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  1. Indeed. There snapping at my feet to photo it lol. Took front bumper off yesterday to attempt removing the helper springs to find the drivers shock is hitting the banana arm. Il sort that after hol lol
  2. Yea i will do mate. Few friends ate photographers so have jumped at me to photo it. Lol.
  3. Same here. Manage to raise the rear 25mm lastnite but found the fronts to still be using there helper springs and didnt have time to remove them. Just raising the rear has made a hugh diffrence
  4. Its too low for me. It was the last owners drift/weekend toy so he didnt worry about itvas much as i need to as its becoming my daily/drift toy. Im not into all thos stance crap lol so long as i can slide it on track drift days and get over speed bumps i dont care lol
  5. Black 350 chelmsford

    Seen quite a few zeds round chelmsford/braintree now. Is there a monthly meet anywhere?
  6. Yea, shame but time goes on. Zed life so far.....love the sound but hating the ride lol. Bloody things far to low by orevious owner so 1st main job is to raise it lol
  7. Essex Members?

    Be good to know this im also essex. Seen a few zeds around
  8. Hey man. Honestly........the supra being auto. I cannot stand autospastic boxes. With the prices on manual conversions going up and ppl also adding supra tax on parts i was never going to b able to afford converting to manual so forced me to sell the supra. I wasnt even considering a 350z untill it came up for swaps
  9. Black 350 chelmsford

    Was during evening so was hard to see car. Was on chignal road at traffic lights. All i saw was black with twin exhaust pipes
  10. Awesome mate. Yea i need to get use to the zed. Few issues to sort on it
  11. Chears guys. Ive a lot to learn on these Lol
  12. Black 350 chelmsford

    Gave way to you on chignal road. Chelmsford in my work van. Car sounded nice!
  13. Evening all. Got my 350z friday and so far so good with it. Quite impressed. I wasnt sure what it would be like comming from a mkiv supra. Essex based and will hopefully catch up with other membrs and local meets.