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  1. Hi Mart, Not sure if you're still around on here or worked out if this can be done but I find myself in the same predicament. I have a 2008 HR with Bose and Nav. Want to swap out the Bose HU for a double-din but do not want to lose the audio from the stock Nav. Did you find a solution? All the best, Adam
  2. Sure, I have a couple other photos of it. It's an odd rubber like material, no about the size of a £2 but double the thickness, that's sitting in between the windscreen and the plastic that butts up against it. It's on the passenger side, about 1ft in. Thanks for your help! Adam
  3. Hey All, I'm a month into ownership so forgive what's probably an incredibly daft question... Is this supoesed to be wedged in at the bottom of the windscreen? It's fairly dense and I can't imagine it's just fallen in between the plastic and the glass!
  4. Excellent stuff. Nice to meet you!! 😁 I've seen so many threads on the forums where the MX5 is used as a baseline versus other performance cars, it's great! Usually it's us MX5 folk thinking "what next..." and ending up with some kind of mod to the Mazda instead after spending weeks deliberating! I must admit I did consider going Super 200 on the MX5 but I can't imagine going much further to be honest. I believe the engine is stronger in your iteration versus mine so I guess it'll handle more power better. If you did decide to go that route would be great to hear how you get on 😁👍
  5. Wow great comparison between the 350z and Mk3 MX5! Totally agree with your findings! I have both at the moment. Long term MX5 Mk3 owner, and recently acquired a Zed for a more GT experience. Both perfect for the right occasions. On the MX5, I have the Eibach springs, the wheels in motion fast road alignment, and run PS4s all round. That combination for me feels perfect balance budget wise to help the car feel better around the twisties. It is so flickable! You mentioned BBR. I have the 185 kit on mine and that feels perfect. A few folks go for forced induction and regret it. I obviously can't share personal experience in that regard, but to me, being able to drive to a greater % of the cars limit more of the time is what the MX5 is all about. Happy motoring all!
  6. Hi All, For what it's worth I thought I'd share a few thoughts on the Invidia Gemini that I have installed on the Zed. This is full cat-back. Fitment - took a local mechanic who has proper car lift no longer than 90 mins to swap stock for new. No issues getting onto car whatsoever. Tips sit very nicely out of the back. Looks like a shiny version of the stock one, with slightly thicker tips with rolled edges. Looks very nice and could easily be mistaken for stock. Sound - very similar tone to stock, albeit about 20% louder. Sounds much deeper to about 5krpm and beyond that the noise differential seems to drop off a little (from inside cabin anyway). Basically, just what I wanted. A little more without being excessive. Drone - nothing significant, if at all. I drove 180 miles immediately after fitment all of which is motorway and didn't notice volume had increased in cabin. Perhaps slightly deeper tone with throttle inputs but not intrusive at all. Overall v pleased with the system. I can understand why some may be left wanting more. However for those more interested in slightly more and maintaining stock look and tone, I think it's spot on.
  7. Thanks Glen, Appreciate the quick response and I must admit I didn't expect anyone to have a full kit! Still working out what to do to be honest and will be in touch very soon. All the best, Adam
  8. Morning All, Hope you're all well! New to 350z ownership and delighted with the car so far. 3-4 weeks in and I've already dabbled in modifications (Invidia Gemini) but ultimately want to keep it as close to OEM as possible. Car is a 2008 HR with Bose and the optional Sat Nav. The stock Bose stereo has acquired a number of deep scratches in the last few weeks. Not me, I must add, but don't really want to get into it as pretty irritated by what's happened. I've posted and been in touch with a few very helpful forum members that have stock units to replace the existing Bose one on a like for like basis, which I am leaning towards. The caveat there being the cost of having Nissan pair the replacement with my ECU, which I'm imaging would equate to ~£120/hr with no guarantees. However, I would also like to hear based on your experiences how easy it is to fit an aftermarket double-din unit whilst still maintaining things like the steering wheel mounted controls, AND the pairing with the Sat Nav (eg that when directions come up on the Nav, it crosses over the top of the audio that comes from the stereo). Is this possible? Or would I lose the audio from the Nav by fitting an aftermarket headunit? I have seen adapter kits online that include the plug and play style looms. I have fitted stereos with these kits before, so checking if there are any typical problem areas or compromises to be had when doing so. Trying to work out what best to do. I've also seen a number of posts where folks have worked in AUX connectivity to their Bose units, which is also an idea that I'm contemplating. Thanks in advance for your comments and look forward to being here. Can't contribute too much at the moment but fully intend to in the future. Just need to learn the ropes first! Adam
  9. Hi Folks, Hope you're all doing well. Does anyone have a standard Bose headunit (fully functioning) for sale that would swap into a 350z HR? Long story short, has my car in for work in a garage and somehow it's come out with a tonne of scratches all over the headunit, from what I can only assume is a tool bag / screwdriver. Looks hideous and I'm fuming. Proving it will be nigh on impossible so stuck for what to do. Pictures attached. Really want to maintain the OEM look inside and not going to a double-din unless as last resort. I have seen a few online but looking for something immaculate, as it had been until this happened. Know its unlikely in a 14yr old car but hoping something comes up. All the best, Adam
  10. Thanks Michael and will keep you posted. I've seen the conversion packs for SMF as a potential cost saver but I'm not planning on big power or to track mine so daily refinement is the preference. There's an LUK kit available that appears to cover all basis and does not seem unreasonable in terms of price versus some of the Nissan quotes I've seen quoted on the forums: https://h-dev.co.uk/product/luk-350z-hr-370z-dual-mass-clutch-kit/ Not sure if any good though!?
  11. Lovely looking car that Steve! I think mine is the same colour as yours. I really like the grey/silver. Yours looks very well cared for. Glad you're enjoying the ownership experience! It's being done by a garage but just want to suggest things that are usual to change based on owners advice that have experience with the specific car. Thanks for your advice there. 😎👍 Can't wait to get it all sorted.
  12. Good evening all! Delighted to update you all to say that I made the purchase!! An 08 350z HR with 78k miles. Really pleased with the car so far. I can't stop looking at it on the drive 😁👌 I'll try to get some photos in the next few days and get them posted. I am still finding my way around on here so please bear with me. I'm aware that my car needs a new clutch and I'm told too that the DMF should be changed at the same time. Countless threads on this matter and costs involved for the HR give me an inkling as to why the prior owner wanted to sell... So I am having a new clutch and potentially DMF fitted in the next few weeks, hopefully. Are there any other parts in this region that would be wise to change whilst the clutch is being done? Things that are fairly cheap that might as well be changed if worn, for example, to save doubling up on the labour costs in the long term. Would appreciate your help/advice as yet to hang around and learn from everyone here. All the best and many thanks, Adam
  13. Thanks all! Good to hear there are a few local owners too! Will check back in when I have the good news to share. Cheers! 😎
  14. Thanks Martin! I'm in Wickford in Essex. I'm in a lucky position at the moment my commute doesn't involve any driving so I can be really patient when looking. 😎
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm planning on buying a 350z HR in the next couple of months and see this is an active community and clearly a great place to start! Look forward to getting to know you all. I live in the South East. I'm not new to the 350z. I owned one as a 21yo but soon after buying realised that running a Zed and saving for a house deposit are different directions entirely, so had to part with it. Totally sucked watching it purr away from my parents house... I've since pined for another and now ready to make the move. My current car is a modded Mk3 MX5 so have kept the front engine RWD manual format. Expecting the Zed to feel very different to the MX5 but still fun, just in a different sort of way. Anyhow, I'll be hanging about here and looking forward to being part of the forum. Thanks folks, and enjoy the long weekend!! Adam
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