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  1. Ebay. I got more pics somewhere. Bare with me over the weekend and I'll get something to you. Cheers.
  2. Any plans to get a club stand for this one? Ignore my other post. It was the wrong event near Exeter somewhere. Sorry.
  3. Any plans to get a club stand for this one?
  4. Do I buy a club stand ticket direct from the Silverstone site and if so is there a club stand code? thanks Nige
  5. Can you please add me onto this list please. Cheers
  6. Can you add me on Ian. Missed out last year. Cheers
  7. Zebedy aka Nigel. I want to go. Am i too late guys?
  8. zebedy

    My Blue Lagoon

    Well its more than less finished other than the interior with new seats and maybe a speaker door build. Rear speaker build behind doors complete. I'll be posting a comprehensive build thread for those who are interested. Not everyones cuppa tea (purists will hate) but there again there not many modding the roadster for what ever reason in the UK. More pics to follow.
  9. ah yes. Forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Not going mad on the post as nobody ever turns up to them as the south wales lot seem shy, but just gauging interest for a Coffee Meet at Cross Hands on 30th July for a coffee and brekky then head for BRECHFA and the BLACK MOUNTAINS before splitting up to go back home. PISTON HEADS are also meeting on this day too in the same area and cars can range from the usual GTR's Ferraris, Lambos etc on a dry day. UP TO YOU GUYS. I'm there any way. Keep us posted.
  11. Am i too late for this. If not can you add me on please. Thanks Nigel
  12. I've modded my oem ones and put in led indicators in them. There's a thread here somewhere on the mod. I think I maybe the only one in the UK with these.
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