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  1. Nice looking car mate, glad you got the pictures sorted
  2. Member’s list information required Forum name Car Reg No Colour Museum only Museum, Hotel & evening meal 1 andy james 350z AJ07 ZZZ Silver Paid 2 buster + 1 350z V80BSV BLUE PAID 3. Nso93 370z T9NSO grey museum only
  3. Weapon of mass destruction

    How’s the car coming along mate
  4. Nathan's 370

    Can’t make this meet mate. But I hope to see you car soon looks good in the pictures
  5. Nathan's 370

    Just picked the car
  6. Cheap mods

    Gtr start button normally around £50 but can be picked up cheaper second hand
  7. Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum love the styling of the rx7. Never had the pleasure of owning one
  8. Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum
  9. Nathan's 370

    Still no sign of the parts to get the car back on the road yet
  10. Nismo rs steering wheel

    Hi does anybody know if the Nissan Juke Nismo Rs steering wheel will fit any 370z? thanks in advance
  11. Front lip spoiler

    I’d recommend the tarmac sunline style one. It was a good fit.
  12. Nathan's 370

    Cheers mate. Hopefully get it back next week. Been along two weeks so far