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  1. My Overly Ambitious Idea - Pic Heavy

    I would've said it'd be better to increase plenum volume on each side but feed each bank separately. Also the air flow meters are reading values going to each bank that way I guess looks are individual..............form follows function though
  2. Aftermarket LSD advice please

    I'd stick with a plate type lsd for a rear wheel drive car, you can change ramp angles and pre-loads etc if you wanted to at a later date. quaife is great but I'd use that in front wheel drive though (as I did in my old astra gte) My car gets used for track days and road trips as far as south of France for holidays, I have the os giken super lock in my car and its a great, silent in operation and gives loads more traction out the corners on road and track. I also have a 3.9 FD fitted and again great on track but not too short for road use or cruising very long distance either. Think the 3.9 would be great if you do go super charged later too
  3. My Overly Ambitious Idea - Pic Heavy

    Fair play to you for putting the time and work into this! Can I ask why you have linked the 2 inlets (via the horse shoe) and not gone with separate intakes for each bank?
  4. DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

    My 350z and my Brothers VXR220 live on these CTEK charger/conditioners, a must if your car sits for a while between usage and over winter Just seen on the first page you have a gear shifter extension, I wanted to try one of these but wasn't sure about the quality as I don't want it snapping off on track while keenly pulling gears! Where did you buy yours assuming its not snapped off that it and does it work well with the short shift fitted?!
  5. Twin turbo 350z build.

    An R34 GTR in the £30k's!? Have a search, the prices have gone insane!!
  6. Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers Davey!! Of course I do select what I post up though.............but on the whole I like to think I'm quick, safe and considerate
  7. Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers Stu! Glad the info in my thread is helpful, it was my motivation for doing it as when I started planning things there was so little on forums about anything. There's a few bits coming in the next couple of months but nothing too major like last winter. Can't really comment too much on the gen 3's as I changed so much at the same time, which contributed far more to the gains, but the reason I went for them was because the engine was going to breath so much more I didn't want the std air boxes to be a restriction and hold it back. The std air boxes are actually really good and unless you go down cams, head work and manifold route I probably would leave them in. For reference and comparison when you're doing some homework for your own car, there is a dyno comparison that was shown to me. The results of my 285 wheel hp (on Dyno Dynamics dyno) shown below 285 rwhp for a Dyno Dynamics dyno, or 339 rwhp for a Dynojet dyno, or 343 rwhp for a Dynapack dyno, or 291 rwhp for a DynoTorque dyno, or 310 rwhp for a DynoTorque (Torque Performance) dyno, or 285 rwhp for a Mustang dyno, or 320 rwhp for a Mustang (Sound Performance) dyno, or 310 rwhp for a Rototest dyno, or 288 rwhp for a Superflow dyno
  8. New Car!!

    So many haters!! True its not going to trouble a F355 in a beauty contest but I have been reading the reviews and these cars have been seriously impressing the journo's with a truly sorted chassis that is up for the task.......mated to a decent engine and the more and more rare manual box (I salute Honda for not even offering a paddle shift!), I say fair play to you sir for signing up to enjoying something that's not from the safe (and slower, less interesting) options And anything that laps the mighty Nordschleife in under 7m44 has some skills worth owning!!
  9. Exhaust fabrication in the Midlands??

    As title really......anyone know of and can recommend somewhere that does decent stainless steel fabrication work? I have googled it but that doesn't tend to find the good ol boys in a shed somewhere who does the best work!!
  10. Meridian Modena Ferrari

    Think that’s the new 488......know what you mean though, other colours are working on Ferrari’s these days Ekona......you say that like everyone has driven one! I definitely haven’t nor am I ever expecting to drive any Ferrari......that said I would love to!
  11. Meridian Modena Ferrari

    That F12 is incredible.........would be in my dream garage! Big heavy sprung German doors in car parks always makes me nervous!!
  12. I didn't buy a Lotus after all.

    Top job!! I must go and run this route again this year when I can get back down at some point. Over Stoner Hill is like an alpine pass............for about 100meters anyway! Re seats.....my brothers car has the same as the Exige seat and I'm always surprised how unsupported they are so if you do change them I'd go for something a bit more hardcore. They aren't comfy either, we took it on the circuit days alpine adventure a few years back and I couldn't walk pain free for days after that!!
  13. I didn't buy a Lotus after all.

    I do like them with the hard top on..........my bro likes to get the roof off as much as poss though so he'll never do it! Just re read a bit of this and saw you mention the A339.....what a road!! That used to be my go to for a blast very early on a Sunday morning to get a fully clear run through from A31 to M3 bridge. Do you do the loop down the A32 across to Petersfield on the A272 then up Bell Hill (past Steep/ Stoner Hill) back to the A32? Was always a nice add on
  14. Monaro??

    Go and drive one and form your own opinion, everyone is different and picks up on different things when it comes to cars. I thought about getting a big Monaro before my Zed. Evo's John Barker spent 10months and 15000miles in one and rated it http://www.evo.co.uk/vauxhall/monaro/7637/vauxhall-monaro-vxr-60 Id say his opinion on performance cars is better than most and (sorry Dan) but the old 6 series could be the best car in the world, when its that ugly I just couldn't do it! and huge wings bolted to them dont help either! (just not my bag......each to their own though) I'm sure the door shuts with a good thud and the materials are a higher grade in the BM but for fun I doubt the BM comes close to the Holden. Read any review of these type cars on evo and they rate them (Jethro with the long-termer VXR8 is another example) Go for it...........and when was the last time you saw one? Quite nice to not be a sheep sometimes
  15. I love Zedz

    Cheers! Oh yes it gets used..........bit of a build thread on the car here with few pics through it Re wheels......they are the 18" Nismo LMGT4 option wheels that were available for the 350's wrapped in Yokohama AD08R 255/40 front 265/40 rear. I had to wait years for a set of these to come up (as most are 19's) but I really like them on the car! Martin