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  1. Good question. The other one is actually covered by the one shown.
  2. got the exact same color as you. hope you enjoy it. are you going to mod it?
  3. Yep. Called them will have mine remap next week
  4. could not call them. Their line is busy all the time . Talked to H- dev and they said the Ecutek will give more torque at low rpm
  5. Selling is my 370z Torqen non resonated stainless steel short tail with 5" burnt up tips. Bought the invidia gemini CBE later to replace my rusty exhaust system and that's why i am selling these. They sound great and fit perfectly to your OEM exhaust system. This is the nismo version but can also be fitted on the base model. Done 400 miles (still have the receipt) so far and is in great condition in general. Got some scratches under the tips but not noticeable when fitted to your car. Bolts, spacers and gasket included. Asking for £250 for collection or 50/50 for postage. Thanks for reading.
  6. Thanks Payco, i will give them a call now. Yeah, i have read your post but i have got something on scheduled already so i might not be able to stay there for the whole day and that is why i have not signed up. I live literally just 5 mins away from the seafront so will definitely drop by to meet you guys on that day We surely need more 370z though
  7. So i have finally have my Invidia gemini and HFC fitted to my 370z and it is now time for a remap. I am not sure whether i should go for the Uprev or the Ecutek. Mine is the auto so launch control and flat foot are not applicable. Does anybody have the same set up and what gain did you get for either remap?
  8. Saw this old lady during the car meeting in Brighton last night. First time seeing a z31 and it sounds grumpy
  9. Maybe getting the OEM cats for the MOT and keep the decat for the rest of the year? I was told that there is a chance that the HFC will not pass the MOT if not warming it up enough right before the test. For me, i fitted a HFC and the invidia gemini cat back exhaust as my OEM exhaust was so rusty and i decide to keep the car for a few years. If that is within your budget, then go for it, you will not regret
  10. Got mine just now, you will not regret owning a Z hope you find a decent one soon



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