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  1. Yeah my brother saw it a few days ago. I’m not sure where mines gone
  2. Spotted in Cheltenham Tesco Andy muxlow’s old car.
  3. Hi I’ve got a 350z spare wheel if you’re after the space saver
  4. I’ve got a discontinued nismo titanium gear knob off my 370z it was previously fitted to a r33 gtr.
  5. Sold the car now please lock
  6. Everything still available except the gtr start button
  7. Nso93

    370Z air intakes

    I’ve got the factory air intake hoses if there any good?
  8. Ok mate it’s still available if you want it
  9. They are rear control arm, lower outer bushes
  10. Open to offers on the above items
  11. I can look int on it but not sure how much postage would be due to the size and weight of it
  12. Nothing special I’ve gone sensible for a bit with a golf gtd
  13. Yeah sold it in January mate





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