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  1. Kaikora

    MOT decibel limit

    Thank to everyone who gave info, gave me plenty to think about and mull over. This is what I could understand from the wonderful vague laws! I'm not interested in track days, I'm purely for the thrill on the road, plus perhaps being that obnoxious neighbour once in a while. I am contemplating either the Tomei, or just going non-resonated Cobra, as I do feel like as much as the car suits single exit, the bumper doesn't so like the dual exits. Over the years my ultimate goal is NA 350 BHP from a Rev-Up engine, which might cost a bit but I believe is achievable.
  2. I am looking at getting a Tomei y back and was wondering if anyone has and if they have issues with MOT tests or police?
  3. Amazing info already guys. @SuperStu shall guide me nicely. I shan’t be using the pressure washer or hose, just the old fashion elbow grease! Really glad @ilogikal1 came in as well, he is a wonder with detailing! what sort of steam cleaner would you recommend? I probably won’t need as the car is well looked after with only 30k miles and kept in the garage so pretty good but definitely needs a spruce up. maybe a bit of a rinse down afterwards is possible? Perhaps I’ll use a watering can so I don’t use too much water! im stuck abroad at the moment but promise I’ll do some before and after shots when I get round to being able to crack on!
  4. Hi all! I am keen to do a complete engine bay clean, but have no idea really how to do it. Would it be possible for any help and guidance, plus what products everyone suggests?
  5. I’ll try and come along one day once all this mess is over. I’m near Harlow so not far to go for me.
  6. Kaikora

    Replacing Brakes.

    Hi all! Time to ask another question to gather some information and make a nice informed decision. I need to replace my rear brake pads and so will do the disks at the same time. My front are okay for the mean time. I do not take my 350 on track and don’t necessarily go exceedingly fast where I need super power to stop but I would like to upgrade a little for safety and comfort. which set do people recommend? I am thinking of getting EBC slotted with red stuff pads. TIA!
  7. Spotted a nice black OEM looking 350Z in ware at Asda car park today. Anyone on here? Nice private number plate by the way
  8. Weather was nice yesterday so took the chance to install the rear bumper lights! It took a few hours to do, with help from the wife, but finally the finished product is very much worth it! Even managed to not break a single clip, and after a misalignment the first time putting the bumper back, the second alignment was perfect! I got the lights from TORQEN, very fast delivery and no complaints about customer service. One problem I have experienced actually though is the light fitment themselves. The just don’t quite fit absolutely perfectly for a perfectionist like myself. There is a slight gap underneath between the lights and the bumper, and also a bit of a gap between the light and the bumper on the closest side to the wheel. I will try and get some pictures today and upload for everyone to see! Before: After: It refreshes the rear in my opinion, and it is nice to have matching reverse lights as well as bright brake lights now!
  9. Thanks a lot! For me it was the blue or yellow. They both just stand out so much! Such great colours Thank you! Would you believe me if I said I haven’t washed it since July!? It has been sitting in the garage though chilling. I might clean today as the weather looks quite nice. Definitely need to do the wheels. Too much brake dust
  10. So couple of things done recently. changed to stubby aerial finally. I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to do for so long then finally plunged in and did. Made such a difference! So glad I changed. —> I will take a picture and upload when I get the car out the garage next time! Finally today was a big day for the girl. Had the front compression arm bushes replaced. They were suggested to be changed by Horsham back in June as they were deteriorated so I upgraded to Superpro. They look like a beast of a bush! She also handles nicely now! Also got the TORQEN wheel spacers. 20mm for the front and 25mm for the rear. Love the stance now! Before: After: The wheel alignment sheet was quite interesting. Must get some adjustable camber arms some time In the future but hands down to Horsham for the wonderful adjustment they managed to do on the rear! Once again many great thanks to Horsham Developments. Like I’ve said before I cannot recommend them enough!
  11. Welcome to the Z ownership! Hope she brings you lots of fun and joy!
  12. Nice thread! Really good to see the progress, and ultimately the improvement in the end. Cant wait to read more in the future! Keep it up and keep enjoying buddy!
  13. Kaikora

    Spacer Torqing

    So I recently bought 20mm and 25mm spacers from Torqen and I was wondering what torque spec I should tighten them to? I am going to get a torque wrench so as I don't do any over tightens and snap anything
  14. Kaikora

    Bonnet Damper

    Hi all... I am thinking of getting a bonnet damper, as in my opinion it not only looks better but makes it much easier to access the engine bay!! What are the views on this one? Any experiences with it or any others recommended? T





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