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  1. No need to remove the bumper. If you take the number plate off you'll see 2 bolts holding the black plastic holder onto the car. So easy enough to remove. Can't comment on making it shorter though, I used a USA spec front holder which is (from memory) around 12 inches.
  2. Welcome in. Is that taken down at Ogmore-By-Sea? back drop looks familiar, used to love going out that way for an evening drive.
  3. 'Green' @Keyser - do you have anything to do with this?!!
  4. It's the owning that's it's important, can't remember the last time I used my Xbox for something other than Netflix Ive not seen neo Geo on the list, but the OS only displays options based on the Roms you have installed (don't think I have any). from some quick Googling , retropie does appear to support neo geo
  5. Looking for around £60 to cover the parts. But I don't think we're too far from each other, so could work something to save on postage?
  6. Colossal thread revival! But having a tidy up at home and putting this up for sale. Forum deals available if anyone is interested in it
  7. Sounds like you've already decided (correctly BTW). I'd agree with the above that the lines of the duckbill suit the styling on your car far better. I think smoothing it in would look excellent, and possibly settle your mind looking for alternatives. If the finish is not good it will bug you every time you look at it. Car's still looking bad ass dude
  8. Yup, looks far far better like that It was my only gripe with the system when on the Nismo, as the bumper hides the loveliness of the exhaust
  9. Looking at the reply from ARk, via Adrian above, I can somewhat agree with their statement about the rear brace bars. I purchased a used Ark exhaust from a chap who had it fitted to a GT model....and I was fitting it to my Nismo. When it was all fitted up correctly the rear pipes were close to some of the rear bracing bars on the Nismo, but they did not touch once the system was all tightened up. Perhaps they are just saying this to add some protection should any rubbing occur? I ran it on my car for over 1 year with no issues. The only comment I would make with fitting it to a Nis
  10. Did this to my nismo, so yep, like it As Davey said above, where it meets the bonnet the line is a little harsh. I cut mine with a slight curve back to the door gap, this gave it more of a sweep.
  11. So what you're saying is..... it's @Beb and @Humpy's fault that you haven't got cracking with PopZ? Not cool guys, not cool
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