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  1. Winehouse

    Possible new owner..

    At the moment i have about £4.5k but obviously if i save a bit more, then id be happy to spend £6k or so.. Im not going to buy the car i was looking at, i checked it out and found the MOT is due in November, but it is currently un taxed and Sorned, it is also a Cat C too.. I have this feeling that if i bought it, when it came to having an MOT, something dodgy would happen and it all seems a bit odd.. ill hold out and save a bit more.
  2. Winehouse

    Possible new owner..

    Thanks for the advice guys.. I might just wait a little bit, then again im also impatient so i may well just go and get it ha ha.. Need to be sensible ;-)
  3. Winehouse

    Possible new owner..

    Thanks for getting back to me.. I do need an Auto, i can drive a manual but i had an op on my leg a few years ago and changing gear now brings on spasms after a few minutes, its not possible to drive a manual anymore ;-( I have seen a fair few 350z's about, i suppose im impatient ha ha.. this one just ticks every box really, and i'm warming to the idea of a convertible, just those arches really.. Cheers
  4. Winehouse

    Possible new owner..

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting an auto 350Z, 2005. i have seen one i really like and have the money, but i wanted to aska quick question. Firstly, it is a convertible, now ive not really considered one but it has everything i want including the right colour, styling and mods etc, it does look lovely with the roof down, any advice on the roof, are they usually decent? Secondly, the main thing really, it has a little bubbling on both rear arches, it is only a little bubbling, would you still consider it with that, is it something that could be sanded out, treated, primed and painted etc? Any advice, most welcome.
  5. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Morning people.. Sorry for all of the questions.. I was looking at possibly replacing the Bose head unit and putting a double din in place, but keeping the sub and amp. Could someone tell me if this is all i need, i have looked through the ICE section and its all a bit confusing. https://incartec.co.uk/Pages/Product.aspx?P=4482 Or there is this as well on fleabay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CT51-NS01-Bose-Car-ISO-Wiring-Harness-Lead-For-Nissan-350z-Murano/352317664744?hash=item5207c4ede8:g:sEUAAOSwBiBavP2~ Do i need anything else, the head unit need anything specific, do i need to cut and splice wires, thats the nit that worries me lol Many thanks..
  6. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Thanks.. ;-)
  7. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Thanks for letting me know, so not a bad wheel to get with the car then your Z looks gorgeous too. Have you got a body kit on yours? Do do you mind me asking which one? cheers.
  8. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Thanks for that.. im going to see it either Thursday or Saturday, whichever I can manage.. yeah most of the the ones I’ve seen have at least some controls one side but this has none, not that it bothers me. Could someone tell me if these wheels are standard, what size they might be? id like to get some nice new wheels but I don’t really want to lower the car, any recommendations for something to fill the arches?
  9. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Another question if i may guys... Just a quick one. Did the Interior centre console come in different colours, all the ones i've seen are black to be fair, unless modified, this is a picture of the interior of the one i am going to look at and it looks grey to me, is this just the image or did the come in grey too? Cheers
  10. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    Thanks guys.. Appreciated. ;-)
  11. Winehouse

    New head unit install

    Hi everyone.. i am am a possible new 350z owner, looking at picking one up in the next few days. the one I’m looking at comes with the factory Bose unit with tape/cd, amp and sub I believe. im looking at replacing it with a touch screen double din unit, possibly android. if I change it, do I need a certain cable and connector to get the Bose sub and amp working the same way as they do now, is it a simple thing or do I need to solder wires as it’s not something I’ve done before. ideally I’d like to remove the old one, connect some cables and put in the new one there are no steering wheel controls so I won’t need them. thanks
  12. Winehouse

    Getting my first 350z

    It does look nice, not a colour I thought of before but I like it. The guy guy says it has no rust and a full MOT, it’s got FSH too so I’m hopeful.. ill have a look here too thanks.
  13. Hi people.. just joined and and looking for a 350z, wanted to ask for some advice if I may? ive seen a car that interests me, in the sunset burnt orange colour, it’s an 02 plate with 50,000 miles which seems good, it’s up for £5400 and with my trade in I’d Ben handing over £4K cash. Anyone think that’s a good deal? is an 02 ok, I know there were different revisions of the engine over the years. It’s also an automatic, I know not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve got a fused bone in my left ankle so a manual isn’t an option unfortunately. any advice more than welcome.