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  1. Cheers! Yeah it’s great!! Never the same twice!! Yeah I mean a set of 4S’s would’ve been plenty good enough over stone cold track tyres!! Engines been pushed a lot harder on the road was just tickling it round but still enjoyed myself! Thanks!! It was a quiet, low numbers day but in fairness I’ve cherry picked these laps as they were clear. Must say there were plenty of spinners but not one red flag all day!! Yep let’s hope the next one is dry………..and even if it’s not I’m hoping that by then I’ll have fully set up traction control which will be fun to play with. Envy is a deadly sin you know!!? You’re always on about my blueness
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  3. Things have been a little slow with the Z with one thing and another, it dawned on me that it'll be a 3 year break from track days if I don't manage to get one in this year! Although I've had some decent runs out in the Z on road I was really wanting to open up the new engine and try out the new wheel/tyre combination to see if everything was moving in the right direction... Had a little look and saw Circuit Days listed Anglesey Coastal and so made myself a nice road trip route up there and booked on..........we've had such an amazing summer what could possibly go wrong! Even Wales has been having sun shine! Sadly I must have upset someome as Thursday had a huge band of rain that essentially hit the track at 9am and went at 6pm.........no rain the week before or week after!! Great!! Still been at it long enough to just get on with it and enjoy yourself.........it was the wettest day I think I've ever been on and the track although usually keeping bit of grip in the wet was like an ice rink in places! Engine was strong enough to spin the wheels through 3rd and I suspected 4th at full throttle so gentle rolling on and short shifting was the game...........with a little bit of playing around for good measure.........data gathering for building decent tc map is what I officially called it! Few pics Couple of laps...........I know it looks like I'm walking pace.........because it was.........and bloody slippery!!
  4. I'm not suggesting that your W brace and kidney brackets aren't corroded as the underside is looking pretty sad but you're buying things here which aren't the issue in question. But I think its worth taking your car elsewhere for some better info on the issue/s. For 1 the rear subframe on the 350z is made of aluminum (attached photo) and looks good from the small amount of it visible in your photograph and 2 the part your showing circled in the pic that's heavily corroded is part of the underside of the floorpan so would require welding to repair and is not a bolt on part Just my thoughts on how I'd go about it Good luck
  5. I sourced a donor VQ35HR engine from these guys. They were great, allowed me to be fussy, negotiated a great price and with a warranty if it was a dog when I opened it up which it wasn’t it had obviously been a very well maintained and looked after engine, which they had said it would be. Amazing what happens when you’re nice to your customers……..they come back. Would happily use them again for parts.
  6. Yeah was a good job done that! Not sure how many miles it would've worked out to be till they were fully gone and serious pressure issues resulted but safe to say they were well and truly on their way out and needed swapping out asap................which was good to see really after all that spannering just to inspect them!!
  7. Took me a while to sort and with a fluffed gear change in there too, but here’s a quick sound clip so you get the idea of sound of the car. I’ll have another go one day, with better location and a bit more time……..and light.
  8. Good news re pistons mate. With regards to rods, I used BC rods which aren't anything too special but are steel so plenty strong enough for what I was doing but reduce weight quite significantly over the oem cast items without being loads of ££. Obviously costs always come into play but if you can I'd add these to your build. Oem rods with bolts 656g BC Pro with ARP2000 bolts 575g Just over 12% weight saving and nearly half a kilo off over the 6cylinders.......makes a huge difference at 7-8k rpm Cheers! Yeah it sounds as angry and as keen as it goes......I will try and get a clip of it at some point! I set my rev limiter at the factory 7.5k rpm only for reliability really as I think a few oem cranks have cracked seeing 8k and I don't want to go there myself. With the 4.08 it'll be very impressive, I'm on the 3.9 and it dispatches gears pretty quick and easy. If you do go for 8k I'd be more interested in those steel rods and billet oil pump gears too This is what I installed.............and looking at how much they are now I'm glad I did it when I did ouch!! Great bit of kit though https://boundarypumps.com/shop/nissan/vq-vhr-billet-oil-pump-assembly/
  9. Great looking, great spec Z! And about to get better! So you're running with the vq37 rods........JE stuff is nice, do the new pistons have enough valve relief in them to clear the vq35hr exhaust valves? You're gonna love the new engine.........still surprises me how fast my car is now when fully stretched out and I've done few '000 miles on it so thought it would start feeling "normal"
  10. Thanks for all the "likes" and positive comments...........really appreciated
  11. Cheers! It's been a long long time before seeing something that I'd actually like to install but these are the exact fitment and sizes I was thinking I'd go for! They actually look better in the flesh too and the blue although a risk works OK
  12. Cheers mate! I've been well impressed with gktech's stuff so worth a little extra £ to get these hub rings............waiting 3 days for them felt like 3 weeks though!
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