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  1. I am not looking at parting yet but if it comes to that Al let you no mat
  2. Nissan 350z 53plate for sale £4500 Mileage - 58384 Mot until - 22/6/16 New battery fitted - 22/6/15 - (comes with 3 years warranty) Oil and filter change - 22/6/15 New clutch and flywheel fitted - 22/6/15 This car's body work is immaculate just been painted Exterior Veil side v3 front bumper Veil side v3 rear bumper Veil side v3 side skirts Veil side v3 rear spoiler Auto folding wing mirror mod Carbon fibre stubby radio antenna Z speed engine guard Carbon fibre rad panel air deflector Interior Jvc -kW aux840 head unit Standard and custom sound system fitted to work as one Engine mods Cosworth racing intake manifold K&n induction filter Samco induction hose Samco coolant hoses AAM throttle body spacer AAM oil pan spacer Stillen racing headers Berk high flow cats Stillen solid y pipe Jap speed k1 exhaust Colour coded engine bolt kit Ams light weight pulleys Chrome fluid reservoir tanks All mods were fitted to get the car ready to go down the supercharged route . Bad points Driver seat has wear Engine has developed fault and requires attention , I am unable to find time to fix or spend time on it due to family commitments and would like someone to enjoy the car . Engine has a knock and oil pressure goes low once engine is warm , has not been driven in since the fault happened All standard parts are available to put back to standard on request This car is advertised in more that one place / site and maybe removed at any time due to sale . I am in Gateshead /Newcastle upon Tyne area
  3. Removed cam end covers all bolts were tight and still intact . Next step is to take cam covers off and check in there . Removed inlet manifold and checked in the ports and all lifters look ok no sign of wear or breakage 😞
  4. Weather has been bad up here so it has been left until the weekend , al strip the top of the engine / suggested parts and have alook will post back with what I find . Thank everyone for there pointers it is very much appreciated
  5. Am in the Newcastle area not sure if there is a good garage around here I normally just try and play myself
  6. Thank you very much al have a look tomorrow and get back to you .
  7. Yes it does match the rev but when you rev high it stops for a second and then comes back .. She still drives normal but dips in power every so often if that makes sense
  8. http://s1093.photobucket.com/user/MickyR350/media/Mobile%20Uploads/trimDC15B7CC-673C-48E1-B824-EAEC1674E462.mp4.html?sort=3&o=0
  9. Hello was wondering if anyone could help me , my engine has developed a very loud click clack noise ( sounds like a diesel ) .. I have posted a video on the 350z uk Facebook page as I don't no how to do it on here https://www.facebook.com/groups/4863263215/permalink/10152314076528216/ It has oil in and it is mid level . This was taken when cold . This engine has been rebuilt about 1year ago maybe coming up to 2 years . (Was due to oil starvation) . The noise seems to be coming from top of engine but might be a noise further down can't pin point it . Any ideas or easy things to check would be appreciated
  10. Thank a lot mate you were right topped up brake fluid and it gone, thanks alot i wouldnt of thought of that as it didnt look to bad .
  11. Thanks mate al top that up aswell when am checking the breaking system / tires at the weekend
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