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  1. thankyou for your help.
  2. thanks it will be a sad day when she goes
  3. going up for sale, shortly my roadsterGt 2010model .dry car from new always garaged immaculate,
  4. does this meet still happen last sunday of each month
  5. had a 370 f0r 9 years now any thing you need to know drop me a line,from Swansea area
  6. come back to the forum after a long time away ,just browsing around ,still have my 370 going into the 9th year without any problems, must say the best car I have ever owned in 45 years of driving .so just going to get into this forum again.
  7. thats me most prob,i have had her a few years now and not seen any white 370 roadsters in wales apart from mine
  8. I payed 60 pounds also put a washer on each bolt between the brace and under body,just in case I get a vibration .as suggested in one of the links on here.must say nice sound and no vibration .
  9. had my berks this afternoon .they go on in the morning .thanks chris .
  10. big thank you to ewen and Richard for a fantastic service in getting my z back on the road ,6 weeks in front of a main Nissan dealer.
  11. big thanks to clark motorsport.and tarmac sportz for helping me out very professional and helpfull.hope to be back on the road alot quicker with these guys ,and of coarse this forum.
  12. no car out of warranty,didnt think i would have these problems on a car so early,i keep the car well maintained service by nissan its garaged through out winter only used on dry days .spoke to nissan uk today to complain given a ref num synpathised with me thats it really not much help.also got to get a near side CAT which is rattling with me, not a good week for me.
  13. bad news today from my Nissan dealer in Swansea,order was placed for n/stock absorber kit. NE6210EA1E, was informed that this part will not be available for 8 -10 weeks.be warned that these parts are not readily available in united kingdom for the 370z .my car is out of action waiting for these parts to arrive not a happy z owner.
  14. dgrooky


    just found out today getting my 4th year service on my 370. with only 17000 miles on the clock that my nearside CAT is knackered .is there anybody had this happen to them with so little millage ? and which of the traders here would be best to contact for a new one?





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