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  1. Big thankS to @14N for organising today. Great turnout of cars on our stand.
  2. Got to do tyres then I’ll be in touch mate if you’ve still got a set
  3. Thanks to everyone for coming along today. It was a great turnout with some cracking cars. Roll on the next one
  4. Big thanks to Andy for organising today. It was a great event with loads of high end cars. The venue was amazing
  5. Cheers mate, still settling atm
  6. My brothers looking for a 350 atm. Where abouts you based?
  7. The tein are on took 5-6 hours. Booked in for alignment and corner weight setup Tuesday morning. This is how she sits now
  8. Cheers mate much appreciated
  9. Yes that’s the one. Where are you coming from?
  10. Hopefully Andy, not too low though
  11. These arrived today, big thank you to @Tarmac@TarmacSportz For the quick delivery of these



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