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  1. Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Lol ok
  2. Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Thanks. Did 255/235 give you TCS issues? I want to get track wheels eventually (cue anyone with beat up wheels trying to sell pm me) but in mean time they would double as road tyres (I do less than 2k a year)
  3. Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Hi all, I am sure this question has been asked before but I cant find an answer; I want to start using my Zed for the odd track day. I have another track car which I have Federal RSR's on and they are wicked but they do not make them in standard zed size. I am actually struggling to find any in standard zed size (I run 18" RAYS). has anyone ventured in to using a non standard size?
  4. Something to tow a track car.

    Im selling a VW touareg that will tow heavy stuff... it can tow a 747 :-).
  5. Hello all, went to start my car for the first time since november when i did a Kinetix intake swap and the battery was dead. thought this was pretty standard so charged it up and started the car and left it running to warm up and dry out the interior. went back half hour later and the ecl, tcs and slip lights were all on and the engine would not rev. read the code and got P2101 - throttle actuator control motor circuit range. cleared it and did the throttle reset. tried to start it the next day and the battery was dead again!! charged it up - same error. any ideas?
  6. Car cover ... Maybe??

    I have just put a massive passive dehumidifier in but these are a good idea for when they are dead Will also try the rubber treatment
  7. Car cover ... Maybe??

    Hi, My zed is parked up for winter and I noticed a lot of condensation on the inside. Would a cover stop this and if so, does anyone have one for sale?
  8. How does tyre size affect traction control?

    Cheers man, I am thinking when I need new tyres as currently on potenza sp001's which are nearly new. I will give you a shout
  9. How does tyre size affect traction control?

    this is about the best match I could get for Federal RSR's. anyone want to tell me it wont work? will the 265 fit on standard rays?
  10. AD08's

    Where's the collection from?
  11. AD08's

    Would these work on a zed or would it trigger the traction control?
  12. Thanks cougar store

    What are these oil gallery gaskets I keep hearing about, is this a new issue on an ageing fleet?
  13. Front Suspension knocking

    I have had both go. Neither I would describe as catastrophic. You will definitely notice though.
  14. Bonnet dampers

    Want some cheapo dampers. Don't need to be fancy, I just hate working under the stick.