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  1. Only been fitted 6 months, £350 ono. Lovely sound over standard, polished 5" tips. Buyer to collect, or I can try and arrange a courier at an agreed cost. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/tarmac-sportz-nissan-370z-nismo-09-resonated-short-tails-5-tips.html
  2. My Nismo is due a P2 service, its 2 years old and has done about 15k. My local garage who have serviced my other cars (and have always done a good job) have said the brake fluid doesn't need doing yet. I thought it was on a 2 year interval?
  3. Spotted another white 370z Nismo on Saturday morning around 10am. Would have parked mine next to it, if there was a space It had gone by the time we'd had a coffee.
  4. Mine's ZSZ, but I'm nowhere near you
  5. Anyone know where I can get a replacement dash surround? Mine got damaged removing a phone holder Have found one on ebay but it's in Australia and they want as much in postage as the item itself!!
  6. any chance you can do a side by side photo against the standard one's? I'm really after some dark (black) one's and these don't look much darker from the photo?
  7. I'm going to head over there in the next couple of weekends . Plenty of nice cars to see? What was the food like?
  8. How did you make your door handles black? Paint / wrap or paint ?
  9. Thanks guys for fitting my short tails last week, neighbours are thoroughly impressed Bob also checked over my brakes whilst it was up in the air, top lads !!
  10. If it'll work with a 2017 Nismo, then count me in !!
  11. Are these a dark grey instead of the standard light grey?
  12. Bought myself a 2017 Nismo the other week, loving it so far !!! Chopped in the family 4x4 for it
  13. How long is the free fitting offer open for? and do you have any polished tip versions in stock for a Nismo?





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