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  1. How does the 21st July sound for the next Cheltenham and Gloucester meet at the aviator. Shall we say 10am. We can then go off for breakfast at the aviator pub or the harvester not far from the airport. http://www.theaviatorglos.co.uk/documents/82_breakfast_menu_1.pdf https://www.harvester.co.uk/restaurants/southwest/theredgrovecheltenham/breakfastmenu
  2. Thanks to everyone for coming along today. It was another great selection of cars and the weather wasn’t too bad either.
  3. No worries mate, we had 4 in the end. I’ll try and sort another one for next month
  4. Threes better than none. We may have some of zclub joining us weather dependent.
  5. From 6:30 we should be able to enter. You can leave when you’d like through out the day. But ask we stay until close which is 5pm roughly. I normally leave between 2-3 usually
  6. Going to need to move this back a week sorry guys. Works changed my shifts. 19th June okay?
  7. @Humpy you only have until Tuesday morning 9am to get your club pass mate
  8. Had chance to get the Fly1motorsport part on the car this evening. It took a bit longer than expected with a few minor issues. But its on after 3 hours. Big thanks to @Adrian@TORQEN again for the carbon goodies.
  9. Hopefully be doing it this weekend
  10. Why not. Might make you all wait until jdm coombe
  11. Little update, this arrived today thanks to @Adrian@TORQEN for the Fly1motorsport spoiler. I’ll hide what it is until it’s fitted. Much appreciated mate.



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