kg is a tad stiff for true rear coil overs. What kg will you replacements be?
  4. Seats, coilovers, rear wiper, de cats
  5. A pretty car is a pretty car no matter what the make is and I think all true petrol heads will always look at a pretty car.
  6. I live in the countryside of Oz and every other vehicle is a Toyota land cruiser or Nissan Patrol (I actually like them) so a 370z kind of sticks out a bit .
  7. Glad to here it, mostly I get ****er gestures from young guys in their 4x4’s
  8. Damn it, this just what I’m looking for only for a 370z. A very good deal for someone out there. Good luck with the sale
  9. I did the same thing a few months ago only I cheated and bought a ready made kit from a member trader on here. Found it irritating how the stability control kept on intervening during play time so now it's permenantly off. Only thing now is, with the sticky tyres I have its highlighted how poor the stock lsd is and how the stock seats have very little lateral support. Time for an o's giken lsd, 3.9 fd and a pole position recaro seat.
  10. As Ekona said, the feel they give makes such a difference to how much confidence it gives you when cornering. Playing with pressures at the moment, with ambient temps at 24c ,I set the front and rears to 30 psi cold which when hot had risen to 34 front and 32 rear. Could do with some advice regarding pressures.
  11. Just been out in the mountains to see what difference a decent set of tyres make and I can confirm , it's alot. These tyres have way more grip than I have talent and it has made the car so much more fun to drive . Worth noting I went with 255/35/19 up front but kept the stock size rears.
  12. Yeah it’s great here I love it, snakes,fires,cyclones,crocs,sharks,spiders,jelly fish and all oh and not forgetting the suicidal Roos that are determined to kill me and themselves every time I drive at night
  13. Oh and this pic my wife took in the middle of the day



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