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  1. That's exactly the reason we're taking hers I'd love to take mine but it's just asking for trouble. I'd probably struggle to even get it on the train, let alone the rest of the trip...
  2. Ah that's perfect! Cheers for the help guys! @nissanman312 @stanski Should be an awesome trip
  3. Exactly what i wanted to hear! I was only concerned with the fact that none of the parts fitted are TÜV approved. But figured this probably wasn't too great on an issue given the parts fitted to most track cars visiting the ring.
  4. Hi All, Just after a bit of advice from anyone that has driven their modified car through Germany. On the 3rd of August me and my girlfriend are taking her (slightly) modified GT86 on a 2 week EU road trip and one of the countries we are driving through is Germany. I've checked the requirements for the countries we are visiting and already have everything we need to carry (triangle, high vis, breathalyser, Swiss Motorway Pass etc.) but I've heard a few horror stories about driving through Germany with their strict rules on modified cars. However, most of these stories relate to cars with crazy camber, stretch and all sorts. Her car is almost stock. It only has a set of Calibre Suzuka wheels (with correctly sized tyres), 25mm wheel spacers and Meister R Coilovers. Do you guys think we have anything to worry about? Hopefully I'm just over-thinking this but i really don't want to get stranded miles from home as the car has been seized for some ridiculous reason. (I watched a documentary where a guy had his basically bone stock Octavia VRS seized for wheel spacers...) Any help would be HUGELY appreciated. Cheers
  5. @nissanman312 May be able to help. I know he has an air to air upgrade on his Stillen Supercharger (i think he has a topgunz kit from memory).
  6. An awful incident that, as said, could have been completely avoided No idea why people feel the need to a) drive so fast outside a car show/meet and b) stand so close the road when cars are driving at such speeds... That said, hope they all make a full and speedy recovery!
  7. My bad! I only scanned through the original post and assumed it was like the other event threads (add your name, then add 'PAID' once the ticket was purchased). I'll make sure i read the post properly next time! My apologies for all the confusion
  8. I haven't got a ticket, just reserved a spot on the list posted earlier in this thread. @StormtrooperZ is more than welcome to take my place, but will obviously need to purchase his own ticket.
  9. They're Aodhan DS02's that i had imported from America via Royal Speed Shop and then powder coated in a Ford Rock Grey. Specs are 19 x 9.5 et15 for the front and then 19 x 11 et22 for the rear with a 25mm spacer on the rear. There's a bit more info in my project thread here.
  10. Exactly that mate. I have no issue with them normally and 9 times out of 10 they're really nice and just pull me over to check my insurance, ask about the car and my job before sending me on my way. Just a bit infuriating as i seem to be one of the only idiots that actually taxes my car, declares modifications etc. and yet I'm the one that ends up with all the grief.
  11. Suprisingly the tyre wear isn't too awful now it's had another alignment Saying that, I'm already on my second set of tyres on the Kiwami's and I've only had them since January hahaha Thankfully the Delinte's are dead cheap in this size
  12. @mattross1313 Cheers mate! A friend of mine fitted it to his car previously and it didn't last that long tbh. I don't drive the car that much anymore as I don't use it to commute to work so If I can get 3 or 4 months out of them then I'll be happy!



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