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  1. 1. Andy James +1-paid 2. Jay84-paid 3. Liam Mann-paid 4. Nso93-paid 5. Humpy-paid 6. Andy_Muxlow-paid 7. Silk +1 paid 8. Dra1975 paid 9. Sisson Paid 10. OmegaCloud +1 paid South/London convoy anyone?
  2. Looking forward to this. Mid-drift car build and will almost definitely picking the up when ready. Brake drifting with the brake lights intact!
  3. Thanks Alex. The product I used before was useless. I will try to find a similar product to yours.
  4. I removed my aftermarket lip today to discover adhesive still attached to the bumper. What is the best way to remove this?
  5. I am quite surprised how unimpressed you seem with the anti-roll bars. Most people say the #2 mod after coilovers.
  6. Looks brilliant. I am hoping to do the same thing shortly. Are these OEM banana arms? I know you have the standard bushes so just curious.
  7. Purchased new EBC slotted plates and Yellow Stuff pads from Tarmac Sportz. Good package deal and reasonably priced. Great advice over the phone. This was my 3rd order from Tarmac Sportz and I would not go anywhere else. Review of brakes: I now appreciate what whiplash is.
  8. Car looks great. I agree that tinted or clear reflectors might perfect the look you have gone for.
  9. I imagine you will be paying a very high amount (close to value of the car). It would be worthwhile considering a multicar policy with a family member or being a second named driver to bring the price down. Unfortunately you are looking at a 3.5l V6 so it will inevitably be very high insurance costs either way.
  10. omegacloud


    Thanks for the info Jay84. Looks awesome so just ordered one for myself.



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