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  1. I have this if either of you is still in need
  2. Yes they are although not got any pictures yet. They’re sold. No sorry. Yes still available.
  3. £110 collected / £130 posted but won’t have them for a week or two.
  4. No sorry Although I do have 2 sets of silenced decat’s to add to the listing when I can grab a picture. One is japspeed / unbranded and the other are berks.
  5. Removed from 2006 uk 350z all prices are collected, can post anything at buyers expense, located near Manchester pair of cats, heat shields (aka scrap metal) have been removed. Sold japspeed silenced decats, de/revup engines, have welded in extended o2 bungs, have had a couple of weld repairs to silencers like usual, otherwise good. £50 berk de/revup decats, 6 months old all good. £110 standard suspension, i also have the rear shocks (but no springs). £40 plastic engine cover, good condition. £20 brake fluid reservoir cover, good condition £10 Brembo calipers, I have fronts definitely for sale and possibly rears too, will confirm in next week, £275 front pair. (If I have the rears will do lot for £500) Whiteline radius arm bushes (banana arm) new in pack £45 whitline front upper arm (standard arm) bushes new in pack £35 (do both packs of bushes for £70) radium catch can, new, £100 New NRG blue centre suede steering wheel (no horn centre although I do have a genuine nardi centre) £70 18” RAYs wheels, in standard silver, some marks but generally good, rears are in Michelin’s and fronts budget brand, rears 5-6mm, fronts 3mm, can remove but wot be any cheaper £300 Bose gear, I have the boot amp, small sub amp, subwoofer, and rear speakers all available, £100 for the lot also have the plastic subwoofer panel as shown, unmarked £20 standard 350z mats, used but good condition £20
  6. On the facelift models (with controls below the sat nav) aside from the obviously difference between the nav models and cubby only, being the centre console / cubby part and the facsia’s and also wiring for the unit itself.. I’m assuming there’s some other controllers / receivers in the car, possibly behind the seats in the rear glove box area, can anyone confirm what makes up the full system? thanks
  7. As title, under £75 (as that’s what I can get one for and am being tight) good thankings
  8. Brand new boxed Mishimoto DE radiator this was a warranty replacement for me but no longer needed £280 new asking £220 plus postage if needed, located near Manchester
  9. Had this a while, split open and removed the red insert for the fog light, replaced fog light bulb with red LED so still legal etc comes with silver indicator bulb also £25 posted to mainland uk
  10. Any condition or colour, don’t need the light units or the boot release / number plate lights, cheap as possible located in north west but can travel price depending
  11. cascade88

    Rear bumper

    Anyone have an uber cheap (or free) 350z rear bumper, black preferable but would take anything, damaged etc.
  12. I have one in blackpool, been in garage since removed for a mishi rad for a year or so, undamaged was working fine prior to removal only changed for upgrade, was keeping as spare but could sell if worthwhile, no idea of the going rate..
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