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  1. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Finally got around to fitting the gear knob. Gave up on removing the 5speed shift pattern as it wasn’t coming off. Tried heat gun and white spirit.
  2. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Cheers mate. Found by chance. Couldn’t say no for the price the seller wanted
  3. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Managed to find a rare discounted nismo titanium gearknob on eBay.
  4. Nso93

    Jdm Coombe 1st June 2019

    Just received a club code to allow booking of club passes. This is 350JDM.
  5. Nso93

    Jdm Coombe 1st June 2019

    Club stands been booked. Just awaiting a club code to allow us to book our passes
  6. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Finally got around to fitting the mishimoto intake hoses yesterday. They needed trimming back a bit to get them to fit as they were slightly to long in length. Also where the resonators locate.
  7. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Will do still haven’t got around to fitting them yet
  8. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    These arrived yesterday thanks to Adrian@torqen. Can’t wait to get them fitted and to start of the engine bay colour scheme
  9. Nso93

    **Black Friday Sale** DBA T2 + Hawk Combo Kits

    Is there a t2 option for the 370z?
  10. Nso93


    Andy James is organising
  11. Nso93

    Jdm Coombe 1st June 2019

    Castle Coombe in Wiltshire
  12. We'll be having a club stand at Jdm Coombe 2019. We’ve always attended this show since it was started a few years ago to replace japfest. I’ll book the club stand as soon as booking is available. If you’d like to attend with us could you please add your name to the list below 1. Nso93 2. Cloud1440