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  1. mattross1313

    Wrap !

    With @Andy_Muxlow 's impressive beard, I'd say he has plenty of points spare
  2. Is that a small car or a really big cigarette?
  3. Yeah but the story took 4 hours!! Was hoping to pop up to this after you guys had food but had some chores to do. Will bring Klaus along to the next one if I can make it
  4. You guys should check out (if you haven't already) SciManDan on YouTube. Excellent channel for putting Flearthers back in their box.
  5. Well it's no awesome yank-tank, but lovely all the same! Always had a soft spot these
  6. Look forward to seeing them fitted. To answer your question, no. This is my mate in the 350 with two full catback systems
  7. Oh that's pretty!! Especially in the blue!
  8. I was going for humour, didn't really work I guess
  9. That's a brave chap stood up there on his own with no-one to support him!



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