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  1. 1) davey_83 - breakfast 2) DRIVE-R 3) tauvp - breakfast 4) SecretStar07979 (Adam) - breakfast
  2. Sorry for the confusion! That picture is what I'm going for with the in car entertainment. Tell me more about this new kid on the block?
  3. Hi guys, I figured I would give you all an update on a car well known in these parts (as it was built in the Zed Shed) It's the *used to be blue supercharged 370z. Now orange and black. I've had the car about 6 months now and done quite a bit to it. First job was to give it to Horsham developments for a full service, check over, and a ECUTEK remap. They found a few issues with the car. The blow off valve was totally seized up. The air filter was attached with cable ties, it also had boost leaks. I noticed under heavy acceleration the clutch was slipping, I believe it was on the original so I opted for the JWT heavy duty clutch and fly wheel. I replaced the slave cylinder at the same time. I want as much power as I can squeeze out of it so I opted to fit a smaller pulley to the GTM supercharger. After the map it came out at 491bhp which I'm pretty impressed with, but I want more.... Cosmetically the blue wrap had about had it's day so I've gone for a sunset orange showing off more of the carbon bonnet and invested in a pair of Morimoto headlights which quite frankly, transform the front of the car. Next job is solid pipes to prevent future boost leaks and maybe a bigger supercharger. I'll probably forge the engine too, I'm also putting in a large tablet to modernise the interior Anyway, I figured you may appreciate the update. I have posted some pics below. I hope to see you at a meet soon Adam
  4. I went for the Morimoto's Expensive but well worth it
  5. NISSAN 370Z OEM HEADLIGHTS - GOOD WORKING ORDER £700 OR OFFERS SOME CLOUDINESS TO LENS TAKEN OUT DUE TO NEW AFTER MARKET LIGHTS PURCHASED COLLECTION FROM RIPLEY, DERBYSHIRE UK POSTAGE £20 If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone 07754550764 Many thanks
  6. 2018 370z NISMO FOR SALE - £22,995 Located in Ripley, Derbyshire Please contact me for details Thank you Adam
  7. I am looking for (ideally) one Akrapovic carbon tip for my 370z
  8. I have a 2018 black Nismo that I'm currently considering selling if you are still looking for one?
  9. Looking to supercharge or maybe turbo my car. Looking for second hand kits to save on costs.
  10. So I'm planning on purchasing an Amuse style spoiler. It comes in fibreglass or carbon. Which would be best for a black car? What should I consider whilst considering my options?





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