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  1. Thanks torqen I'm dan on FB that do all the custon headlights. welcome to PM me on FB to discuss
  2. Hi guys. Seeing as a few of us are local ish we decided to make a meeting last month that went down well so have now made it a regular thing. Every 2nd Fri of the month at Bluewater Kent. https://www.facebook.com/events/1903246296433422/?ti=cl
  3. Week tomorrow for the 2nd meet at Bluewater. Il be there. Was a good lil meet last month
  4. Oh sorry. It's just a little gathering this Friday at Bluewater if anyone was interested from 7pm onwards
  5. https://www.facebook.com/events/556668911436645/?ti=cl Just been put up if anyone's intrested
  6. Have seen this,a blue and silver one all around Chelmsford especially along the a414 whilst driving my white zed
  7. Il still be conning but wont make 6-6:30. More lke 8:30ish. Thanks m25!
  8. Ok man. Yea im on the list. Be good to meet some of you lot.
  9. What happens to parking? Tuen up and park where you want? Ive been ace before but ended up parking down the road
  10. As per title folks. Was behind you on the a414 going onto chelmsford by highlands park. I was the white Zed
  11. Yea im on the ace list. Anyone else from essex area? Prehaps we could arrange a convoy up to ace?
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