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  1. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    No risk there!.......weight alone the Michelins will offer huge gains before all the other usual benefits
  2. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    Totally agreed, so many variables!...........1psi can change my car from oversteer to understeer biased on track Regarding wet grip, I just like that the Yoko's stays progressive and predictable
  3. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    I do obviously know Michelin do very good tyres but I'm just yet to be shown that they are better by "a fair margin" than my go to tyre. I have experienced Cup and Cup2's on my friends E46 Csl and we've done a few track days together and although its a very different car from my Z on the AD08r's neither offers significantly more outright grip over another, at least detectable from the seats onboard. Maybe one day I'll try them out on my car one day if I ever stumble on a good deal when the time comes for a new set of boots........I'm not brand loyal for sakes sake but when you find something that works and ticks all the boxes its hard to not stick to what you know.
  4. Finally, an MPS4 review I can trust

    Think you'll know why they're £35 cheaper when you switch! Assuming you're tracking the car though, as the Yoko's are on par with Cups
  5. ECU Pinouts

    Glad to be of help!!
  6. ECU Pinouts

    Not sure if this is what you're after but........ go here http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/350Z/ Select your model of Z and select EC.pdf and in the index look for "ECM Harness Connector Terminal Layout" (DE page Pg94-95 and HR Pg103) This will give you a full list of all 120+ pins location and function Ps download the lot for your car.........such a useful thing to have
  7. 8j Rays on rear? / 8.5j on front?

    This......and I think the 40 profile with 245/255 tyres is the sweet spot for the front end, good feel and bite from using these. Never got on as well with 35's on 19" wheels.
  8. Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    You're so lucky having an in house fabricator to make this stuff.........top work on those mounts! Looks like a good fit and a bonus that you're still able to work around it once in. Although I bet it's about to get really tight when you start to install exhaust, turbo air intake, intercooler pipework etc etc!!! Its all part of the fun though!!
  9. 8j Rays on rear? / 8.5j on front?

    If you've got the space it might be worth buying a second set, then you can always sell them on if you change as just 2 rears you might own forever. Went with those tyres as they are the right sizes for the 8.5" wheel, my choice of Yoko AD08's are available in that size, no issues with traction control etc when on road and work great on track
  10. Best track tyre when cold?

    You're right about It being very personal which tyre works best for you. Getting info is really hard too as you sometimes don't know what tyre they saved 2 seconds over (maybe the other option would've been 3secs too!?) and then some people just say Michelin to any and every question re tyres. Also sometimes it the tyre that gives you most confidence rather than the one that has the higher outright grip so YOU go faster. The AD08 is listed as street sport but the AO52 is most definitely a track tyre, I have tried a few of the usual trackday tyres and always come back to Yoko tyres, they have very stiff construction unlike Michelin which is probably some of the reason I like them and don't get on with some of the other brands. They also take all the abuse you can throw at them in their stride, when you think they must look ruined after that last session they soak it up where others are falling apart, especially as the Z is no lightweight! Budget obviously plays a big part too, tyre cost is sometimes scary! But think (most of the time) you get what you pay for. Good luck!! and hope you like your final choice!!.................they will be a lot better than your road tyres though that's for sure!!
  11. Best track tyre when cold?

    Firstly hats off to you for having a crack at Hillclimbing! I'd really like to have a go myself but never seem to align my diary with events I fancy. From that list I'd go with the Yoko AO52's, they use a lot of tech from WRC so up for just launching in to a tarmac stage...........or up a hill climb........on cold and or damp roads. As above, I suspect the Trofeo would be a good performer too but would need heat to really switch on as I believe the Cup2 would too. A friend of mine runs the Cup2's for track days and although no where near as single minded as the Cup(1) tyre he still doesn't have confidence till hes got a few laps on them.....a luxury you wont have!
  12. 8j Rays on rear? / 8.5j on front?

    Have run this set up myself for track work and its very good. The standard Rays are really light wheels, there can't be much in the weights front to back but 245 is probably max width you wanna run on 8" wheel so I went with all round 8.5" rears for better fit. Had 245/40 fronts and 245/45 rears and as said it was a good set up.............only down side is having 2 full sets of wheels for the rears only and stashing 4 fronts somewhere!
  13. Lmgt4 wheels

    It’s the centers that I think I dislike most and for shiney rims I’d go down the split rim route as they can look very nice with the bolts etc Each to their own though, would be boring if all our cars were the same eh
  14. What oil for track use?

    Not surprised drift guys use such a heavy oil, low speed, low cooling and engine cooking, banging off the limiter! Fully synthetic is what you want for track use
  15. What oil for track use?

    Agree using quality oils is paramount wouldn't dream of using poor quality oil in any rating. I know, as everything, this is one of those things if we've had no issues then stick with what you're happy with but the issue I've always had with 5w30's is they're so so thin at 20degrees that I can't imagine what its like at 100degrees all day long on a trackday. Offering such a thin layer of oil between heavily loaded surfaces in the engine just makes me feel uncomfortable so always gone with 10w40 upwards Millers recommend 5w30/40 for normal road use (so that's what's in the Mrs's Ford Focus) and the 10w50 for trackday use in both 350z and Vxr220 as me and my brother both use currently and I also used it in my forged 400hp Evo 5 before that. Never have any oil usage and when inspecting the engine after years of heavy use (the Evo) no signs of wear at all.........so always recommend Millers based on this