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  1. Just about to dive into the original. Just love it!
  2. Apologies as this may have already been explained but do we just head for the usual public entrance and pick up signage to the club stands from there???
  3. Was hoping to spend some time on mine today but no good.....
  4. Saw this trailer yesterday..... I'll be first in the queue. Quality.
  5. Unsure of our start time but may well see you en route.
  6. Bet I may be the nearest Z to you Ian..... I'm Alveley - cant believe we've not 'bumped' into each other out n about!!!!!!!
  7. Yep... not done on my Nis but did my GT. Don't expect it to come off in any condition to either refit or sell on..... you'll be extremely lucky if it's still okay. As Andy says - brute force!
  8. Know how you feel Andy... my eldest now delivers other people's offspring!!!
  9. CONGRATS. Just make sure you dont mix the make of her shoes on the left and right... she'll be a nightmare to handle!!!
  10. May well be my next mini-mod. Any tips to make life easier in the removal process and grommet prep/painting??
  11. Hadn't considered doing this but seeing the pics I'm tempted. Nice and clean.
  12. I declared mine. Insurer confirmed no impact on premium.



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