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  1. Welcome Im from Cardiff and have a 350! Do see a few about Cardiff, especially now as the weather gets better.
  2. Saw a bright green 350z down Whitchurch road the other day, i've seen some pics of it before down the Cardiff bay. Heared it first so went over to the side of the car park to see what it was, happy I did. Also saw a yellow 370 by Buffalo in town which I have seen a few times too, And a blue 370 in Tesco extra on Manor way
  3. Anyone here the blue 370 in Tesco extra opposite the carvery on North road Saturday?
  4. Anyone here the black 370z I just past down little moors hill in Barry, just past the bridge? I was in the dark blue 350z
  5. Saw a 370z this morning at junction 33 of the m4, heading heading towards Cardiff at 7am, looked like gun metal silver, black alloys, AMS rear bumper maybe (had a middle brake light in the bumper), nice looking car. Think the plate ended in CMP or CPM. Anyone here?
  6. TheoD


    Also saw a silver De in newport in the Kingsway car park I think.
  7. TheoD


    Saw a azzue blue convertible 350 down Whitchurch road yesterday blasting some black eyed peas around lunch time. Put a smile on my face got to say. Also a 07+ midnight blue or black 350 in Gabalfa Tescos last week. Anyone here?
  8. Hi Dave, Not sure what you are looking to get done but I'm from Cardiff and I take my 350 to Horsham Developments for most things. They are between Swindon and Reading so a little bit down the M4 but whenever I take my car there I feel like they really know their stuff and give great advice which I feel is well worth the trip. Definitely recommend them. Hope this helps. If you do find a good garage around Cardiff let me know! Best Regards Theo



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