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  1. Cheers Olly.. thankfully still under its warranty.
  2. Hi again to everyone.. not been on for a while so good to be back! 2018 370 Nismo...So when I switch on the rear window heater I get loads of radio interference.... Any quick fix or should I head back to dealership?
  3. Out of interest.... how does the Ark sound compared to the tails??
  4. Hiya - I used Addsion Tyres in Tipton, they use Hawkeye. The lads were great.
  5. So just hd my renewal from Admiral - last year 765.00. So I'm one year older (52), no change in circumstances, no claims or prosecutions and the premium for this coming year is £911. A 19% increase - good thing the FCA is cracking down on this but it seems to little effect at the moment. Will be shopping around ! Recommendations anyone????
  6. Welcome - I'm over in Bridgnorth so pretty close. I went with Cobra Cat-back on my GT and now Tarmac short tails on the Nis. Both options were great however cheaper option was the short tails and sound great imo.
  7. I have them on mine Fred but based in the West Mids. I'm really please with them. Suppose a little 'droney' at certain speeds but nothing that makes me regret having them.
  8. I'm Midlands based Eco..... I used Addison Tyres Ltd in Tipton... top blokes.
  9. I had an exact same model/colour up until last september... would love to fi d out where it went!! Welcome
  10. Gun metal grey 370 parked up at San Marco restaurant. Think last 3 digits were XNX - anyone on here???
  11. I have the Nismo and owned a GT previously..... no massive difference in terms of the firmness to be fair
  12. Think around the £250 -275 mark #buster can confirm. They're the Tarmac versions. CORRECTION - Just checked my bank statement - they were £499.
  13. I simply removes the back box and fitted short tails adam. Feedback has always been consistently good - not daft loud but good rumble on acceleration. Bob at tarmac sports sorted mine.
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