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  1. I have very unfortunately kurbed one of my bronze work wheels. looking for recommendations of places to take it, just a bit precautious as they are bronze. I have messaged BJV engineering but he’s a bit far from me. cheers in advance
  2. Saw another san marino blue 350z in Didcot today, pretty sure number plate started e9... Wondering if its anyone on here?
  3. After reading a couple of threads I assume this is down to a sticky handbrake? Along with cold and wet weather and not being used for a couple days I assume the clunk is just the brakes setting free?
  4. Had a bit of an odd problem this morning. Its worth noting the car had not been driven since Sunday. Put the car in gear and released the handbrake, the clutch bit and car wanted to move but was stuck like the handbrake was on. Tried reverse had the same issue. Gave it a bit more revs and after a couple of odd clicking/clunking noises it moved and was absolutely fine. Anyone know what this could be? Car is an 07 HR
  5. Anyone got any recommendations for a Y pipe to go with dual or single exit tomei? Thanks
  6. Thanks man, found out when we sprayed the front bumper that the whole car has actually been resprayed to Nissan Midnight Blue and is not San Marino Blue!
  7. Evening all! After getting the car back in February I started doing some mods about 3 months ago and I am finally happy with it to start taking posting some pictures. So today my new Work Kiwami wheels went on. I have also added a rear diffuser and spats from Tarmac Sportz. Also had the front bumper smoothed. Me and a mate did a photoshoot this evening so will have some awesome pictures to show soon. Give him a follow on instagram and a message if you want any pictures taken in the south Oxford/Berks area. @rearviewfocus Parts that are in the shed waiting to go on are; 30mm lowering springs with camber arms Poly front lip that needs sparying, opinions on colour matching or going with black?
  8. Glen if you are letting it go I will take it please
  9. Now that is a good shout! thank you very much sir
  10. Evening, I am looking at getting my front bumper smoothes including the spoilers and mounting the plate on the grille like the below picture. Anyone got any idea on the best way to do this?
  11. Cool mine are 22 and 25 so should be okay! Any experience driving that low? I Be honest is it @*!#?
  12. Just about to buy some Vogtland 30mm lowering springs and wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of some decent rear camber arm, toe bolts and lockout kits. I can only find the tarmac sportz one at the minute. Also what are people opinions on 30mm springs with 19" wheels? Any rubbing with 245/35 and 265/35 tyres?
  13. On the way home from a night out and saw a silver 350z on the way to oxford from Wallingford. Wondering if they are on here?
  14. I insured mine at 20 with 3 years no claim and mods declared with Admiral for £1400 which I didn't think was that bad considering I didn't even think I would get insured!
  15. Where did you get this plate? Are they legal for road use? Awesome looking car btw!
  16. Evening, I want to get rid of the horrible standard front number plate holder and get some JDM style plates on there. What’s the best way to do this? JDM mount bracket? Or just just get rid of it and put some double sided sticky pads on the plate?
  17. I'm after some decent lug nuts in the above if anyone has any they would like to part ways with before I buy new.
  18. So as I said in my post earlier I wanted to see what exhaust I currently have. I've had a look and can't see any branding so posted it on reddit and we are thinking its probably a HKS/ARK Knock off? Would this be correct to assume?
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