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  1. Hi I am looking for 350z throttle body in good working condition thanks
  2. Yezyk07


    Update: Only 2x front i am after please help people :-)
  3. Yezyk07


    I am looking for Nissan 370Z Nismo V2 alloy wheels. 2x front 1x rear or set of four thanks
  4. Go for aftermaket one. There is couple options on ebay/amazon of aftermarket subs, and they fit nicely beetwen rear strut bar and plastic trim. For example this one https://www.amazon.com/Nissan-370Z-Custom-Enclosure-Subwoofer/dp/B01AKA0EB4
  5. Any before and after photos? thanks
  6. Thanks guys. Hopefully we can organise Z cars meet soon.
  7. Yes standard, I just added couple of scratches for decoration
  8. I have Autel MK808 scanner it works perfectly with 370Z but i was unable to connect my 2004 350Z. Is there anybody in Heathrow area willing to borrow scanner or scan my car, i dont mind paying (little bit) Friend told me that Autel mk808 is "to new" for 350Z? Any ideas?
  9. Hi I am looking for all dark grey interior plastic parts to replace my silver ones. Must be in 1000% perfect condition thanks
  10. Hi all. Thanks for the add. This is my 67 plate 370Z. Bought it last year for my birthday :-) I will update modifications list in the nearest future.
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