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  1. meh, can't say I'm hugely impressed. Hopefully the design improves as it matures. Looks a little too slim imo. Flared arches and a new front end and it could be pretty awesome. Get rid of that damn chrome as well!
  2. Just another quick question gents. Does anyone know the internal diameter of the pilot bushing? I'll need to grab myself a bearing puller prior to starting this work. I don't really fancy the look of some of the shortcuts some people have taken to get the bush out without a proper puller.
  3. @nissanman312 Yeah they don't look to expensive at all. Relatively easy to change as well so I may look to do that just so I know the whole lot is sorted for the foreseeable future. Cheers
  4. Cheers @Adrian@TORQEN, looks like a good bit of kit with seemingly great reviews online so It's definitely one to consider! Thankfully my car is still well under the 80k mark and I've undertook regular fluid changes so hopefully the master is good for a few years to come! Thanks for taking the time to reply to this, it's much appreciated!
  5. Cheers mate! That was the goal pretty much! I love the cartoon-ish look of the car with its ridiculous ride height and excessive suspension geometry. Handling-wise, it's not too bad at all to be honest. The camber itself hasn't effected the handling that badly really, it's the spring rates that have had more of a profound effect. It's by no means ready to hit the local race track, but it's no where near as bad as you'd expect. It's still tonnes of fun to drive assuming the roads are relatively smooth!
  6. Yeah they're not too bad thankfully! I seemingly live in the only part of Bristol with half decent roads The wheels on the 86 are 326power Yabaking Gangsta's. They're a pretty penny as far as single piece wheels go, but totally worth it imo!
  7. Morning Gents, My clutch has began to show early signs of needing a replacement and is probably due a change in the next month or so. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations when it comes to aftermarket clutches & flywheels and potentially any experience with the items I'm currently looking at? As we speak, I'm looking at purchasing the following: Torqen Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel Torqen Heavy Duty CSC Stage 1 Competition Clutch & Pressure Plate I'll also be giving it a go fitting all this myself. I'm fairly confident when it comes to working on my car but this will be the first time I've replaced a clutch (I've never had the need to in the past - lucky me i know! ) so any useful tips when it comes to this would also be appreciated. I've had a look online and the process looks fairly straight forward and I have basically all the tools required so I'm OK from that point of view - but anything else that might be noteworthy would be brilliant. Cheers, Tom
  8. Well, the new knuckles are on and all my prolems are solved! Tonnes of UCA clearance now and plenty of room between the knuckle and the air cups. They're also the -3° specification so with my UCA's set the same as the old knuckles, I've gained a few extra degrees on the front end allowing me to go even wider I'm now tucking 10.5J et -43 on the front end with no issues whatsoever! Minus the 326Power demo car which had 3mm more poke than this, I'm pretty sure this is one of the widest wheel setups under stock arches on a 370z. Happy days! Speaking with Rimscarnated, the new lips for the new wheels should be here within next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to potentially have them on by the end of September but we'll see. Fingers crossed. I've also swapped out the pink 326Power wheel nuts for a black set. I do love how the pink ones looked but i think with the slightly more modest look of the new wheels, pink would've looked a bit daft. All in all a good few days! Also, for those that are interested, my girlfriends car is now also looking pretty awesome. The driveway does look rather good if i do say so myself
  9. Hi all, Up for sale are my 25mm Shortened 370z Knuckles. These had 25mm of the knuckle removed and the two seperate pieces were drilled and tapped to accept a 10mm stainless rod. They were then screwed together and TIG welded to finish. The knuckle modification was done by Cadwell Engineering in Temple Cloud and the final TIG welding was done by a welding specialist at DS Machining Services in Yate. These will reduce the angle that your front upper control arms sit at while driving. They'll therefore give you greater UCA to suspension turret clearance (great for stupid static ride heights like mine or if you want to air out that extra inch lower!) and reduced camber gain under compression. Original thread here. Collection from Bristol preffered. I can post these but they do weight a good 7 or 8kg so don't expect the postage to be cheap! £250 £200 ono Cheers, Tom
  10. hahaha, there's always room to go lower
  11. Nothing yet I'm afraid mate! I messaged Rimscarnated earlier to see if they had a rough ETA so I'll see what he says. Given the circumstances, i doubt shipping is as efficient as it usually is so he may be a few weeks behind. We'll see! I did import some tg_original 40mm shortened knuckles from Japan along with a few sets of 326Power wheel nuts the other day which is pretty awesome. Hoping to get these fitted this Friday so i can get the car sat a little bit lower. (i know, i know - I keep saying I'm happy with it and then end up lowering it again a few weeks later! ) I'm hoping that these, paired with a set of adjustable top mounts should allow me to add a tiny bit more camber on the front end, pulling the top of the rim closer to the arch without actually lowering the car too much more (aiming for similar camber to k__tun's car below - He's running 326 coilovers with the adjustable top mounts). Previously the only company that made these was 326Power but import tax just makes these a little bit too expensive. Broadway Static has now started making them though for a much more reasonable price so looking forward to getting my hands on some. So if anyone is in the market for either a set of Kiwami's, Pink 326Power 8cm Wheel Nuts (with spikes and crown caps) or some 25mm shortened knuckles let me know, mine will all be up for sale within a few weeks!
  12. You'll see soon enough - hoping to have them fitted by the end of the month! Don't want to reveal them just yet as i think the work Rimscarnated are doing to them will really make them look pretty awesome so I'll need some photos of them fitted to do them justice. Cheers mate, i appreciate that alot It's definitely a bit out there that's for sure so it's good to hear all the positive comments. I was half expecting most owners to hate it when i decided to put the wing on to be honest but i just couldn't bring myself not to get one I love the current wheels as well - Kiwami's look awesome on basically everything. I think they'll be pretty hard to beat so i just hope the new ones turn out as good as I'm thinking they will.





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