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  1. hr stuff doesn't fit revup does it? :-(
  2. bc1987

    350z HR bonnet

  3. bc1987

    Yaw sensor bypass switch

    So I have done this now. Switch work but waiting to see how long before the lights go back out ...
  4. bc1987

    [SOLD]350z (DE) ARC high flow cats £80

    would you consider posting? I will have them if you will. Assume for DE?
  5. bc1987

    [SOLD]350z (DE) ARC high flow cats £80

    assume these are sold?
  6. bc1987

    Yaw sensor bypass switch

    have you installed this successfully?
  7. bc1987

    RE050 Ecopia.

    has this resolved itself? I am having similar traction control issues.
  8. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    I just wanted help with my ball joints!!!
  9. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    You would think that if I had the hardrace arms, the hardrace ball joint would be a perfect fit!
  10. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    So I bought hardrace ones for my 06... Will they fit?! I have matching hardrace arms which is why I bought them! I also have the same tool to press out now so any one around derby, loaned out for a beer.
  11. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    What do you mean about both sizes?
  12. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    Any chance you are near by?
  13. bc1987

    Product tester

    question - will snow foam affect the glue on my wrap?
  14. bc1987

    Ball Joint replacement

    Right, now need to change my ball joints. seen lots of threads about hammering them out and in, using extraction tools and hydraulic presses... anyone got any experience of changing them and can offer advice for getting them in and out and even better - anyone local to Derby that has a tool that they have successfully used that I can borrow?
  15. did this sell?