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  1. Bright red 350 coming over bridge into Lime Lane. Is this a standard color? Post office red. I was in my new car not the old 350Z
  2. MIne is reading 28mpg, lets see if it goes up or down 🙂
  3. yes proper petol heads here. We deserve a good Summer after last year
  4. OK Doc, the M3 Control arms sound like a good option, though it does handle beautifuly anyway. Much more confident round the corners than the Zed. I don't know all those E numbers, had to google it. What E is the M140i? The Sport plus is pops and bangs so I might get that taken off. Not that I'de use sport plus if it disables the traction control???
  5. Yes Andy very quick and really smooth power delivery. Only got it in Comfort mode at the moment while I get used to it.
  6. AS requested pics of the new ride which I am over the moon about. Smooth ride, comfortable and practical and I think good looking. MY 350Z was sold for £4K in the end to a guy who exports them to France. I like to think it's going on a little holiday. He's now doing a few improvments to the paintwork. he knows Zeds well and informed me that the spring for the reverse gear was missing 😮 which I never new. Must have been left out when the dealer had the synchro done when I bought it. The new ride , Cat N, stolen recovered, £17K. 18" alloys with brand new MPS4 tyres on rears,Litchfield
  7. Had the Z for about 3 1/2 years. Am moving on to an M410i as I have the cash and needing something more practicle. Proce reduced and including a dash cam. 61200, 10/02/20 Motordyne copper 5/16" Plenum spacer. Revup remap by Horsham Development. 57500, 10/01/19 Front pads, W braces replaced with ones from Torquen. 23/09/19four new Bridgestone A005 All Weather 2019 Aluminium Torquen front undertray. 55,600, 30/04/18 OIl, Filter and Auxillery belt. 53125, 15/06/17 Oil, Filter and spark plugs. New driver side window motor fitted New fans fitted when
  8. OMG, well I hope the owner of the private road/track is ok with that speed ;-) Lucky bloke, my first was a 1lt Fiesta that had been paint strippered by a crack head. But it was still wonderful!
  9. Thanks Ekona, good point. I am wanting something a bit easier to get in and out of as well, this is for a disabled mate and an elderly Mom. Maybe one day I'll get a Porsche but for now I think the M140i will be fun yet practicle.
  10. Hi all. I've had the Z for 4 years and its time to move on. I was for many months thinking of a Porsche, probably a Cayman S or wait another year and get a Carrera 4S. But a friend has an M140i and loves it and when I looked at the spec, miles, age and price I was amazed at what I could get for my money compared to a Porsche. So looks like the Z will be up for sale soon. She has wanted for nothing mechanicaly but cosmeticaly is a bit sad, kerbed wheels, a couple of rust spot on arches and scuffs on the arches as its parked on the road. Petrol release button has come adrift but still works with
  11. HI, fellow Wulfrunian here. Good look with the search. Don't rush it. Have a read of the guides on here. AL
  12. Hello Jay, my fuel cap button recently popped into the void behind the dash too :-( Did you manage to fix yours? Any links or tips would be apprieciated.
  13. Cheers, my mechanic is having a look tomorrow. I'll ask him to have a general look around while he's under there.
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