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  1. 350Butcher

    Whiteline front sway

    If you’re happy that’s all that matters........good result!! From that I would say the stock front bar is very soft on the 370's and giving the front end some bar to deal with the weight of the engine is giving a big improvement......I'd still order up the rear bar to match up to the front you've got as I bet you'll notice an improvement again!
  2. 350Butcher

    Whiteline front sway

    I have no huge experience of the 370z but running a stiffer front roll bar can create more understeer, you'd want to stiffen up the rear bar to encourage more oversteer. Regarding geometry try and go somewhere that will give you the geometry you want based on how you want the car to handle and not just dial in something standard or without the knowledge and understanding of what does what with what effects. If your car is understeering, sadly just flooring the throttle will just push the nose wider and wider of the mark!
  3. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Donor engine collected! And up on the stand........
  4. 350Butcher

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Cheers mate.......I'll do my best!
  5. 350Butcher

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    Really hoping I can make it down for this one, just for a quick hello though I'm sorry to say as the family are coming round! Always the way!!
  6. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Very similar spec engine I'm looking to build for mine! Think I'm a true N/a convert and addict Just listen to it!
  7. 350Butcher

    Meister R - GT1 coilovers review

    That's a bit of a tease! Look forward to hearing the latest
  8. 350Butcher

    Building forged vq35de. Rotating assembly balancing?

    I might’ve spent 1 or 2 ££ on mine too!! Found your build and following it to keep up with your progress
  9. 350Butcher

    Building forged vq35de. Rotating assembly balancing?

    If you're gonna do it you got to do these things properly! So many people try and cut corners/save a few quid here and there when it comes to builds and it never has a happy ending. I can't wait to getting started with my 3.7 n/a build. I know big power numbers are becoming more and more normal but 700Hp!! I just cant imagine my car with double the power and well over double the torque.....have you got a build thread at all or thinking of doing one? Always good to see projects from people doing them properly. @Snjur is your man for all things VQ, turbo'd and producing massive Hp!
  10. 350Butcher

    Building forged vq35de. Rotating assembly balancing?

    Sounds like a result! For what you're gaining I'd say that's worth it. Sorry if the info is already posted but just interested........What stage are you at with your build and what are your goals?
  11. 350Butcher

    Building forged vq35de. Rotating assembly balancing?

    I've just sourced an HR engine for the reason to rebuild it next year and as all previous builds I've done I'll be getting the rotating assembly balanced to inc crankshaft, front pulley, flywheel and clutch cover. Pistons balanced and con-rods balanced end to end also. Given my build is going down the n/a route revs may be higher than you're targeting going down the TT route but I still think it's essential to get this carried out as a small imbalance at low revs will multiply exponentially at hi revs! Leading to a rougher run and increased wear on your bearings etc! Not what you want when you're building from scratch! There is a lot of maths and working out for the machinist where making the counter balancers required for V6 balancing is involved to actually make all this work so they need to be top end. These counter balancers need to be worked out from the piston/rods you're using so if this stage is skipped then just having piston/rod weights matched and crank balanced on its own once all assembled will not give you a rotational assembly that's balanced. Although all this will dynamically balance the engine, V6's will always have an imbalance due to uneven firing order. Luckily Nissan have done a great job of the VQ 60degree V6 for us to start with!! If you'd consider sending your parts to the UK for the work to be carried out I'll send you the details of the machine shop I've used for 14years and they have done VQ DE before too.
  12. 6.0ltr being called "small"............only the americans!! Great project........looking forward to following your progress with this!
  13. 350Butcher

    Track Etiquette Lost....

    That's the issue with tourist sessions at the 'Ring.....there is no briefing!! It always amazes me that you're allowed out on the most demanding circuit in the world for your first taste on tracking your car possibly with no briefing or clue what you're doing at all!! Its crazy!! And why I only go there as a proper organised track day with the likes of Destination Nurburgring That said I've been to plenty of track days where you get exactly what you're saying too.........fresh out the briefing and holding people up lap after lap after lap!! Very frustrating!!
  14. 350Butcher

    Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    Congratulations on sealing the deal Ross! Glad all's going well with the conversion and it's pulling nicely. Regarding chassis set up I would see if you can get the car on a set of corner weights and find out where the car's at and how much weight has been gained over the front. With that info I'm sure a suspension manufacturer could sort out the correct spring rates to make it all work Jerrick @MeisterR would be a good guy to speak with
  15. 350Butcher

    HR oil gasket problem?

    Its not a difficult job just a big fussy job that requires care, patience and common sense. Sadly they are the hardest things to find in most garages! Parts cost a couple of quid so its 95% labour you're paying for but better to get someone with experience who'll get the job done without issue for you rather than learn the job on your car