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  1. Out of what? The new side skirt bits, or your tyres?
  2. I toyed with this on my old Z. I can't imagine it lasts all that long, but as you say for the price you can't really go wrong! Still can't believe how low this is for a static build! So nice
  3. I'm sure you break things on purpose, just so you have stuff to do in the garage
  4. Hoping to make an appearance during the afternoon. Be rude not to I'll make sure I park Klaus on a dfferent street, out of sight
  5. Shocker Which is what when it's at home?
  6. Not moments after I find you that book, there is some great progress! Should've got you that book when you first started....it'd be done by now
  7. Just found this on eBay, even has a puzzled looking chap on the front cover! Happy bidding
  8. Don't post here must these days, but enjoying this thread. Makes me want to get a project to tinker with since the Z has been replaced by a German barge, but I lack space, funds and knowledge Maybe in a few years that will change but for now I'll just keep reading
  9. This screams scam to me. Trade in value according to AT is £16,870. Heck, if that is legit it's worth buying then immediately trading it in to make £4.8k
  10. mattross1313

    Wrap !

    With @Andy_Muxlow 's impressive beard, I'd say he has plenty of points spare
  11. Is that a small car or a really big cigarette?
  12. Yeah but the story took 4 hours!! Was hoping to pop up to this after you guys had food but had some chores to do. Will bring Klaus along to the next one if I can make it
  13. You guys should check out (if you haven't already) SciManDan on YouTube. Excellent channel for putting Flearthers back in their box.



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