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  1. mattross1313

    PopZ - First Rod Build and other Zed Shed Antics

    *cough* Mustang *cough*
  2. mattross1313

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Yeah, but then you can buy an engine coffee table! Every cloud and all that
  3. mattross1313

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Thanks folks. Be sad to see it go, but needs must. Every visitor to the house comments on how awesome it is. You should get that on a t-shirt
  4. mattross1313

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    Selling my coffee table as we're re-doing the lounge. I built this around 6 years ago, it looks as good now as it did back then! Whilst the plan/build was done by me, I had all jobs completed by professional companies, which is a testament to the condition it is in now. The block is resting on 6 valves, which hold the unit very level. The main block came from a DE engine. The glass rests on 4 pistons and rods, I believe also from a 350 (but am not 100% sure as I got these from @Keyser's skip of wonderment!). The majority of the block has been powder coated in hyper silver, but the top faces have been mirror polished (hard to see in the photos). The rods have been powder coated in gunmetal to give a little contrast. The pistons have been fully mirror polished. The glass is 70x60cm, toughened, with rounded corners and bevelled edges, and looks great! The glass rests on the pistons and is held is place via some clear silicone pads. I also designed up a plate for one side of the block (I think it covers the water pump area?), made from stainless steel. This holds a switch uses to turn on the under chassis neons I had some laying around, so why not! powered by a 9v battery hidden inside the block. There are 2 LED strips running under the centre of the block pointing to the ground. I'll try and find a pic of this, gives a nice glow. Please let me know any questions. Given the size and weight of the item this is collection only from BH21 or DT11 areas of Dorset. Given this is from a 350z, I am asking a forum friendly price of £350. Will be advertised for more on other web areas.
  5. mattross1313

    [SOLD]**Sold** 2017 Nissan 370Z Nismo - Pearl White

    Car now sold
  6. mattross1313

    PopZ - First Rod Build and other Zed Shed Antics

    I'd say so!! A buddy of mine did this to a MK1 MR2 many years ago. He had a shell laying around (as you do), and had an old Jag (?) V12. So he sliced the MR2 down the middle and wang'ed the V12 in the back. It was unreal!!
  7. mattross1313

    Nismo MkII Wheel Refurb

    Had mine done recently. I never liked the look of diamond cut, however also noticed that the diamond part would mark / tarnish very easily. I ended up with a custom colour by my paint shop, by effectively a metallic gun metal. Very pleased.
  8. mattross1313

    [SOLD]Sold - 370z - Illuminated 'Z' Door Sills

    Now sold
  9. mattross1313

    Take 2 let's try again :)

    Must agree with martin. Stock cats + ARK is a superb combination
  10. mattross1313

    [SOLD]Sold 370z - Red GTR Start button

    Now sold
  11. mattross1313

    [SOLD]Sold 370z - 4in1 LED Smoked rear fog light

    Yep sorry matey. Now sold