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  1. Gun metal grey 370 parked up at San Marco restaurant. Think last 3 digits were XNX - anyone on here???
  2. I have the Nismo and owned a GT previously..... no massive difference in terms of the firmness to be fair
  3. Think around the £250 -275 mark #buster can confirm. They're the Tarmac versions. CORRECTION - Just checked my bank statement - they were £499.
  4. I simply removes the back box and fitted short tails adam. Feedback has always been consistently good - not daft loud but good rumble on acceleration. Bob at tarmac sports sorted mine.
  5. Yep... like the overall look with the wrap.
  6. I did exactly the same... tarmac sportz short tails 2 days after the Nis delivery and loved the result.
  7. Snowdonia last weekend..... Clee Hill mini tour today.
  8. Off into Snowdonia National Park today.
  9. Just about to dive into the original. Just love it!
  10. Apologies as this may have already been explained but do we just head for the usual public entrance and pick up signage to the club stands from there???
  11. Was hoping to spend some time on mine today but no good.....
  12. Saw this trailer yesterday..... I'll be first in the queue. Quality.
  13. Unsure of our start time but may well see you en route.



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