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  1. Thanks for all the "likes" and positive comments...........really appreciated
  2. Cheers! It's been a long long time before seeing something that I'd actually like to install but these are the exact fitment and sizes I was thinking I'd go for! They actually look better in the flesh too and the blue although a risk works OK
  3. Cheers mate! I've been well impressed with gktech's stuff so worth a little extra £ to get these hub rings............waiting 3 days for them felt like 3 weeks though!
  4. Cheers! The DR is a classic jdm style wheel and I've always liked it. These and the CR too. Researching sizes is so hard as people then say they're using spacers or its had body mods etc and then you're not sure again! These definitely fit with no issues which is both good news and a relief to me. Always wanted a matt bronze set of wheels since my evo back in '06 so I think these may finally be the ones!
  5. So the new wheels annoyingly didn't have the 73-66.1mm hub rings required so had to order them up and wait! Gktech came up as an option when searching and being impressed with their stuff so far was happy to get those and wasn't disappointed again https://au.gktech.com/hub-centric-rings-pair Installed: Despite loving the LMGT4's for many reasons I'd really like to add more wheel up front to allow for 265 square setup and unfortunately as 8.5" they just wont do it safely/sensibly. Been on the hunt for a set of wheels for a while that give me what I want. I didn't want to have any larger than 9.5" as its just more weight for nothing and I didn't want the usual offsets available that give the aesthetics many go for with the Z while negatively effecting handling and requiring bodywork alteration........neither of which were what I wanted So when these popped up......Rays 57D-R Gramlights in 9.5x18 et22.......I jumped! Installed with the very tyres and sizes I wanted too, Yokohama AD08's in 265\35. These sizes would put the rear wheels out another 8mm and the fronts out just shy of 16mm while being just shy of 10mm closer to the upright due to the increased 1" width. So giving me what I want whilst also adding a little more aggression to the stance. Dropping to the 35 profile has added about 10mm to the tyre to arch gap but in my opinion has given the ride height a more natural look over a lowered one. Overall ride height has also been reduced by 10mm which is useful and also the gearing has been lowered a little which I'm happy about too. Note my car has no VDC anymore so nothing's gonna get upset about the new setup. I've been for a short drive and it drives well and I was happy that there's no rubbing at all during driving or full lock......I was a bit worried especially given the 265 AD08 comes in at closer to 275 but all good! The only downside being that they were blue!!............WB (winning blue) to be exact. I really wasn't sure how I'd like them, especially being so close to the cars bodywork but after installing them I think they're OK. They'll probably change to matt bronze at some stage when new tyres are required. So here they are.......please comment and let me know what you think!?
  6. Always a pleasure.............and once again we've provided top quality photos of the job to assist the forum!! Seriously though really nice mods done together, tightens up the shift loads and there are no negatives at all Parts installed https://au.gktech.com/z33-350z-z34-370z-solid-gearbox-tripod-mounts-set-of-4 and (we installed the harder of the spring options) https://au.gktech.com/350z-370z-transmission-shifter-return-spring-kit
  7. Made a purchase for the Z...........the first in a long long while! Been looking for ages and finally found something that should tick the box And all this means that my current and very rare LMGT4 wheels will shortly be up for sale. Specs for those who don't know are: Front: 18x8.5 et25 Rear: 18x9.5 et30 Being forged are lightweight (believe 8-8.5kgs) and much stronger than cast options. Recently (2000ish road miles only) wrapped in the superb Goodyear Supersport tyres in correct sizes of 245/275 40's makes them as good as can be Having driven on both the 19 and 18 LMGT4 option I can say these are the ones to have. The car drives so much nicer. Let me know if you may be interested? As for their replacement, I'll update when they're on..................
  8. It’s a chicks car with chick controls no? It’s a success of r&d
  9. Pleasure to be a part of it! Looking forward to doing it again! To my workings there's 2630hp in that picture..........not a bad average at nearly 440hp per car
  10. Sure has Dave! Cheers! Its in good company at that pace......and if I can did dip under with a bit of weight loss then you're entering some serious big boy levels. I think its in a sweet spot where it is power wise and the way it delivers it too
  11. Cheers!! Sorry been really slack on updates. Life has been incredibly busy with a stressful house move thrown in for good measure. That all said I did get to enjoy the car a little, few runs out on the road and then an 1800mile round trip to Scotland which @nissanman312 organised with a few great lads with a combination of great cars...........and an Audi TT. Was initially a little apprehensive about taking the trip given the car had so much new stuff on it and having only covered few hundred miles at that point but thought lets do it, got myself some get me and the car home recovery and brimmed the tank with Vpower............its sh*t or bust time!! Pleased to say we had a great trip and the car was faultless, engine strong and working the gearbox was a joy with the new CAE shifter......the only thing I wasn't totally convinced of was the new set of Goodyear Supersports I'd fitted. I'm not sure if it was just a combination of not driving it for so long, not being on real road tyres for a decade with the Z and as a result having geometry setup for track tyres but that aside the pace was plenty good enough to enjoy and work the car and it was great! Sadly didn't have the time to get it on track in 2021 but aiming for in 2022 to improve mapping further and get a little closer to oem levels of drivability on lower throttles especially and hit the track to really stretch its legs and see how it performs.
  12. Glad you all had a good day! Fancy listing everyone’s results? Love the angry looking Focus!!
  13. There's quite a bit of info you need for this, its all in the "RFD" section of the nissan manual which I've tried to attach but no idea if it'll work RFD.pdf
  14. Haha!! Looking forward to having a go post geo. Think this was a really good mod.
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