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  1. Simple doesn't really exist on a VQ engine as anything internal is really labour intensive! You should've dropped me a message I could bore you with everything you need to know as I researched it all a lot before before going ahead myself. Need to watch them yanks............they say its all easy and they know and that you'll have 500hp at the wheels when you've finished too I follow your build thread so look forward to any updates/news that you share
  2. and with only very soft deep muddy (usually wet) grass to catch you if you get it wrong!! Great stuff!! Much softer wide wall as well vs the likes of AD08/NS2R too. I'm wondering how much harsher the ride may be dropping to 35 from 40 with the AD08's as the side wall is so stiff on both anyway!? Lowering the gearing with smaller diameter is part of my interest too as small gain in acceleration is welcome.......VDC all removed from my car so don't need to worry about that side of things. Be nice to just try it before committing to them till they're scrubbed out but sometimes you got
  3. You using the 370 rods and machining valve relief in the pistons? Were you hoping for a drop in then and not to have to rebuild the bottom end?
  4. Cheers! Been very busy but it's so nice to be out in it again after so long......there's still some ironing out with mapping and sorting a few features but it's coming together and feeling like a bit of an animal which is good.
  5. Instruction at Anglesey is probably well worth it as the right line isn't obvious around there......the fast right hander turn 3 I don't think I ever feel like I've got that right! Great circuit though I totally agree loosing all those huge soft rear subframe bushes improves things loads and stops it all feeling like its floating around behind you. Looks like you're on Kumho's now, same sizes? or different now. Imagine on track the NS2R's stood up better to the punishment? Will keep you posted re 35 from 40 switch but it'll probably only be doing road work this year sad
  6. Just stumbled across your build while researching 255/265 35 18 setup that I'd like to run (dropping from 40 currently) Glad to see you getting on well with it so I'll go ahead! Car looks great with nice mods for getting decent gains with track use............Anglesey is such a great track and does deliver some great pics opportunities too! Will follow your progress
  7. Cheers! Got to say it’s been a lot of work but it’s an awesome engine, goes like stink and so keen to Rev out, you won’t be disappointed Hopefully you do get some good news from the shop about the donor engine. What are your plans, you only need the block and crank from it??
  8. Cheers for organising Davey!! and Tarmac for supporting
  9. Cheers Ian! and again nice Z, not too much, just enough to look really trick
  10. Really nice Z! Awesome wheels! any idea what offsets they are? I’m looking to run 9.5” on the front
  11. Cheers Simon!! Been tons of work, time and money but so good to get back behind the wheel again. Not sure I can do a whole lot more to it but I’ll keep you posted Thanks!!
  12. Cheers! It’s a beautiful bit of machining work and a mega thing to swap cogs with when pressing on
  13. Pair of sweet Mk1 370z nismo's there!!
  14. This is a great little capture "Look Dad!...........There's a V8 in this one!!" Some nice Z's in attendance and stonking weather for it.
  15. My Z emissions look exactly the same as that.............the unjust £600 tax is very hard to take every year!!!
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