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  1. mattross1313

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    This thread has such a strong wheel game, it's awesome
  2. Interesting development! Are you working with the supplied engine? Or wang'ing the LS in the front?...
  3. mattross1313

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Agreed! Those of you with eagle eyes will also notice @buster / Paul Hollywood, second row, far left
  4. mattross1313

    guess where this goes

    rear centre cubby lid/thingy?
  5. mattross1313

    White nismo M444 MT

    I saw White Nismo and M44.... But alas not me
  6. mattross1313

    370Z Nismo Auto Head Light Setting Problem

    Can't say with 100% certainty, but I am pretty sure when on auto, mine also goes from DRL to headlights. So sounds OK to me
  7. Not sure how long a 'mo' is where you come from....but hurry up already!!
  8. mattross1313

    How did that happen?

    Didn't you make a thread a while back talking about making a pickup 350z?..... This is the perfect time surely. Wang the V8 in the front, chop a load of metal off the back. Done.
  9. mattross1313

    How did that happen?

    All I took out of that update was the fact there is now a hole in the front of the car, ready for you to drop the LS in
  10. mattross1313

    **FS** 2017 Nissan 370Z Nismo - Pearl White

    Best go check my lottery tickets
  11. mattross1313

    Postage advice

    I bought my Ark from a chap and had it delivered. I believe it was £60, and it came in 2 boxes. When I sold my system I arranged for that to be delivered to the new owner, that was 3 boxes and I believe was circa £100. HTH
  12. mattross1313

    Tarmacsportz resonated short tails

    Does it beat mine?!
  13. mattross1313

    How did that happen?

    Subscribed!!!** **For v8 goodness. Anything else and we're not interested, so will all leave. Carry on
  14. mattross1313

    **FS** 2017 Nissan 370Z Nismo - Pearl White

    Thanks Gents, not sure what is next on the cards to be honest. I do enjoy perusing AutoTrader Good spot!! Sadly, Rory the lion is not included in the sale