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  1. That’s great I’ll have to find this guy, definitely can’t be you I’m sure!
  2. Thanks for that, I will have a look. Gyeon stuff sounds quite interesting and I’ll check out car chem too. Gotta start somewhere, so I appreciate it
  3. So I got my 350z, thanks to all who helped me out with information. I have always enjoyed reading everyone’s build thread here so figured I might as well do one as well. I am not really sure what I want to do yet, but only time will tell. I use as a second car, and enjoy as a road car. Only had a couple of days, but the first thing to do once I had gotten it home was to give it a nice wash and de-haze the headlights! The car has done only 33k miles, is in real mint condition with no marks anywhere. A few stone chips on the bumper, and one day I will get it resprayed but for now not noticeable. I used the Meguires 2 step Headlight restorer. A lot of people recommended using toothpaste and there’s lots of good reports about it, but I had my ‘heart’ set on using the meguires stuff. It was so easy to use. I masked off the headlight and applied a bit of the liquid to the supplied brush/sander. Proceeded to brush in one direction the headlight and once I was happy with the hazey look (which gets a bit concerning at first) You wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. Finally the last step is to use the spray that is provided and voila! It clears up the headlights beautifully. Definitely recommend Meguires there! Before: During: After: You can definitely see a difference! Makes the car look a hundred times smarter! And Lastly some pictures of the car after its clean. I am a Autoglym guy, so I mainly use only their products. 1. Wash down with the hose 2. Use the snow foam (actually just use a demon foam which plugs into the hose, as my jet wash is broken at the moment) 3. Wash down with the hose again 4. Use Autoglym Shampoo and Conditioner 5. Use Autoglym UHD Shampoo, clean wheels with Autoglym wheel cleaner 6. Wash down with hose 7. Dry 8. Clay bar 9. Super Resin Polish 10. UHD Wax Finally I headed inside, and did some internal cleaning. Wiped down the leather with wipes, cleaned the dash and steering wheel and also cleaned the glass and polished the glass. So much nicer having a car that you’ve cleaned lovingly! So in the future not sure what to do really. I have lots of different ideas; Tinting, suspension, refurb alloys, air intake upgrade, radiator, REMAP, etc. So just doing some more research, taking time and enjoying as it is for now. Can’t take that smile away from me while driving. Wonder if people are looking at the car or my grin from ear to ear!!
  4. Hi all, spoken to a few people on here, and made a few topics and discussed quite a bit. Finally I have made the plunge. Got myself a 350z. 2007 Azure Blue DE Revup 33k miles Super happy with it. Drives so well, well looked after, and cannot wait to pick it up on Monday. The garage are doing an MOT on it and will fix any (if they come up) advisories. Completely unmolested, although over time I will definitely do my own modifications. I will start up a member build project so you can all follow along! I have loved reading everyones builds, very entertaining, and informative. Keep them up!
  5. That’s a good point there I hadn’t noticed. I’m sure when I drove the car it was working but I will check again when I see next time
  6. Also forgot to mention on other common problems (from what I have read) The boot opens perfectly, no double catching and the seats are in mint condition as well as all the interior. Although these two are extremely minor faults (or lack of fault should I say!)
  7. I would say it is a little overpriced, but again, we can work on the price with the dealer, and I am willing to pay a little overpriced for a reliable, low mileage I think. I would be using it only rarely to be honest, maybe it'll only do 1-2k miles a year. Only to be used when it is dry and keeping for the long run (also why I am looking for a lower mileage, good condition) Yeah I have looked into the window and the lights situation and it is a fairly easy fix, but I can use it to bargain the price down a little bit The wheels really aren't bad at all, I cant quite explain. It has had curbing, but it is barely noticeable, and would bother most people (but I hate curbed wheels with a passion, even the slightest little mark) so I would get the refurbished at some point, probably next year when I have saved a little money up! Again, it can be used as a bargaining chip. The dealer did comment on the wheels being curbed a bit, and he said usually they do refurbish before selling but the wheels are sort of in the middle region, on being perfect, to needing to be refurbished to sell the car
  8. So I think I have found a good deal here but would like to know others opinions.... I am looking at 2007 Blue Azure 350z Rev Up Version. It has had no modifications done whatsoever and is extremely clean inside. So some stats... 2 Previous Owners (I would be the third) 33k miles Manual, clutch is high and seems like no problems Extremely clean and tidy inside, very few scratches No strange noises when driven, rides very smoothly and doesn't drift to either side of the road when driving at high speeds Wheels have slight curbing, but has been touched up a little, so doesn't look so bad at all. Alloys show their age with again some slight bubbling No rust at all or damage Almost new tyres on (at least 6mm tread) Same brand for the two back and same for the two front, Bridgestones front and Pirellis on the back Brake pads have been replaced in December 2017 Garage says it has a full service history, I do have the paperwork from when the car was built to December 2017, however there is no service book currently. The garage have informed me they have ordered the service book and the garage which did the services are stamping the book and sending over to them, which should arrive today or tomorrow Headlights are cloudy W brace seems pretty good condition underneath from what I could see Drivers side window when using automatic up goes all the way up, then drops back down to middle position The dealer will do an MOT and service if I buy the car So the garage have the car for sale at £9995, however when they obtained the car in November 2018, they originally had it up for sale at £12495 (I have found independent proof of this also) Autotrader suggest the price from a dealer is between £8140 to £9000 based on a good condition What is everyones opinion, I am going to see the car again, once they have the service book sorted in a couple of days. Is there anything important I should check on?
  9. So I’m leaning towards an azure blue either HR (not sure they do in blue) or an 06/07 year with mileage from as low as possible to max 75k one question, I have a few things I will want to do once I find the right car, oil change etc but I would like to have a remap done and wondered where people go for it? I have heard somewhere someone went and got 5 different settings they could choose from, standard, exhaust pops, valet mode and I can’t remember the other two. Does anyone have this one? If they don’t what do you have and what settings do you have and why did you choose?
  10. Welcome Leanne. Saw this one for sale recently too. Lovely colour!
  11. This makes much more sense. I didn’t think they were going to increase as much as was said before
  12. This is all the information I can find on the dvla website
  13. I’m not sure it is quite as much of an increase as that actually. Is there anything from the government directly for us to quote from rather than a paper?



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