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  1. Nso93

    Spring action day - 30th March

    Ian normally goes down for this mate
  2. Nso93

    Side Skirts

    Here are some pics of the maxton ones
  3. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Thank you Andy needs more carbon now
  4. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Cheers Andy
  5. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Cheers mate
  6. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Thanks Payco
  7. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    A slightly better picture of the Fly1motorsport bonnet fitted to the car
  8. Passed you at a set of lights on Saturday afternoon waiting to turn right next to Tesco on to the A4019.
  9. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Will do. It looks like it should be ok.
  10. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Took delivery of this today to help prevent any fade on the carbon bonnet
  11. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Thank you Mike. That’ll probably the last major change before japfest.
  12. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    I purchased a pack of Halfords assorted grommets on the way home from work today. Managed to get the washer and grommet in the hole. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall out. The rubber grommets has held up so far. Thank you again Payco
  13. Nso93

    370Z carbon rear diffuser availablity?

    Torqen sells Fly1motorsport parts in carbon fibre and honey comb carbon. I’ve just purchased one if there carbon bonnets
  14. Nso93

    got me a nismo

    Welcome to the owners club nice looking Nismo you have
  15. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Thanks you nissanman312 hopefully the first of many carbon parts to come