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  1. I'd love a z4m coupe but here in OZ they're do damn expensive.
  2. Welcome. Looks silver in the 3 pics. What brought you back from ze Germans. I went from an E46 M3 to a 370z . I do miss the M3's engine, it was glorious especially with the csl airbox. The 370 engine feels more muscular but just doesn't really seem to have a sweet spot where as the M3 flew after 5500rpm all the way to 8000rpm.
  3. Awful pics but great shine
  4. Bry

    Tyre help please

    I run 255 35 19 Yokohama AD08R tyres on the front of my 370 with no problems. MPS4S are available in this size.
  5. I'm still in OZ and couldn't imagine moving back to the UK but best of luck with your move. 370z's do have a few issues but can be permanently fixed if they need sorting. Early models (think pre 2012) can suffer from the oil Gallery gaskets failing. Clutch slave cylinders can fail but plenty of uprated options out there . Electronic steering lock can fail but pulling the fuse to disable it should prevent it from failing. Oil temps do run high which is an easy fix by fitting an after market oil cooler. All cars have weak points and the 370 is no exception but once they've been sorted these are pretty tough old cars .
  6. I can't comment on how they effect handling as I've never used spacers but I guess you could take yours off and see if you notice a difference, then let us know. They do look good on your car though
  7. Looks like you may have wheel spacers too
  8. What about the Evo r rear wing ? It's a bit bigger than the Nismo
  9. I decided to enlarge the holes, so now they fit fine.
  10. Oh and your car has an American twin
  11. Never ever heard of anyone having a prohibition notice on their car. Can't believe how pedantic they are. You'd be screwed here as you can't lower your car anywhere near as low as you've got yours. Thanks for the magnet info, I may order the brackets for the impact sensors as I've ordered just about everything else for the Nismo bumper (arch liners,engine under tray, tow hook cover) although I refuse to pay 2k for the DRL's or $110 for a Nissan badge .
  12. What prohibition notice? Car is looking beautiful. I pick up my Nismo front bumper this week and I'd like to do what you did regarding the magnets behind the bumper for the front plate. Our plates are metal over here so I've bought a pack of 3 of those Neodymium magnets about 5p coin size, do I just super glue them behind the bumper? Also what did you do with the three front crash impact sensors when you fitted the Nismo bumper ? Keep up the good work
  13. Sorry ,I have another question. Do the sport bumpers headlamp washer jet covers fit the Nismo bumper or do you have to buy Nismo specific ones ? Thanks



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