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  1. Cheers for coming back. Looking at some of the mods you did back in the day. More stock now but still running the Invidia Gemini exhaust etc.. What did you move on to?
  2. Also is that the same silver as the door handles for the UY GT4?
  3. Hello, Might not have asked this in the right place. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a decent ball joint press for these 350s. Need to get mine sorted, and figured I'm better off getting the correct tool to start with. Cheers
  4. Chris from Tarmac Sportz is selling a 50,000 mile GT4 at the moment, very nice condition. If you buy that then I wouldn't mind swapping it for your old one
  5. After a Sump Pan, preferably new or lightly used, for an 05 Rev-Up. Also a fair of Kidney braces, in case any of you have some sat in the back of your garage somewhere. Cheers
  6. In fairness that is very lucky, I might have to look and see if I can see where you touched it up. There's a tiny few stone chips around the front bumper that I'd like to get done but apparently the fact that its pearlescent yellow means that it needs three coats, so if the touch up paint is that good then I could be tempted to give that a go. I do like the sound of the A6 avant, different car altogether and a whole lot more practical. I paid just over £8k I think, a fair way down from 23k, though with the age you had it at the time I could easily see it being worth all of that. I suspect once I have looked after it for a time I could probably sell it for around the same price, not that I'm intending to at all in the next few years. Yes! Its number 3 out of 176, only 76 of them were in yellow, so I think it gives me bragging rights. Definetly one to look after. James
  7. Nice to trace it back to its roots. Not sure which owner I am but a fair bit further on. She's currently sitting on 68 thousand miles which is pretty good considering its coming up to 16 years old this year. Real eye catcher, gets looks everywhere I take it. Its very well kept, and I'm making an effort to keep it in as good a condition as possible. Sits in a garage now when not in use, I think it can easily draw the wrong attention, as you very unfortunately experienced. Have you come back to the Zeds since?
  8. Hi MickPJ, Not sure if you're still on the forums, I'm the current owner of your GT4 with that reg. James
  9. Thanks guys! Wasn't expecting such quick responses on here. The colour really does stand out on me and has grown on me a lot since I bought it! A previous owner fitted an Invidia exhaust to it so its got a nice sound to it too. Would definitely like to do some meets next year. Its not my daily but I'll keep an eye out for you guys when I drive it. Drove alongside a grey Nismo 350z down Southampton way a few weeks back but forgot the registration. 370Zs seem a bit more common local to me!
  10. Hi all, Just bought myself my first 350z, a GT4. Incredible Car, really enjoy driving it, can't see myself ever getting rid. Attached a photo of mine! Wondering how many 350zs are in the Salisbury area? James
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