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  1. X 2 . I've used the link and booked 'general entrance' is that correct? Sorry to be a bit of a cxxk with this but reeaaalllly looking forward to this.
  2. Who was that with Wayne??
  3. They do yes - I've got my 370 and the other halfs car on a MC policy with them. Holding my breath for September renewal for mine!! No points/claims etc etc. same postcode, 52yrs old. Was around the £550 mark last year.
  4. If I connect via the USB port in the centre storage box the screen tells me to 'check USB' - nothing else happens. Any reason your going this route rather than simply connecting the phone via bluetooth??
  5. I'll try mine this morning - I've got S8+
  6. Lol .... 'driving it as needs to be' = stolen
  7. Thanks Mike - I now have one shot passenger window. Took me 10 mins. 18 plate Nis.
  8. 18 plate Nismo, 3400 miles from new. Averaging 25.1mpg. Exact same mpg as 10 plate 370 gt.
  9. Agree with all of the comments. I had the exact same thing on my previous GT.
  10. Hi Luke, I have an 18 plate Nismo and no issues at all. Alignment - seek out a garage that has the Hawkeye system and get it checked as Payco advises above. That aside - you'll love the car.
  11. Black 370 travelling from Bridgnorth toward Kidderminster at 12.00 midday. Think last 3 digits of reg was YVT (or a variation of these letters).



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