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  1. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    I just wanted help with my ball joints!!!
  2. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    You would think that if I had the hardrace arms, the hardrace ball joint would be a perfect fit!
  3. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    So I bought hardrace ones for my 06... Will they fit?! I have matching hardrace arms which is why I bought them! I also have the same tool to press out now so any one around derby, loaned out for a beer.
  4. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    What do you mean about both sizes?
  5. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    Any chance you are near by?
  6. bc1987

    Product tester

    question - will snow foam affect the glue on my wrap?
  7. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    Right, now need to change my ball joints. seen lots of threads about hammering them out and in, using extraction tools and hydraulic presses... anyone got any experience of changing them and can offer advice for getting them in and out and even better - anyone local to Derby that has a tool that they have successfully used that I can borrow?
  8. bc1987

    Chargespeed Rear Bumper - Azure Blue

    did this sell?
  9. bc1987

    Cooper Arms Derby(ish)

    Do these meets still happen?
  10. bc1987

    Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Lol ok
  11. bc1987

    Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Thanks. Did 255/235 give you TCS issues? I want to get track wheels eventually (cue anyone with beat up wheels trying to sell pm me) but in mean time they would double as road tyres (I do less than 2k a year)
  12. bc1987

    Track Day Tyres for Zed

    Hi all, I am sure this question has been asked before but I cant find an answer; I want to start using my Zed for the odd track day. I have another track car which I have Federal RSR's on and they are wicked but they do not make them in standard zed size. I am actually struggling to find any in standard zed size (I run 18" RAYS). has anyone ventured in to using a non standard size?
  13. bc1987

    Something to tow a track car.

    Im selling a VW touareg that will tow heavy stuff... it can tow a 747 :-).
  14. Hello all, went to start my car for the first time since november when i did a Kinetix intake swap and the battery was dead. thought this was pretty standard so charged it up and started the car and left it running to warm up and dry out the interior. went back half hour later and the ecl, tcs and slip lights were all on and the engine would not rev. read the code and got P2101 - throttle actuator control motor circuit range. cleared it and did the throttle reset. tried to start it the next day and the battery was dead again!! charged it up - same error. any ideas?
  15. bc1987

    Car cover ... Maybe??

    I have just put a massive passive dehumidifier in but these are a good idea for when they are dead Will also try the rubber treatment