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  1. Wheels 370z

    Gen 3 Glasscoating

    Due to visit a detailer tomorrow to have a chat but...... invested a fair few hours today with clay bar etc etc, used Maguires compound which has removed pretty much all of the swirls and finished with the Mag. Gold class carnauba wax and I'm over the moon with the result, wash, foamed and done about half the car in 3 hours and the panels done are like glass.
  2. Wheels 370z

    Gen 3 Glasscoating

    Hi - anyone had any experience of Gen3 Glasscoating? I've read that's its possibly a little 'dated' now and the more recent coatings that have come to market are far better??
  3. Away on the 17th or I'd have deffo dropped on it.
  4. Wheels 370z

    30 second headlight restoration!

    Just applied the Optima restoration kit after seeing the product here... couple of before pics followed by couple fa after pics. Impressed with the result even though they weren't too bad prior to the treatment.
  5. Wheels 370z

    cobra non-resonated exhaust

    Hi - I have a Cobra non-res fitted (cat back) and I couldn't be happier with it. Bit of a drone at 60 mph but easy to live with. I'll try and add a video later if the rain ever stops!!!!
  6. Wheels 370z

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Lid off.... life good!
  7. Wheels 370z

    370Z Roadster Newbie

    Cheers ZeeZee - its booked in for a full detail in couple of weeks and I'm going for a ceramic coating.
  8. Wheels 370z

    370Z Roadster Newbie

    Welcome ZeeZee. I'm driving the Roadster as well, changed mine to a Cobra cat back after few weeks of owning it. Great noise and not OTT. Enjoy.
  9. Wheels 370z

    Input Shaft Bearing

    What was the cost If you don't mind me asking? I'm going to leave mine for now as others have suggested.... the car is 8 years old but only 36k on the clock so wouldn't have thought a major issue.
  10. Wheels 370z

    Input Shaft Bearing

    Hi, noticed that while the car is idling, in neutral - there is a 'whining' sound - not loud but noticeable. If I depress the clutch, again in neutral, the noise disappears. On releasing the clutch the noise returns. I'm suspecting the input shaft bearing may need replacing??? Anyone has similar experience??
  11. Wheels 370z

    GTR Start button

    Hiya.... any recommendations as to a supplier for the above?
  12. Wheels 370z

    Bonnet adjustment

    Hiya Rob, a have that exact problem with my bonnet, I've not made any real enquiries about a fix - I've been told it's a common problem. I'd be interested if you get any additional info.
  13. Wheels 370z

    Roadster owners........

    Do/should the car windows return to their closed position after the roof has completed its opening process or remain in the open position??
  14. Wheels 370z

    Dodo Juice

    Typo!!!!!! Should read too bad!
  15. Wheels 370z

    Dodo Juice

    Purple Haze Ekona.... she ain't lookin to be for 8 years old.