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  1. Bry

    Club Calendar 2020

    Love the pic from above of the 370 on the cobbles and the 350 alpine scene
  2. Bry

    HFC Gaskets needed .

    I've just bought a set of used fast intentions HFC's but I need all new gaskets for them so 2x triangular 3 hole gasket for between HFC and manifold and 2 x diamond shape 2 hole for between HFC and y pipe. I can get them from plenty of places in the States but with shipping to me here in oz it's very expensive so I thought I'd see if anyone had a set lying around for reasonable money. Thanks Pic for reference
  3. Yup, no other symptoms.
  4. Head gasket failure between cylinders causing compression loss ? I'd do a compression test + leak down test
  5. Hate it when simple jobs go bad. I must add a set of toe arms to my long wish list. Keep up the good work
  6. 2019 car, take it to the dealer, it's under warranty. Might be the fuel damper making the noise
  7. Damn OZ laws means I can't change my steering wheel. Alcantara steering wheel looks and feels great.
  8. Went for a de- stress drive after a hectic week at work and remembered to take some pics for once
  9. Notice you have the Quaife lsd, what is your opinion on it?
  10. I'd love a z4m coupe but here in OZ they're do damn expensive.
  11. Welcome. Looks silver in the 3 pics. What brought you back from ze Germans. I went from an E46 M3 to a 370z . I do miss the M3's engine, it was glorious especially with the csl airbox. The 370 engine feels more muscular but just doesn't really seem to have a sweet spot where as the M3 flew after 5500rpm all the way to 8000rpm.
  12. Bry

    Tyre help please

    I run 255 35 19 Yokohama AD08R tyres on the front of my 370 with no problems. MPS4S are available in this size.





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