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  1. COVID will go away soon anyway. They've taken away our petrol to give us something new to worry about.
  2. I have a feeling this might be one that I like more IRL than in photos. I can't say I'm particularly blown away by what I've seen so far.
  3. I don't think the white ones are too bad. They could work if you've got other interior mods that give a racy feel, but they'd look a bit silly in my standard interior. The second ones are horrendous though Also this.
  4. The only oil related issue that crops up regularly on HRs is the oil gallery gaskets going. This won't result in any oil usage but rather low pressure, so check that the oil pressure gauge is near the top end when started from cold. I don't think that should be an issue on a low mileage example though.
  5. To clarify, the best ways to verify if it's a HR are check the redline (7.5k for the HR, lower for earlier engines) and dual intakes for the engine, as you can see in the engine bay pic on that ad. As far as whether it's a good deal, the problem is that there is nothing to compare it to really as you mentioned, so you'll have to make a subjective assessment of whether it's worth it. Obviously pending verification of the mileage and that it's been looked after, which isn't a given just because the mileage is low. Good luck
  6. Welcome to the forum and good luck with the zed hunt!
  7. Great work - I've fantasised many times about getting a proper HR build like this done (I don't personally possess anywhere near the knowledge or skills to work on engines myself), but it's probably never going to happen in reality. Good to see others are willing to put in the effort (and money!) to make it happen.
  8. I forgot to mention re the gearbox - they're certainly not the last word in smoothness, but nowhere near 'horrendous'. They do require some skill and finesse to get the best out of IMO, but then for me that's kind of the point of a manual anyway.
  9. Down a fast B road I think a zed is ridiculously fun. I think I did describe them as muscle car like a few years ago on here, but I was comparing them to GT86s IIRC. I mean, something smaller and lighter like a MX5 (or indeed a GT86) will be more chuckable down a proper twisty one, but you can still have a good time in a zed for sure. The mods I've made to mine (as per sig) have helped manage the extra weight noticeably.
  10. Can't believe that's not standard to be honest.
  11. Something to be aware of when checking clearance between your head and cage is that necks can stretch quite a lot in an accident. I can't remember the exact amount (and a quick search did not bear fruit) but it's a good few inches.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Nice looking motor, obviously in the best colour
  13. Just stick the video on YT and share it here. I'm not sure I can help any further as it doesn't sound like it's related to the issue that I was talking about, but hopefully someone else who knows their way around an engine bay will be able to diagnose it.
  14. Does it happen at specific rpm? Not sure if this affects 370s as well, but I know there was an issue with the cooling system on 350s that caused ticking at around 3500rpm. If that's it then the solution is flushing the system. E.g. this thread.
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