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  1. As per title, any knowledgeable chaps able to explain why after fitting an OS GIKEN LSD does my car feel so much better. It feels so planted now and inspires so much confidence, it also has made the car feel much more nimble, I just don't really understand why. I understand that the stock LSD was very weak and hardly locked up and if it did lock up it wouldn't stay locked for very long but what kind of witchcraft is going on with the OS GIKEN LSD to make my car feel so much better? Appreciate any input , thanks
  2. Finished the Install today. Took it for a little drive and my first impressions are. 4.08 gears are great, think I would have been disappointed with 3.9 gears. The OS Giken diff has given me alot more confidence in the car. The stock vlsd was quite erratic in its operation and provided a bare minimum amount of lock up. The OS diff is very predictable and made the car feel more planted, and if you want be a hoon it loves going sideways. The solid aluminium diff mount bushes transmit a small amount of diff whine into the cabin which I'm hoping I get used to otherwise I can always swapping them out for poly items. I always compare my 370z to my E46 M3 which wasn't really fair as I'd done a hell of a lot to the M3. My main observation was that the harder you drove the M3 the better it got where as, the harder I drive the 370 the more it felt out of its comfort zone. stock for stock I'd say they were pretty similar and now I've done a fair few mods to the zed I reckon if I had my old M3 on track against my Zed now, then I wouldn't bet on the M3 but it would be close. I now have a noisy ,uncomfortable 370z that I love to bits
  3. Put the diff in this evening. That was a scary job balancing it on my Jack and using my leg to jack it up whilst fanagling the diff into position. Will finish it off tomorrow. Oh and my $10 bush insertion contraption worked great .
  4. Thank you for sharing that Alex, much appreciated
  5. Alex, do you know if the driveshaft and stub axle bolts require thread lock when reassembling ?
  6. Got the outer bush race out with the reciprocating saw this morning which took about 5 mins and then had a tidy up. Now just waiting for the bush to arrive
  7. Yeah, I don't have a heat induction thingy, just a big fooking hammer for emergencies. The bush will spend the night with my captain Birdseye fish fingers for sure
  8. Bought an OS giken LSD and 4.08 gear set so thought today I'd whip out the diff and diff sub frame diff mount bush. All safe and secure I only had to remove my exhaust back boxes. I also removed the rear brace and disconnected the ARB but left it resting on the exhaust. What now should have been an hour's work took 3 fooking hours due to the 17mm nut that bolts to the diff mount stud being done up by king f*****g Kong himself. 2 different compressors, a 2 foot long breaker bar with 2 of us hanging off it still couldn't shift it. Eventually the inevitable happened and the bolt rounded, oh crap. Contemplating dropping the subframe which was not appealing. Taking a reciprocating saw to cut between the the diff cover and diff mount stud was an option but probably last resort. As a one last try on the nut my mate hammered a 5/8ths socket on it and Hallelujah it came off, no idea why it was sooooo tight. Now came the messy part Drilling out that subframe bush is the most dirty disgusting filthy job I've ever done . probably only took about half and hour but I reckon I swallowed half the silicone oil that came out and filled my ear holes up with all the fillings too. Tomorrow I'll saw out the outer race of the bush then as soon as my new bush arrives I can fit this. I'll report back when I'm finished
  9. Bry

    370z diff mount bush

    Was going to order a subframe diff mount bush from z1 motorsports tonight but before I do just thought I'd check to see if anyone here has one. Was going to go Whiteline as I'm in Oz and so are they but they're are on a five week back order!!!
  10. Bry

    370z steering wheel.

    They do offer that service but it probably won't be cheap. I'll contact them and ask anyway but thought I'd see if anyone on here had a cheap ropey old one first. When you add the costs it's not cheap.., 2nd hand steering wheel £?????? Cost to post to royal steering wheels £20 ????? Refurb cost £200 ish Cost to send to Oz £80 ish. Could end up costing £400 which is just too much imho
  11. Bry

    370z steering wheel.

    Help from my fellow Z fanatics needed. I would like a 370z steering wheel, I don't want the center section(horn +air bag etc) just the bear steering wheel. It can be in poor condition as I want it sent straight to Royal steering wheels for a refurb so the cheaper the better as when it's finished I've got to pay for it to be sent to me here in Oz. Ideally the seller would be willing to put in a box and post it(at my expense) to Royal steering wheels too or if they're in Kent I can get a family member to collect it. I know it's a long shot but worth a try
  12. Looks fantastic, Jack does amazing work. I had him refurb my m3 steering wheel in Alcantara a few years ago when I was still in the UK. I'd love to have my 370 steering wheel done the same as you but the cost of shipping it from Oz to the UK and back makes it a tad expensive. I love the feel of an Alcantara steering wheel, so much better than leather.
  13. Drove through Luton once when I lived in England, I'm still scarred by the memories of what I saw





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