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  1. Around 5:30 this evening on escort road Gloucester heading towards the Cheltenham road roundabout. I was in the 370 coupe heading the over direction towards Tewkesbury road.
  2. Go for the 9th then mate.
  3. How does the 2nd or 9th august sound from 7pm
  4. I stupidly didn't take any. Even though I planned to do so. I'll try to remember to take some when it's on the ramps next
  5. Red facelift 350z coupe reg ended in jjp next Halfords on eastern avenue Gloucester. I was in the fiesta in front not in my z.
  6. Anyone up for a meet in the near future
  7. 07 350z roadster in night blue in Gloucester along eastern avenue about 5:30
  8. White 350z heading towards Cheltenham from Coombe hill direction on Sunday around 1:30pm.
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. Thanks to lexx and the team for organising yesterday. It was a great day.
  11. Yeah I could see you in the distance
  12. Good to see you Bhav and valy
  13. Cool see you in the morning
  14. Still plenty of time. By the looks of it you can pay on the day . But I'm not going to risk it
  15. Still meeting at 8:30?