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  1. it was 5 months ago now, but I’m pretty sure green light specified RWD 200+hp. insurance has always been silly, oh well
  2. That’s my current plan to be honest Davey, I’ve only had the car for about 5 months so far, fingers crossed it’s worth the wait in 7 months time. Greenlight was who I was referring to with the “1 year of experience”. the bloke I spoke to on the forum said he used to be a forum member, really nice chap but unfortunately there’s nothing he could do.
  3. Confused.com is a good shout, I’ve only really ever used GoCompare and CompareTheMeerkat and I agree with you on the lying. But I wasn’t sure if they’d ask for proof of previous car history - not really big on insurance knowledge myself. appreciate the advice mate
  4. Yeah, they were second “cheapest” after Hastings on comparethemarket so I rang them for a proper quote (as sometimes they are different to what they’ll offer via price comparison... quote for fully comp was £1550. i can get very cheap quotes (£700ish) if I go Third Party Fire and Theft only... but it’s a risk at the end of the day
  5. So I attempted to get an insurance quote for my 350z through one of the insurers on here when I first bought it back in March. I was told they couldn’t cover me until I had at least 1 years experience driving a “high power” RWD car. im just wondering if they check this at all... I’m not going to mention them In case I decide to ring back, but at the moment I am paying out of the arse with Hastings (£1400/pa) or are there any insurers on here with no requirements such as that? it is understandable as I’ve only had my license for 3 years (no claims or such) and I’m only a young boy (22) any advice appreciated, cheers gents.
  6. This was honestly my first ever meet. I had a 1.4 corsa only 4 months ago and would never have thought I’d have met some of the top people that I have so far right now. Absolutely Brilliant community.
  7. Covid compliance was in order, plenty of elbow bumps instead of handshakes
  8. I’m not a big facebook fan myself but I’ve got more in to it lately, just for the Z groups. fair few people about with some nice looking cameras so I can imagine there will be some cracking pictures up
  9. Might be a bit late, but should be down tomorrow! Only just seen that this was going on! stick Mr + Mrs Evans on the list lol
  10. Bollocks. I aren’t that savvy to be honest. My lady’s a sparky but she doesn’t know cars/audio at all really. might be an ICE shop jobby, save me ****in summat up. cheers mate, appreciate the help
  11. Adapter is the right one as I checked with a few forum members, (incartec) amp is working, the sub isn’t... I realised I said Amp in my other post, if the amp wasn’t working there would be no sound at all. But the sub is just not doing owt
  12. Yes mate, I’ve sorted it now but I’ve got a new issue now. I snipped the bullet connector off the blue and white wire and joined it in to where another blue and white connected on the plugs for the HU. works fine and is no longer drawing power when ignition is not on.... but now the amp behind the drivers seat isn’t working, any Bass in songs is non existent really.
  13. Hi guys, installed a radio months ago, hooked it up according to a tutorial on here but had the blue and white amp remote bullet connector (in pics below) left out. I connected it to the double bullet yellow wire but I believe that’s a constant 12v, so it was draining my battery. For the past few months I’ve just had to keep my radio fuse out and stick it in whenever I fancy it (basically just on long trips) and then take it out when I get home (or the battery drains overnight) im out of ideas to be honest and I’m hoping somebody can help, local ICE store doesn’t seem interested to be honest. Any ideas?
  14. Nice one mate, ive got a very brief booking on Thursday, Chris at Tarmac is doing me a massive favour and is going to have a look for me. Hoping it’s just the usual “grease the axle splines” fix to be honest. Do hope it’s not a dear one lol
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