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  1. On the way home from a night out and saw a silver 350z on the way to oxford from Wallingford. Wondering if they are on here?
  2. I insured mine at 20 with 3 years no claim and mods declared with Admiral for £1400 which I didn't think was that bad considering I didn't even think I would get insured!
  3. Where did you get this plate? Are they legal for road use? Awesome looking car btw!
  4. Evening, I want to get rid of the horrible standard front number plate holder and get some JDM style plates on there. What’s the best way to do this? JDM mount bracket? Or just just get rid of it and put some double sided sticky pads on the plate?
  5. I'm after some decent lug nuts in the above if anyone has any they would like to part ways with before I buy new.
  6. So as I said in my post earlier I wanted to see what exhaust I currently have. I've had a look and can't see any branding so posted it on reddit and we are thinking its probably a HKS/ARK Knock off? Would this be correct to assume?
  7. Yeah reading through some old threads found some people saying they produce a rasp. Would a set of ISR Test pipes not have rasp as they are resonated?
  8. Cheers Jack! Yeah I think it will end up being either an Invidia or Ark. I'm not a fan of the Tomei just due to the tone being a little harsh. Yeah the shockwave is a little pricey. Thanks you!
  9. Thanks mate, sounds like an ARK with some HFC would deffo be an option. Any HFC/Decat recommendations?
  10. Its worth mentioning that while I am after it to be on the louder side, I'm still want quite a deep tone and not much raspyness!
  11. Morning All, I am starting to look at exhausts and seem to find myself going round in circles. I currently have some sort of stainless steel cat back system on there now from the previous owner (Will try and find out exactly what when I'm home) and I am wanting to go louder. So I am looking for an exhaust and De-cat/HFC set-up that is on the louder end of the spectrum. As a 20 year old that doesn't do much motorway driving the time to have a loud car is probably now while I can get away with it I am looking at an Invidia Gemini and would like some opinions on that but would also like some recommendations! Thanks
  12. JAllen28


    Saw this on reddit! Think the rear looks mega but still very unusre on the front!





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