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  1. And a impot Silver 350 in Tesco Gabalfa petrol station.
  2. Hey all, Spotted a orange z on Coryton a few days ago, I think the plate began with T6 _ _ _ Also yesterday a white 370 nismo cruised past me just outside of Newport heading towards the Bryn Glas tunnels. Seen it before on that stretch of road. Anyone here?
  3. White 370 going over Gabalfa roundabout towards the Aneurin Bevan this evening, anyone here? I was the dark 350 going the other way Saw a red 370 parked up in Barry yesterday on Pontypridd Road, i think that was the road anyway!
  4. Silver 350 parked up in Asda down Barry Island last night at like 8ish. Anyone here?
  5. Saw a silver 370z soft top in Whitchurch yesterday. It was near the builders yard, down the road from the primary school. Anyone here?
  6. Anyone here the silver 350 thats was a few cars behind me this morning going over Gabalfa? Had some nice daytime LEDs on it, and side window louvers i think?
  7. Hey Everyone, I see a few 350/370 around Cardiff and South Wales and though it could be good to have a meet at some point. Bit short notice but the Ignite South Wales club is meeting Sunday morning for a meet and drive. Would be great to see a few more Z turn up! If anyone is interested the details of the meet can be found on the Ignite facebook page or feel free to give me a shout. If people cant make that but would like to get a meet together at some point im up for that to! Tldr Cardiff Local car meet All cars welcome
  8. Anyone on here the silver 350 I parked next to on Sunday in the St Davids carpark? Also saw an orange parked up near Maindy pool. Pass that spot most mornings and have never seen it before!
  9. Silver 350z YV03 on Coryton interchange, i was the dark blue 350 behind you
  10. Welcome Im from Cardiff and have a 350! Do see a few about Cardiff, especially now as the weather gets better.
  11. Saw a bright green 350z down Whitchurch road the other day, i've seen some pics of it before down the Cardiff bay. Heared it first so went over to the side of the car park to see what it was, happy I did. Also saw a yellow 370 by Buffalo in town which I have seen a few times too, And a blue 370 in Tesco extra on Manor way
  12. Anyone here the blue 370 in Tesco extra opposite the carvery on North road Saturday?
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