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  1. !!Wanted LSD for 350z manual!!

    How much Alex?
  2. Whiteline radius arm bushes

    still got these, cheap cheap
  3. 350Z boot with rocket bunny ducktail

    Are you going to lower it?
  4. Chargespeed rear bumper

    There's one on eBay at the mo had the diffuser cut out but that's a good look imo and it's mega cheap, £99 inc postage

    I have one it's in Blackpool
  6. Whiteline radius arm bushes

    still have these
  7. Whiteline radius arm bushes

  8. Whiteline radius arm bushes

    Bargain bump
  9. New whiteline bushes for this common failure on the radius / banana arm. Packet opened but no longer required. £75 new from torqen I believe plus postage. Will do them for £65 inc mainland U.K. Postage
  10. Definitely worth more than nothing. Not worth much more than £100 though
  11. 350z mishimoto fans

    I believe they should both be running in high speed if the engine is up to temp and the AC is turned on.
  12. 350z mishimoto fans

    Already did a few months ago. Then one melted 2 drift days ago and my one remaining one met the same fate yesterday.
  13. 350z mishimoto fans

    no longer required
  14. 350z coilovers

    please delete
  15. 350z HR Condensor and Compresser

    I have an good compressor but it's from my DE not sure if different.