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  1. Haha, I'm still waiting to pick it up from the dealer. They are putting it through an MOT so I'm waiting patiently waiting for loud engine noises. I do hope my neighbours are understanding 😂
  2. Definitely will be. Can't wait to get the camera on. Im planning on swapping out the unit but keeping the original just incase I fancy going back to old school later down the line 😎 mix tape comes to mind 🤘
  3. Ah I see, you too have a bluey, such a nice colour. I used to have a saxo vtr, a loooong time ago, in bright yellow, always used to toot or wave at fellow vtr drivers. Hope this comm is the same vibe, was a good laugh.
  4. Gone for blue, I'll be taking it somewhere fancy for a photo shoot very soon no doubt 😂
  5. I'm getting mine on Saturday 🤞 looking forward to joining the club 👍
  6. Hi everyone. Just joined and thought I would say hi. I've pre-emptively joined here as I am picking up my 350z this weekend, all being well. Might as start as I mean to go on, so I'm going to ask a question. What stereo unit with android auto have people opted for, I'd be keen to link up the wheel control to it so any recommendations would be amazing based on that. Thanks in advance 👍
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