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  1. A HR may be worth remapping regardless of performance, it tends to have issues from the factory when doing very gentle speed changes at low revs (think stop start traffic). The DE will benefit from some air mods before a remap, the HR less so as the stock intakes are very competitive by that point in the engines evolution. Be aware that a pops and bangs map will shorten the life of the catalytic converter. Good luck with the car hunt
  2. Not quite sure if this is the same, but the HRs are known for their kick at the low rev range. It's easy to trigger this behaviour, let the car pull you along in 1st on idle, then try to accelerate as gently as you can. You should find somewhere between 1K and 2K it will kick like a mule, as if it went full throttle for a split second, after that it's nice and smooth. So getting stuck in stop start traffic on the motorway is a common situation to really bring the problem to the front. In higher gears it's a lot less noticeable and the exact spot it kicks at varies so maybe you are letting the revs dip low enough for it to do this when you get back on the power after a corner? The common fix for this is an ECU remap as the stock map has bad figures for the exhaust cam timings. There are some other fixes reported too but the remap seems to be the most common fix. Check out this thread for a good collection of info: I had my HR remapped and the kick faded into a much smoother lump (for a comparison it used to hurt my partners back before the remap). It has since returned but I've been chasing down some other gremlins in my ageing zed so I don't think mine is a good example of the norm and given it's not hurting my partner I don't think it's as bad as when I first got the car. As for the remap, the bulk of the cost in that is getting an uprev licence for your engine, once that is purchased you're then just paying for the tuners time. So if you get the bad behaviour fixed now, and later decide you want to mod the car it will be a lot cheaper to get it on the dyno for a 2nd time
  3. aww, now i'm really missing my black zed with the nismo kit. it's in the garage at the moment for a few bits. if you have the rev up keep a very close eye on your oil levels. many rev ups are known to drink oil fast. need to work out if you have a drinker or a sipper. it's not a problem, just something to be aware of and take care of.
  4. I don't understand what trade terms means, but i think claiming not to offer a warranty because it's a sports car feels off to me. Warranty or not, I believe traders are liable for certain faults after selling a car. I suggest you swat up on your rights in that regard. I'd then take their get out of jail free card as an indication that they will try to weasel out of any responsibility. So you might want to start with the assumption you'll have no protection and treat it like buying privately. Make sure to do a background check on the car too. We have some great buyers guides on here, so take a look about for some more info. If the garage is called Junction 17 then check out the sticky post in this forum section before you buy. Make sure to put some money aside should it need some work (like if you need to put better tyres on, wheel spin in 3rd on the motorway is NOT how the zed is supposed to behave!). Good luck!
  5. try https://vehiclematsuk.com/nissan-350z-tailored-boot-mat-2003-2009.html I got a new boot mat from there, went for 600gm standard carpet and got a red/black stripe trim. feels nice and thick but there are many much thicker options if you want. looks very smart
  6. I guess it depends what you want, to buy a zed in near perfect condition and hope to avoid any expensive maintenance costs, or to get behind the wheel now and pay a bit extra to get any issues resolved. my head said wait, but my heart found a zed 4 months before i'd hit my target on savings. i wound up getting a cheap zed and putting a lot of money into doing it up. i'm not gonna say that was a wise choice, but as i have good cash flow it's a choice i've not regretted.
  7. Could you put some numbers to that? might help the resident gurus shed more light on the potential issue
  8. Zmanalex knows zeds inside and out, as do Kaiser Motors. You've had a transmission specialist look into it, maybe the next step is to let a performance nissan expert look into it? There are other traders on these forums in the south too, though I believe the best of the rest are more focused on modifications and performance than maintenance (shoutout to Horsham who tuned my zed!). I don't know if the others would go as far as rebuilding a gearbox but I know Kaizer would. Someone might correct me on this (we are lucky to have excellent trader support on these forums). So I'll give another thumbs up for http://kaizermotor.co.uk, they might be over 4 hrs away from you but they are expert nissan mechanics with a focus on the performance cars and an hourly rate that's very reasonable. Have a chat with them, by all means point out your post vid as Sly is on these forums. I'm sure they will help you run through your options.
  9. Just gonna drop this here as food for thought... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?sort=sponsored&radius=1500&postcode=ct161qs&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=NISSAN&model=ELGRAND&minimum-badge-engine-size=3.5 6+ seats with the DE engine. now you can continue paying a high fuel bill and treat all your friends to a 0-60 of 6.5 seconds was looking at one of those for a 2nd car but struggled to justify doubling my fuel bill.
  10. I have the invidia gemini which sounds better than stock when you stamp on the noise peddle but is also nice and calm when cruising round town or on the motorway, so i vote you change exhaust before you sell the zed!
  11. got my HR and hot idle was about 30, while i had it that dropped to 15, which is still safe by nissan spec. stayed stable like that for quite a while. but i got the gasket done anyway and sure enough a bit had cracked. hot idle is now back up to 30psi. my zed was over 100K when i got it and now has 160K. sure it's a cost most HRs will need at some point, but for the smiles it's put on my face well worth it.
  12. just keep on servicing her, 160K miles here and still going strong. got her upreved at 150K and she'd only lost 8 ponies from the factory, then they managed to cram 13 more ponies in if you have the HR be sure to check oil pressures as at some point the oil gallery gasket will fail
  13. I too wanted to replace a fibreglass v1 nismo with something more plastic based. in the end i went with a stock bumper and a lip. i also had a custom grill put in by @taras@RT-Performance, they cut the plastic bars out and mounted the mesh in place. my baby looks quite different now to when i first got it with that cracked in half fibreglass bumper!
  14. Yeah, don't go making any "investment" purchases based on 1 car left, it's a big data set and has it's fair share of flaws. This is what the website has to say about their data: I'd have thought SORN would be excluded, but it turns out they are included, so the data includes cars stored in a barn to be found decades later :). it excludes cars from before SORN was a thing, and the data from pre-electronic is of course very sketchy. It is a nice site though and the zed seems to be ageing very well



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