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  1. As title. I am after a 370Z GT boot lid/tailgate preferably in white but any colour will do? Thanks, Mike.
  2. s200bym

    Quick Jack

    Has anyone got a quick Jack and if so what model are you using? https://www.quickjacklift.co.uk/ Cheers, Mike.
  3. I am also looking at this spoiler. g.r.a.m.s are not far from me. has anyone had any dealings with them and know what there quality and fitment is like?
  4. Where about in North Wales are you? If my brother lives near you I will buy it and could get him to pick it up for me? If you can wait until the 1st week of August, I am up there for a week?
  5. What size copper crush washer do I need or is it a special Nissan part?
  6. Will I need 1 or 2 tubes for the gearbox?
  7. I have a 370z Nismo with just over 1000 miles. I want to put Molyslip in the Gearbox and Diff to help smooth out the gear changes especially between 1st and 2nd and help quieten down the whine in the diff. Do I just squirt a full tube in the Gearbox and in the Diff? Cheers, Mike.
  8. Where is the best place to get a permanent live other than the battery? I have been taking a fuse tap from various fuses that stay live after switch off but it seems the fuse box goes to sleep after a while. I thought it was the dash cam power magic pro shutting off when the battery drops below a certain voltage, but I stuck a battery charger on and it still shuts off. Any ideas? Cheers, Mike.
  9. Does anyone in the south Essex area have a Consult III Plus VI2 Device they want to rent out for a day or 2? I want to change some settings in the BCM according to the service manual. Cheers, Mike.
  10. Can the consult III Plus enable feature modes in the BCM like retained power for when the engine is shut down? Cheers, Mike.
  11. I am trying to sniff the can bus system with a can bus device on Linux but I am unable to pick up any data through the OBD2 port. Looking in the service manual it doesn't look like there is a gateway or at least they don't show one. I can pick up data from other cars but not the Z? Any advice would be appreciated. Mike.
  12. Thanks, Guys. I better do some sniffing and get the ID.
  13. I'm mainly looking for the wiring diagrams. I have the American manual but there are some differences in the wiring. I mainly want to look at the wing mirror folding wiring diagram to see whether it runs off the can bus or just a switched controlled 12v supply. Mike.
  14. Is there a European or UK version of the workshop manual available? Cheers, Mike
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