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  1. 2 rims - one with tyre that has minimal tread both have some scuffing to edge, but no bubbling looking for £75 for each. Can split more photos to follow Separate to these , also have a new 245 45 18 Michelin pilot Sport tyre £100 prefer collection from new forest but can get to London or N Yorks if req
  2. Will it fit a 2008 roadster boot
  3. Yarlsberg

    New hood

    Thanks as ever! You’re a star. will give it a go and report back with pics.
  4. Yarlsberg

    New hood

    Hi Alex , for the little use the car gets ( and garaged winter) I’m just going to patch up. Could you Poss recommend a strong adhesive to stick the corners down? thanks Yas
  5. Hi did you manage to sort the tears at the base of the hood? I have the same issue and am looking to try and solve too hope you’re enjoying the car!
  6. Without even doing anything, people shaking fists, wnkr signals, vocal abuse, really particularly noticed it on first buying compared with all other sports cars I've had.
  7. Never any issues with the Z. Also have a Cayman S and constantly get completely unwarranted grief and hostility in that, ... like I care
  8. Any advice please? Silicone on all the joints or something else - grease?
  9. OK thks, but the noise apears to be from where the roof mech is stored behind the driver- ie the collapsed metal frame
  10. no noise when operating, just when driving cheers
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