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  1. 350Butcher

    Track day video with my Z

    That looks like a nice circuit! I ran Ohlins DFV's for a few years on an Mitsubishi Evo 5, fantastic suspension. Never known anything on road better at soaking up bumps and imperfections like they do. On track they do perform very well also but are limited by having single adjuster for compression and rebound. The KW's will offer 2 way adjustment but then just aren't as good dampers as the Ohlins are so there's pro's and cons.............I personally think I'd have the Ohlins over KW V3's every time. If you haven't already, uprating the anti-roll bars, bushings and installing adjustable arms through out so you can have proper track geometry set up on the car will make a massive difference to the car's handling..........as much if not more so than just swapping suspension alone Obviously its best of all to do it all!
  2. 350Butcher

    New outright 'Ring Lap Record

    The pace and speed is mind boggling...............but could the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro go even quicker!!??
  3. 350Butcher

    New outright 'Ring Lap Record

    Is my maths right that’s he did an average speed of 146mph?!! really does look in fast forward through some of the technical sections
  4. Just watch it Well done Porsche and driver Timo Bernhard........unbelievable speed round the lap!
  5. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    All finished! Everything mounted, bolted up and clearances checked on full lock. I go to the South of France on my hols soon before hitting Spa on the way home so will be interesting to monitor temps on roads like Route Napoleon, Col de Vence and Col de Turini to name some of the big ones before testing track temps!
  6. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    I originally wanted to do something along these lines where the ducting is bolted to a back plate and directed straight to the center of the discs......so the air is drawn through the venting of the discs and giving best results. However getting it directly to the center is hard and as mentioned the route for the ducting itself is cut off every which was I could see of running it! That image I'd suspect would in reality only direct air to inner disc surface which I believe would give poor results and not act to expel hot air inside the wheel either so I believe what I've done will be better..........I hope! I've got my little AP temp stickers now and they'll be going on the calipers so I'll soon know if what I've done works or not! I'll update with my results when I have them!
  7. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers! Thanks for the link.......I've meant to buy one of them for ages, more for the tyres than the brakes but good for checking everything inc brakes to diff too Think I need a link to all your car cleaning stuff too after seeing your car next to mine!!
  8. 350Butcher

    350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Glad you're happy with the new chassis set up! With that and 700hp in place you have created and build a true weapon!! I honestly can't imagine my car with double the horsepower and torque......what an incredible build! " All in all very very fast car and dangerous if not respected" ........so so true I'm sure!
  9. 350Butcher

    Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    That's good, drop us a pm when you're booking something up, would be good to come along too and check it out. Sensible re suspension, cant buy off the shelf stuff when its not an off the shelf car! Be interesting to see how different it is from before and how the distribution is. Thanks for the info on the pedal, good to know its doable and pretty straight forward......I'm sure throttle bodies are years away if at all due to the £££ involved but nice to have the plan together should I ever go down that route
  10. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Drivers side finished up! I'm quite happy how its turned out......plenty of air and subtly installed Apologies for the state of the car!! When its back on the floor it'll be getting a wash!!
  11. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers! I don't think there's a route from the reflector and I'm not sure how much air you'd get through there but everything's possible! Smaller washer bottles and custom intakes to install on the reflector mounts and I'm sure you could get it to work.
  12. 350Butcher

    Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    More good progress Ross! Shame about the clutch bleeding agro, hope you get that sorted with the new one. You planning on tracking yours? Be good to see this when its running. Not looked into it at all but if I do go down the throttle bodies route one day then I'll need to install a cable throttle. Does the S13 pedal fit straight up or is it part 350z part S13 you need to use?
  13. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Brake ducting then?! This is my go at it and my opinions on it.......feel free to offer up ideas and opinions of your own, I wont be offended and would welcome the input. After my latest run at Donington it was immediately apparent that some cooling was required! After looking and looking online it seems there's a lot of discussion with very few doing it. After crawling under the Z I think the reasons are fairly obvious why and its that there is no easy way to run it. Something like the Stillen setup available for the 370z is the way I wanted to go but sadly the 350z doesn't have either the access available around the inner arch/chassis leg nor the space to run the ducting through to the hub as the arb is mounted far higher and above the lower wishbone unlike the 370's which is under giving a passage through. Every idea I had and route I created was OK till I started turning to full lock then the ducting would touch and the ducting would be torn apart! With ducting all the way to the center of the disc looking impossible I thought I'd just try and get a lot of air flowing to inside and through the wheel to expel all the hot air that sits in there and cooks the brakes. I have ordered some AP temp strips to stick on the calipers to see how hot they are getting on track (meant to do this before so I had a comparison but forgot!) 2 things I wanted to achieve were, I didn't want to mount the ducting to parts with lots of movement where it would rub through etc I wanted the intakes to be forward facing for maximum air flow.......sounds simple on the front of a car! However a lot of inlets I've seen are on the outer edges of the bumper and as the bumper is swept back at this point the air is moving sideways across the inlet and not directly into it. So.....I stripped the car down and started to make something. Only place I could find that I could find to mount the inlets that would take air directly through the front grill was in the very bottom corners of the front panel. Passenger side was a little tricky with the oil cooler mounted there and required a little cut out to work but they're in With intakes in I wanted to mount a bracket to hold the ducting outlet as close as possible and also maintain air flow during use of the car. My idea was to create a mount that would attach to the arb's drop link mount (with the eibach bars there's 2 holes which is a benefit) this way as the suspension moves through it travel it would stay flowing air inside the wheel and not in sometimes and others just blowing the tyre etc On full lock as close as possible.......be OK clearance once bracket is trimmed and finished And finally hook up some ducting! I used 76mm ducting, the route is very short goes dead straight with only 1 swept bend to aim air inside the wheel and at brakes so the loses in flow will be minimal. It doesn't touch anything and I'll be able to trim the plastic trims where needs be and drill a hole either side of the ducting just to run a zip tie around to secure and support it. What do people think?? Its been a real pig of a job so I hope it does the business! Its a lot of air that it didn't have before flowing through the wheel so I'm confident that it'll keeps temps down but I'll have my AP temp strips on the brakes when it goes to Spa next month and I'll keep an eye on things that nothing moves, rubs etc and see how it goes.............just the passenger side to make now!!
  14. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Well I've come up with something so I'll get some info and pics up soon. A lot of what I've seen I'd be surprised if it'll still be on the car after a trip out on track and would definitely contact the tyre on full lock which both issues I'm trying to not have! The Z's front end is not the kindest to find a route through and the suspension setup and arb location cut off all options too.....not ideal then! Very jealous! It looks like a really cool drop/corner. We did the GP which that section is rubbish cos you drive out just to drive back again and all to miss out a great corner complex! It was all that was available when we were though and I really wanted to tick the Anglesey box.........plus its a good reason to go again Glad you got the fuse out and enjoyed the car/day/track........too much heat is not normally something you need to worry about in North Wales! Don't know anything about them but sure I've only read good reviews from people with them, although its worth checking what uses people are reviewing them for drifting or track work. Its a bit of extra work involved with installing the FD as the diff gets fully rebuilt with clearances and mesh between pinion gear and crown wheel all need setting etc which actually sounds harder than it is you just need a few of the right tools and some common sense about it all to make sure its to tolerance. I installed a 1-way OS Giken superlock with OEM Nissan 3.9FD and bearings, seals etc........together they make really good gains in the car on track and are silent during road work too
  15. 350Butcher

    Tyre advice

    Different manufacturers measure up differently which makes this sometimes harder to work out but I have 255/40 front and 265/40 rear Yokohama AD08R tyres on 18" wheels and there is no issue with the tc at all