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  1. Nso93

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Mountune would be the way I’d go if I went down that route again. With added reassurance they’re approved by ford
  2. Nso93

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    This was 7 years ago. Some of the parts aren’t available anymore
  3. Nso93

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Had one of these when I was 18. You can achieve 200bhp na in these in the uk. A company called pumaspeed do conversion kits
  4. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Picked this up yesterday from Motorsportauctuons on eBay yesterday. It’ll be going of for a retrim in the near future. In very good condition for £25. They’ve got one more left if anyone after one. They come of. Are that have been converted for racing and are virtually new https://www.motorsportauctions.com/
  5. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Cheers Bob
  6. Nso93

    New member

    Welcome to the forum
  7. Nso93

    Busters new toy

    Fitted the smoked one yesterday. The bolts holding them on are thread locked well
  8. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Cheers mate. No I’ve arranged to trade it to Tarmac Sportz so they can develop one from it. Can’t bring myself to destroy the rear bumper
  9. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Fitted a tarmac Sportz led rear fog light today really improves the look of the rear of the 370z.
  10. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    Great show today. It’s great turnout weather was decent and held up for the best part. Good to meet some new and old faces. Roll on trax
  11. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    Aiming for about 7:30 hopefully beat the queuing
  12. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    Silverstone events are normally a Sunday. All shows at castle Coombe seem to happen Saturday
  13. Nso93

    Ferrari Swindon visit

    Was thinking some time at the end of September early October?
  14. Nso93

    Forge action day September 8th

    We’re in f4 blue gate for this
  15. Nso93

    [SOLD]370z rays alloys

    Sold please lock