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  1. Thanks guys! Wow those titanium nuts look.... the bollocks Unfortunately, I needed something quickly. However I did manage to use that post to help identify the correct size I needed! All back on road now! Thanks guys!
  2. Hi, My locking wheel nuts are worn and rusty. I need new sets all round. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which ones I need. My current setup are Inovit S15 18" with 20mm Spacers. I purchased a set of these from Halfrauds to test but the thread was too wide... http://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/locking-wheel-nuts/ripspeed-locking-wheel-nuts-nc1157 I've attached some images of my current nuts. Just want to make sure I order the right ones that will fit. Any advice is much appreciated
  3. Just spotted this for sale on gumtree.... https://www.gumtree.com/p/nissan/nissan-350-z-3.5-v6-3d-277-bhp-full-leather-interior-/1240909523 Seems to have rear seats fitted!
  4. Welcome mate. Always great to see more zed owners poppin up in Essex
  5. I did very well this year! Bits I got for the Zed -Android double din dvd HU -New mats -Autoglym Clay Kit -Boot struts Plus a load of other bits including; TImberlands, Ice bar & 3 course meal vouchers, clay pigeon shooting, various aftershaves and all the usual toot.
  6. I've been through lots of different tabs over the years and must say the best value for money have been the recent Lenovo tabs! Great bits of kit. Very premium feel to them and had no issues with any of them yet! I'd definitely recommend a Lenovo tab to anyone.
  7. My friend is a train driver. From what I saw of his experience it was a massive uphill battle! It took him a very long time and lots of applications to get into the job. He then had at least 6-7 years worth of training and shunting trains around the yard before he was ever let loose on a real train. I was very surprised by the amount of work involved in becoming a train driver. My aunt has worked in the ticket offices pretty much her whole life. Shes seems to get great benefits, discounts and really really good overtime pay. They are also very flexible with her hours which is good for her as she has a daughter to look after. She seems to enjoy the job. But she has said to me in the past that they will always try and hire internally first (I suppose like a lot of companies). That's pretty much my 2 cents. Hopefully your'll be able to take something from it.
  8. Do you have another term for something that designed to blatantly look like something more expensive? ...Even takes the same centre caps. Thanks for the advice tho! From what I've read they seem like a good company to try and source these from. It's so annoying they obviously has some nice 'Z' caps at some point! There must be someone out there selling them. The ones in the pic I posted would be so perfect. lmao @Maddog that's pretty inventive
  9. I have a set of 18" Inovit ST16's on my zed but they are all missing centre caps. After doing some research I found the following thread... http://www.civinfo.com/forum/wheels-tyres-suspension-brakes/117376-where-get-invoit-centre-caps-similar.html Where the guys talking concluded that Rota centre caps fit these wheels... which makes sense as these are pretty much Rota Grid replicas. Does anybody know where I can get a set of Z centre caps which would fit Rota Grids? I have looked everywhere but cant find anything. They must exist though as this is a picture of my actual rims (before I bought the car)...
  10. What protein shakes do you guys buy? I normally stick with MyProtein Whey Isolate.
  11. Only 1 pic but description says "no marks or scratches" 35k 2004 plate 1 owner £5,995 I would have probably snapped this up when I was hunting for my zed! https://www.gumtree.com/p/nissan/nissan-350z-gt-mint-condition-very-low-milage-fsh-/1202234421
  12. Im no bodybuilder but I decided to get my ass back to the gym back in May. My main focus was to drop weight but eventually build. I'm almost where I want to be regarding fat I've dropped from ~21st to now about ~17st (bearing in mind I'm over 6'5") im now sitting at about 17% body fat. I'd like to get down to closer to 16st and 10-15% fat which will probably take me until just after Christmas. Then the real building begins! I'm looking forward to that bit and would be great to get some tips of you guys as you seem to know what you're doing
  13. Black Friday deal thought some might be interested in.... £45 (Usually £78.99) HERE





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