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  1. ? No, I edited the original post to reflect the price change
  2. price dropped to £750 due to the work needed on the flexis. Very surprised this hasn't gone, they were highly sought after when I brought it. Will list elsewhere if not sold by the weekend.
  3. unfortunately not, I'm too worried about it getting damaged or dented in shipping and it'll be a nightmare to package
  4. Nope not yet, there's a convertible in a show room a few miles from me so going to try and get a test drive in one today or tomorrow morning
  5. Well the new owner has just taken his new car away, he was very happy with his purchase and was stunned by how good the condirion was with such high miles. The R34 is lovely and a hell of a car but the age and risk of faults concerns me as I need reliability. Ideally looking for something fairly low mileage. Silvia is a gorgeous car too. If it was just me I'd go for the GTR but as a family wagon I think it will be the m4 of i can find a good example Appreciate all the help everyone
  6. Price dropped to £800 as it looks like it was a little high on price
  7. I like the civic but my mrs would kill me if I got that, I nearly brought a 435d in snapper rocks blue the other week until my mrs complained that I'd look a right plonker in it when I hit my 40's in a few years. The m3 is very tempting, looks like I can get from a 15 plate onwards, I'll have a look at them. I did look at the 6 series, nice car with a lot of kit but something about the looks doesn't do it for me.
  8. I'd love one but they are just out of reach price wise
  9. Thanks ekona, I'll have a look at the 6 series, hadnt considered them. I won't be driving hard, especially with my son in the car, even in the zed I very rarely use much of the power but it's nice on the odd occasion when I can put my footdown Sounds like a diesel is off the list then. My Mrs has a polo currently but has an a3 on order so that will be the daily family car. If I drop the 4 wheel drive then there's some nice 440i's about in tanazanite blue which looks nice
  10. Hi everyone, I know there are lots of posts like these and you are all getting fed up of them but I'm really struggling to decide what car to buy next. I've got a 6 month old son now so I need an extra seat as I'm feeling bad for not being able to take the family out on day trips. I've had my 350z for just shy of 10 years and I love it, its a great car. Yes its terrible on fuel economy but it drives effortlessly everywhere and its so reliable. It looks great and I had a nismo exhaust so it sounded great too. If I didn't have a baby I wouldn't not be changing cars.
  11. I have owned this exhaust since new and it was installed on my car until I sold it. Fantastic exhaust with a great sound, no drone but really makes the 350z sound amazing. There are no nuts or gaskets included, these are easy enough to buy and you can use your existing nuts and bolts. Includes the fitting instructions that came with it, these detail the nuts and bolt sizes. The Brading on the flexis has worn. Replacements are readily available from loads of places and its a quick and easy job to get them welded in. Although the brading is worn, t
  12. I'm in Nottingham and have what looks like the same ball joint extractor as shown in this thread. I used it to change the front lower ball joints on my zed with a ball joint that Alex provided. Dal123 I have found the same as you, no aftermarket ball joint seems the same as oem but the ones Alex supplies do fit the face-lift and hr zeds without issue of you get a new cone at the same time
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