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  1. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    I payed about £52 I think from torqen. There the moog ones on his site. That’s for two bolts, nuts and washers I think nissan charge around £19 just for one bolt.
  2. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Little up date, the went to litchfield imports today for wheel alignment on their hunter alignment machine
  3. Hi all I have arranged a visit to HR Owen specialists cars in Cheltenham. Here's their website for further details on what they offer: https://www.hrowen.co.uk/specialist-cars/ They've invited us to look around their stock. They are specialists in Aston Martin and Bentley, but do have different marques for sale ranging from Ferrari to the new NSX. They have requested that we park up in one of the retail parks situated very close to the dealership as they have limited parking on site. They’d like us there for 11am so I’d advise meeting in the Gallagher retail park from 10:30. If if you’d be interested in attending please add your name to the list below. 1. Nso93 2. 14N 3.
  4. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    Just 4 weeks left to purchase your club passes
  5. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    All welcome Daisyduke. All are cars are driven daily
  6. Looking like Saturday 21st July for this meet
  7. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    Just received an email from castle Coombe in regards to forge action day. The club pass deadline is 13th August. But I’d advise doing it sooner rather than later as they could be sold by the deadline date
  8. Nso93

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    Looking good mate. Like the wheels
  9. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Big thanks to https://www.350z-uk.com/profile/14620-adriantorqen/ for the quick delivery of the moog wheel alignment camber/toe kit
  10. Nso93

    370z rays alloys

    Still for sale advertised elsewhere now
  11. Be on a Saturday, not 100% on the date at this moment in time I’m hoping at some point this month or next
  12. Hi all would anyone be interested in a group visit to look at the stock at hr Owen Cheltenham?
  13. Hi all would any be interested in visiting Ferrari Swindon in the coming weeks?
  14. Nso93

    Another new member

    Hello and welcome to the forum