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  1. In car tech have closed up shop temporarily mate, ordered a harness in the end, it is an in car tech one, just ordered from elsewhere. Didn’t come with a fascia though, so I’ve got to wait for that now! thanks mate
  2. before you tell me, yes ive seen the guide! but honestly, it looks god awfully complicated in a Zed and electrics has never been my strong suit anyway. (Missus is a sparky, is that emasculating?) Did a head unit upgrade on my old corsa, but i wasnt worried about losing screws or snapping clips on that, or messing with grounding points or anything, but i really dont want to hurt my precious new toy. So... If i was to grab all of the parts in the parts list on the guide, Is there anywhere i can go (Staffordshire based, although i dont mind a drive ) for a fitting? its a 2007 (HR) with the Bose Stereo (GT) Alternatively; tell me that the guide and youtube vids look way more complicated than it is! cheers lads. P.s. still not got round to posting up welcome pics of the new motor, needs a proper detailing first, since theres 13 years worth of sub-par washing been going on by the looks.
  3. Yeah seems to only occur when turning the wheel a good turn (think small roundabout or tight bend) And then persists for a few moments.... reckon it’s something the lads at Cougar Store could have a look at? Are they on here at all does anybody know?
  4. Im more interested in not hearing the click! Lol im assuming it’s not axel related then if you can cause it with the car at a standstill. ill have a listen tommorow
  5. Ahh, just took it on another drive and didn’t notice it at all. Definitely intermittent will give Tarmac Sportz a call at some point this week, cheers mate
  6. Oh dear... the clicking is only audible “sometimes” and it keeps pace with the rotiation of the wheels (so as I’m slowing down it slows down and vice versa) thinking of taking it to Cougar Store for them to have a look and assess it (if that’s something they even do) and fix any issues or preventative stuff.
  7. Got it lads! will post up some pictures later after I’ve given it a fresh wash however... the “rear axle click” that I was listening for on the test drive seems to have appeared now (but I can’t be 100% sure?) ive seen a post about greasing the collars - but since I’m not particularly mechanically minded (with cars) id have no idea what to do without pictures anybody have any suggestions of places to take it. I’m based in Staffordshire. I want to take very good care of this car wherever I possibly can. Worried me already lol
  8. Thanks Mr Bru, service history is good, 2 year gap in it but there are multiple receipts for that time for filters and consumables as he Gent claims he was doing it himself (he’s an engine development engineer and had proof lol) I have also seen a beautiful example near me now on Autotrader, silver instead of this one in black, FSH, just had a full detail, Advan Sports all round and 53k on the clock instead of the 66k of the eBay one. tempting but much more dear (£9.8k) full hpi check came back crystal And yes; the missus is very understanding. I’m fortunate enough to work in that “essential workers” category and She’s a sparky so she’s never really worked a day in her life stay safe
  9. Well... I have been quite tempted. But honestly, I’m not much for the shape honestly. And given the choice between a last gen 350z (hr) with most of the kinks removed, and an early 370, I’d imagine there would be less stress involved... might have to have another look though
  10. Yeah, had thought about a DE, would have to be a facelift, couldn’t say no to the extras really... but I know I’d end up seeing a HR about and having envy. Why not go all the way lol
  11. I was reading the one I bought just as the notification for your reply came up haha all come up completely normal!
  12. To be fair, I’ve not seen that many HRs within a reasonable distance. a fair majority of them are 100+ miles away somehow haha
  13. Hey mate cheers for the response, new tires have been put on the front, I wrote the brand down somewhere but they weren’t premium “high quality sports tyres” rears are some generic bridgestones, not great in terms of tread but passed MOT (not enough for a car like this I wouldn’t think) and I’ve already Accounted for having to get some fresh rears to replace them. brakes are upgraded vented and grooved, did have a few flecks of rust on the outside face but was just surface rust. Backs of them (although I didn’t have the car up on stands so could only see from the underneath looking from the other side) looked to be the same situation. Pads were fitted 3k miles ago (hawk performance? If that means anything to anyone) bloke had done a hpi check himself for buyers, had a look at it, all clear (dated a couple weeks back). I’m confident in it. im currently struggling to sell my Corsa lol. and given the odd bits I’ll have to pay to do, I’m not looking to pay anymore than £8k for this one. If bidding goes any higher than that (Friday) then I’ll have to have a long think. (Bloke told me reserve is at £7.5k) if I can’t get this one for a feasible price, I’ve spotted a sale on here from a bloke selling a HR. (Although I couldn’t reply to the post so I’ve had to dm him)... although he’s about a 2hour drive away from me in Staffordshire (he’s in Bedfordshire I think) inner wheel arches were one thing I didn’t check though, might have a gander if I get chance to pop back over before Friday. thanks again mate
  14. thanks cold, i had seen some cleaner lesser mileage examples but for much much more money. Im keeping a couple of K aside until i can take it to a specialist and get absolutely everything perfect on it.





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