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  1. Nathan's 370

    I think tarmac sportz 3 peice front splitter is smaller than the sunline one. Maxton designs do a front lip. A few members have positive reviews of the fitment on them.
  2. Nathan's 370

    Is there a particular lip your after? Mice got tarmacs sunline rep. But there are smaller ones out there
  3. Nathan's 370

    Cheers mate. They’re were pretty straight forward just being held on by some self tapping screws.
  4. Nathan's 370

    Some pics of the maxton design side steps fitted today
  5. Nathan's 370

    I was tempted to get one there rear spoilers as well. Maybe next time
  6. New to the forum, hi guys!!

    Welcome to the forum
  7. Nathan's 370

    Some new goodies arrived for the zed today. Martin design side steps and a full replica brake line kit for hel
  8. Has anyone used maxton designs before

    Cheers for the reply’s everyone. I should be receiving my order tomorrow
  9. Has anyone used maxton designs before

    Cheers KyleR think I’ll give the side steps a go
  10. Has anyone used maxton designs before

    Cheers Ekona, got my on a couple of bits at the minute
  11. http://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/shop/370z.html
  12. wanted 350z cats

    I’ve got a set you can have
  13. Nathan's 370

    Cool be interested to see what you go for
  14. Nathan's 370

    I got the imperial wheel cleaner,Aqua coat, hand pucki, some polishing pads, mercury metal polish and kneeling pad for detailing.