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  1. For the few that haven't seen this series on youtube, I'd seriously recommend watching MIMCK Media's 'Zero****Z' series on Youtube. He's got a serious attention to detail and the videos are very well produced imo. 78 episodes to catch up on if you have the time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBdf3WHGawE Edit: Not sure why the video won't embed on here, ah well. Link above.
  2. @Ogman Cheers mate! I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I knew the wheels would look good, but i didn't realise what a massive difference it'd make to the overall aesthetic. Besides the addition of a few other little cosmetic pieces, this is exactly what I've always wanted for the car. Not to most peoples taste I'm sure, but for me at least, this is what it's all about.
  3. Aaaand with the ever-reoccuring theme of this project thread, I've now adjusted the ride height to a much more acceptable standard Much better!
  4. @davey_83 Cheers mate! Totally agree with you. I think they Kiwami's looked great early on but as the car got lower with the more aggresive aero, it needed some big hot boi wheels to tie it all together and really complete the look i was going for. It's crazy how much more attention it grabs with the big polished lips now while out on a drive. It was hardly discrete before, but it definitely catches 99% of the eyes on the road now!
  5. @HEADPHONES cheers mate! Couldn't be happier with the outcome to be honest. Just need to play around with the suspension to get the car sat perfectly level and jobs a good'un. @ShortPaul no TPMS any more mate. I did try one of those aftermarket kits but because my tyre valves are inside the barrel of the wheel, the second I drove the car it hit the knuckle and knocked the sensor off worked great for the 30 seconds leading up to that point though aha
  6. Well, the new wheels are finally finished, tyres are mounted and they're on the car! I couldn't be happier with how they've came out, Rimscarnated done an awesome job and my measurements seemingly worked out perfectly. For those interested, they're OZ Superleggera III's and are 19x11.5J et-12 all round with 265/30 Achilles ATR Sport 2's. I've thrown a 25mm spacer on the front end to get the rim super close to the arch. Absolutely 0 spacers on the rear and the wheel fits absolutely perfectly (couldn't even get my debit card in the gap between the rim and inner arch! ) I also modified some 350z top mounts to relocate the top of the damper slightly in board to give greater clearance between the coilover and knuckle. I would've liked to have pushed the damper a little further in bound but this is the most i could achieve before the air cups interfered with the chassis. Without extended LCA's, this is definitely the most amount of camber physically possible on the front end of a 370z. In every way it's stupid, and i couldn't be happier with it aha! All it needs now is a nice lil diffuser, new exhaust and a front end respray to finalise the aesthetics. Then i can crack on with the huuuuuge list of other plans i have left for the car
  7. Silverthorn

    Nismo wheels

    Every week?! I'm not sure whether to be impressed by your dediction or concerned about the amount of spare time you must have!
  8. @HEADPHONES It's weird you say that, I was just out on a drive earlier and for a bit of nostalgia I decided to play a 'Need for Speed Underground' playlist on Spotify - this was the first song to come on ahaha!
  9. Alright mate, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Didn't recieve any notification from your message. The knuckles were shortened, drilled, tapped and assembled by Cadwell Engineering in Temple Could. The final TIG welding was completed by DS Machining Services in Yate. Hope that helps. Cheers
  10. Way too much camber on the rear, even for my liking haha! Ah well, he's doing what he likes and it's definitely different so props to him for that. People care waaaay to much about what other people do with their cars At the end of the day, they're 'cheap' cars to have a bit of fun with. If your definition of fun is taking it round a track, or just fitting stupidly wide wheels for the sake of fitment, that's your decision. I could go on huge rants about the **** modifications and replica parts that i see people fit to their cars every single week, but who really cares.... Everyone has their own preference.
  11. Yeah i had read something like that. I'm tempted to buy another fog light and modify it so it's slimer and acts as an F1 style rain light anyway. Not a chance I'm cutting my bumper! I need to modify the diffuser anyway so it mates up with the Nismo rear as well.
  12. Bit of a thread revival here, but i don't suppose anyone went ahead and purchased one of those diffusers and has it tucked away in their house somewhere and fancies selling it to me?





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