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  1. my previous "pass" mot will last till the beginning of July. Even the car failed today's mot, i still have roughly a month to get it done. The reason i am having the mot in advance is becoz i am trying to sell my car . Luckily apart from the emission problem, no advisory or other failure.
  2. i think so, i have another chance within 10 working days and i think next time they will just do the emission test instead of doing all the checking again?
  3. hello, i gave it a 30 min spirited drive beforehand, maybe they did the test when it was cooled down. Anyway, i will give it another go later, luckily, i still have one month mot left. If it is not working, i would put my oem cats back. thanks for the tips
  4. So my Z has just had the mot but despite having several attempts, it still failed the emission test The HFC was new and only fitted for a few months. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on passing the mot? i am from the sussex area. Thanks
  5. When i bought my 370z a few months ago. i noticed that whenever i press the brake (especially when doing 50 mph above) the steering shakes a lot. A few days later, I went back to the dealer and had the rotor changed. Yet, since last week, the problem was back again. I have had the rotors, pads and calipers checked but none of them seems causing the problem. has anyone had this problem before?
  6. got the exact same color as you. hope you enjoy it. are you going to mod it?
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