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  1. For sale set of 4 GT4 Rays alloys refurbished in brilliant silver. Front - 8" wide, 30 offset and 225 tyre. Rear - 8.5" wide, 33 offset and 245 tyre. Fronts have plenty of tread on them and the rears are right on the marker. Collection from near Neath South wales £700
  2. Bazzardbmx

    Gt4 alloys

    Cheers mate. Just finalizing with him now
  3. Bazzardbmx

    Gt4 alloys

    I'm after a rear gt4 alloy as I've just discovered a crack in one of mine. But if a full set is available that's in good condition then I'll be interested. I'm based near Swansea. Any help appreciated
  4. Won't be able to until next weekend now mate
  5. Here I have all the centre dash parts from an 05 DE All include the swtiches/clocks/cubby. Bought with the intention of painting but I've moved now and don't have space. Can include an original bose head unit with the top part if required. There are marks on these and the thing by the head unit slot is a magnet thing glued on. The handbrake surround is in really good condition and has the Bluetooth cradle but no module. Gear gaitor isnt the best. 85 for the top part. 30 for the gear stick surround 40 for the armrest bit Collection from Skewen SA10
  6. Pair of pre facelift headlights both are faded (come out nice with a polish) and the drivers side has damage (Not visible when fitted bit will need repairing) Both in working condition with all bulbs/ballasts/wiring £125 Collection from Skewen South Wales SA10
  7. I bought a set of 19 inch vs-xx which I'm currently refurbing and widening. Question is how do I know which disk type I have? I know there are A, O and R disk types but where is this stamped on the wheel?
  8. I've recently purchased some facelift headlights for my 05 gt4. Before I install them I'd like to replace all the bulbs inside them as I've been reading up on it and it looks like a right pain when they're on. Is it best to use stock oem bulbs or go aftermarket uprated? Also if anyone can post links to either that'd be fantastic. Thanks a lot Alex





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