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  1. Yes that is correct, it's a 2014 Recaro Edition so it's a DBA model. 👍 The thunderbolt headlight design is much more aggressive than the previous generation model.
  2. The ones I saw were a lot more than I wanted to spend. I will keep looking but if anyone has any let me know.
  3. Here are a few of the GTR, I am getting the headlights restored for the 370Z next week so will take some then of the 370Z The GTR is close to 80,000 miles, I bought it at around 73,000 miles in May 2020 for a very good price of £36.000 and prices have shot up a lot since then. They have gone up even more now they have stopped making the R35 so I wanted another car to start taking the mileage. The 370Z I bought has just over 50,000 miles on it so I will daily that more often now.
  4. Hi can anyone please sell me their original 370Z Nissam badges? I recently got a 370Z and don't really like the black Z badges it has as much. Thanks
  5. I too had a 350z for 10 years. which I traded in for a R35 GTR (2014 Recaro Edition) in May 2020 which I love. Since the 370Z offer such good value I've recently bought one (2011 manual) and while it was bought more with my heart then head, it's the two car line up I've always wanted.
  6. That's quite a neat little product, I'm always in for weight saving. My battery is due a change so interested in this. Would this just work fine all year round without the additional charger and did you manage to fit it snugly given it's much smaller than the OEM battery?
  7. The new GoodYear F1 Asymmetric 5 are also highly rated.
  8. Bottom line is shop around at every renewal. AXA gave me a renewal price of £576 this morning (15 years NCB) and after going to GoCompare I got it for £326 with Esure.
  9. Yes really happy now - I've been slowly restoring various things on the Zed coming up to my 10th year of owner ship. Last month done the cloudy headlights and I've always wanted to get the interior bits done but never knew who to contact. It helps a lot and will be cheaper to do the refurb of the leather seats before it starts to tear and seams start to open I did ask the question and he replied saying he used deep black scuffmaster touch up by Gliptone. If you're thinking of doing it yourself this video might be useful (skip to 6min mark for interior trim restore): https://youtu.be/Fo8niu0eY4Y
  10. Before: After: Decided to get plastic trim done too. Although driver seat was mainly bolster area there were other areas which needed. So I got full driver sear refurb (£120), touch up refurb for passenger seat (£60), and negotiated both pastic trim bits (£40), so £220 total. Happy with the results!
  11. I've got a slightly different issue with my passenger side window. Basically it will sometimes not respond (either after initially putting it up or down) but after a few tries it eventually does play ball. I'd rather not run into a situation in the future where I leave the car parked with that window down because it's failed completely. Anyone else had this?
  12. I'm in south west London but he covers a lot of areas - this is the website: https://carseatrepair.co.uk/ Sure will post before and after pics.
  13. I'm getting my orange leather seats refurbished next week. The seats are in very good condition for a 15 year old car, mainly bolsters need attention. Will post an update once completed.
  14. I find Berk to be really reliable. The first one I bought was 2nd hand and it got me through around 6 MOTs no problem. Current ones I've had for 2 years are fine too.
  15. I might have given it a go but I have no garage or anywhere to do the work properly without mucking something up in my flat. I would have preferred a professional do it, but they seem to advise against it. Probably is possible like you say but I'm not going to give it a go myself in my small flat. The existing colour is orange, which I don't mind, just thought yellow would be cool.
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