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  1. wwesty

    VIS NSM kit

    Anyone got any photos of the VIZ NSM kit on a 350 with standard Rays alloys? We're keen on the kit but worried that it wont look right without upgrading wheels, which obviously adds considerably to cost! TIA
  2. wwesty

    Black bits added!

    we’re really pleased with how these simple and fairly cheap mods have changed the car!
  3. Badges received and fitted, and look excellent - thanks Asad Wheel centres dropped to paint shop yesterday - decided it was worth getting a "professional" job for the sake of £20. Great service, thanks again.
  4. Thanks for all the kind words! I am quite proud of successfully raising a petrolhead!! It is indeed Ogmore - well spotted!
  5. Thanks all! He actually let me drive it tonight for the first time!! And I agree, its a cracking car. Definitely feels heavier, and the gearchange is slower, than the Boxster. But it certainly goes, and feels really solid. I have to admit that the highlight of yesterday was coming through the Butetown tunnels in Cardiff Bay - my God, what a noise!!
  6. Apologies for not doing it sooner! So the reason for joining is actually my son's recent purchase. He's 20 and its his second car....and as a lifelong petrolhead I'm very jealous, although its fun to share a passion! Originally he was considering a BMW 1 series coupe, then he discovered that he could get insured on his dream car (z) so there was no looking back. After a 2 month search we found his car - 2008, 55k, GT with Rays plus a Cobra exhaust, 3 owners last of which had it for 7 years. It had a few cosmetic issues that needed addressing but full service history backed up with lots of invoices, it seems a good example. So having sorted out the scratched interior plastics, rear strut brace, a few dents and dings, we are now doing some very mild modding to make it exactly how he wants it - badges, wheels, aerial etc. Thanks for all the information on here - I'm sure we'll be regular visitors! Went out for our first drive together yesterday (I'm from the dark side, but we don't talk about that...!):
  7. First run out yesterday with my son in his Z.
  8. Hi Asad looks like we’re going to give it a go as we can’t find any better options! We’d also like 2 of your badges for front and back please! cheers
  9. Son has just had his Rays refurbed in black and now we are trying to find best option for the center caps. Like the look of Asad's Z centres but he doesn't do in black, so would mean spraying. Other options seem to be plain or carbon look centres from ebay, but looking at these while the 60mm diameter looks OK the locating lugs at 58mm seem to far apart.....so, just wondering what anyone else has used?? Many thanks!
  10. https://gcjauto.co.uk/examples-of-work Chap is mobile but based in Swansea so definitely "a bit of a journey"!! I would have thought there must be someone in your area offering a similar service though....
  11. We got a guy who specialises in this stuff to do 2 handles, one worse than that, touch up on the dash cubby, plus attend to worn seat bolster. Total cost was £100 and we’re very pleased with result!
  12. Hi Asad Are these still available please, and if so can you supply in black? My son has just had his Rays refurbed and these would complete the look!





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