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  1. Thanks that makes me feel so much better LOL Going back to my original post, has anyone any best guess as to what is causing the oils loss. Whatever it is I'd like to sort it.....
  2. I haven't had it that long, and the previous owner didn't happen to mention it LOL. Only done 1800 miles in my ownership. So I suppose trying 10w-30 of a better quality oil might be the first thing to try?
  3. Rikz2004 - thanks for your response - Sorry I misunderstood you. No there was no oil in the plug wells before removing the plugs.
  4. ZMANALEX I will do exactly that and see how it goes. The oil that is :-)
  5. Thanks Rikz2004 for your response. I have to say I have probably been driving through the lower gears pretty hard. Yes there was some oil on some of them. I posted a pic of the plugs on the original post. The plug ends were perfect colour though.
  6. We do a bit of mechanical work, rebuilt a few engines, but normally on low performance cars. If I have to fix it I will - It'll cost me parts and time. However, I don't understand why the test results don't align with the amount of oil its using??? I just used the oil that our motor factors looked up - its Comma Fully Synthetic Xtech - 5W-30.
  7. ZMANALEX Many thanks for the responses. The clock is at 87,000 miles. Do you reckon thats normal consumption - say 1 litre every 600 miles? So I don't need to free up the garage for the next few weeks, stripping the engine and replacing rings, valve stem oil seals etc at silly money.?? Thanks again Colin
  8. LOL LOL... I know - I was shocked when I realised how little oil was there. They are the standard cats. I should also have added the obvious - I don't have any oil leaks. Thanks Colin
  9. Hi all Firstly I'm fairly new here and this is my first post. Bought first Z at the end of 2018, (2004 DE) had to do a bit more work that I had originally allowed for , including clutch and flywheel, new front end bushes, diff bushes, new coil overs, W Brace, a bit of rust treatment and undersealing, and new oils all round, filters etc. Only thing I thought I hadnt done was replace the knocking fuel damper. I was driving away and enjoying every minute. Probably did about 1800 miles and recently noticed that the oil pressure was very low. Checked oil level and it wasn't registering on the dip stick. After adding 0.5 litre after 0.5 litres until I had added 2.5 litres it eventually registered on the dipstick. So to rule out any dipstick issue I drained the oil and found that the engine had used approx 3 litres over 1800 miles. Having looked at hundreds of threads here and on other sites, I have since carried out dry and wet compression tests, and a leak down test. These are the results ( the dry and wet figures are on a hot engine: Cylinder Cold Dry Wet Diff Leak down 1 191 206 247 41 7.5 3 191 206 225 19 7.5 5 202 210 247 36 7.5 2 202 212 228 16 7.5 4 205 212 232 20 7.5 6 203 212 239 28 10 Whilst there is no oil smoke coming from the tail pipes I have noticed oil inside the exhaust pipe tips. My question is, if the engine tests look ok, where is so much oil escaping from. Finally I had a look at the PCV and it seemed to be ok with a good suck coming from the manifold - and the valve seems free enough. Any thoughts or ideas would be very warmly received. pic of plugs for info. Thanks Colin
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