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  1. Input Shaft Bearing

    Hi, noticed that while the car is idling, in neutral - there is a 'whining' sound - not loud but noticeable. If I depress the clutch, again in neutral, the noise disappears. On releasing the clutch the noise returns. I'm suspecting the input shaft bearing may need replacing??? Anyone has similar experience??
  2. GTR Start button

    Hiya.... any recommendations as to a supplier for the above?
  3. Bonnet adjustment

    Hiya Rob, a have that exact problem with my bonnet, I've not made any real enquiries about a fix - I've been told it's a common problem. I'd be interested if you get any additional info.
  4. Roadster owners........

    Do/should the car windows return to their closed position after the roof has completed its opening process or remain in the open position??
  5. Dodo Juice

    Typo!!!!!! Should read too bad!
  6. Dodo Juice

    Purple Haze Ekona.... she ain't lookin to be for 8 years old.
  7. Hi Asad, I've just PM'd you.... interested in the 370 satin silver, could you pm me details pls? Cheers.
  8. Dodo Juice

    Gave the Z a once over with Dodo Juice Pro.....tadge expensive but worth it and use it sparingly as advised and it goes a long long way.
  9. Snow and more snow

    Thankfully looks like end of the white stuff...pic below tells u how much fell! Z going nowhere for at least 4 or 5 days.
  10. Snow and more snow

    Hi Ekona.... just concerned that the weight will maybe stretch the fabric a little...... if I'd have left it there'd be around a foot of snow sitting on it now .
  11. Snow and more snow

    Snow or exhaust?? exhaust I'd under the snow so no can do. Had another 4 inch overnight (ooo-eeer missus!!) so about a foot deep now and snowing hard. Removing snow from softtop every hour or so to prevent any damage. Fingers crossed.
  12. Snow and more snow

    I'll send some up folks, got loads down in Shropshire!!!!!!
  13. Snow and more snow

    Took the plunge and had Cobra Cat back fitted on Thursday...... sounds superb. Car now covered in 7 inches of snow so unable to enjoy until who knows when.
  14. Wiper blade refills

    I appreciate this will have been mentioned before however I thought it worth a reminder. 370z Wiper blade REFILLS are available from Nissan dealerships (the first dealership I contacted denied they were and I would have to buy full replacements!) stock numbers detailed on the picture attached. Dead easy to remove and replace the refills.
  15. Outdoor car cover

    Have now picked up the car..... very impressed. Used Raggtopp to clean an re-protect the roof (would deffo recommend) and maguaires polish and liquid wax on the paintwork. Decided against the cover for now.