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  1. Easier said than done sometimes
  2. To bend the hangers (car mounted ones, not exhaust mounted ones) down I used a jack handle slid over them, this made it easy to bend them down . To bend them up (not as easy) I jacked the car up and put blocks of wood under the car until they were touching the hanger and then lowered the car down which bent the hanger up
  3. Looks epic. You've gone lower and I've gone higher (mountain roads are a bit bumpy here)
  4. He’s on the Kent coast. Thanks for the tip
  5. http://www.detaildriven.co.uk/services-minorpaintcorrection
  6. All good suggestions. Already got him a few cool baseball caps. 380RS pedals sounds good. Paying for the uprev is good but that's hid gift to himself so can't really steal his idea. Just looked up getting it detailed and oh my @*!# is that expensive £850 for stage 1 ! You got anything interesting Alex that you've got stashed away. He loves his stock wheels by the way and he can't be arsed to wash the car himself so products would be a waste
  7. He likes the stock look of the exterior. Think I need to make more of an effort for his 70th than a magic tree and a key ring :-) Here's his Z
  8. Good suggestion but he’s happy with the handling and aesthetics as it is. MCA Coilovers here in OZ are rated higher than Pedders hence why I went with MCA’s. Shipping from OZ to UK is stupidly expensive which is why I’m trying to get something from within the uk.
  9. Ha ha let's try that again. He will be 70 end of July and I want to get him something for his 350z roadster. He has just treated himself to some HFC's and an Invidia exhaust (thanks Torqen) and has booked it into to abbey motorsports for an uprev remap in 2 weeks time. He adores his Z so I'm trying to think of something I could get him and so far all I can think of is getting a used steering wheel and getting it retrimmed by Jack at Royal steering wheels or paying for a full detailing job . It doesn't make life easy for me living in Australia and I've only got 4 weeks to get it sorted. Any ideas ?
  10. Looking for ideas as to what I can get my dad for his 70th birthday coming at the end of July. See new post below
  11. I used 19lbft when I did my bbs lm wheels but I used brand new bolts. If you're reusing your bolts you may have to go a little lower? Also use locate. A good silicone sealant to seal the wheels will be ok e.g Dow corning
  12. 370z nismo front bumper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-370Z-NISMO-2015-ONWARDS-GENUINE-FRONT-BUMPER-P-N-62022-6GA0H/273883688920?epid=9007489649&hash=item3fc4bd6fd8:g:XtUAAOSwEzNc~kWN
  13. Absolutely exactly what I wanted to hear you say. I did pretty much the same thing. I’m 6 foot tall and have 5 fingers clearance above my head now and the driving position is perfect
  14. Did you get the bride mounting brackets too?



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