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  1. Hi all, New to the forum here. I am looking at a Z on Sunday, it's currently priced at £4.5k. I have read multiple topics, and watched multiple videos about what to look out for, common problems etc, but I am just wondering if any current owners could offer me some advice with buying. The deal would be to swap my 1993 e30 318i as a straight swap. The Z has a fresh MOT, which has been failed multiple times before during 2018. I have spoken to the garage on numerous occasions and they have informed me that the Z comes with quite a bit of paperwork, but no service book. They have also informed me that they can't find the receipts for the work that would have been done to pass it on it's MOT. It previously failed on corrosion to the brake lines, washer out of alignment and some other silly things, but something else that was an advisory was an oil leak. On the MOT where it passed, everything has been "apparently" sorted, and on the GOV website it shows absolutely nothing with the new pass, no advisories at all. It's not a long journey for me, about 1 1/2 hours, but does it sounds fishy to anyone? or am I just being too over dramatic when worrying? I've had my fair share of rust buckets, so I have a simple knowledge of what to look out for, but I've never had a Z before. The garage I'm getting it from is some-what of a decent reputable trader, however because the swap is being done under trade terms, and the Z is a sports car, they won't offer any warranty. Thanks in advance for any help :) James



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