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  1. No longer available. Mods, please close this thread. Thanks!
  2. Cheers mate! Both Connor and Max did an awesome job that's for sure. Yeah, I still really like the OZ's, i just fancy having a spare set of wheels for the car so I can bounce between the two whenever I get bored. The ability to put an equally nice set of wheels on the car while the others are having tyres changed or lips polished should be really handy. I still keep toying with the idea of taking the car to a small drift event so the spare set of 4 wheels will also be super handy for that! I've always been obsessed with drifting, hence the OTT styling off the car as it
  3. A few changes have been made since the last time I wrote an update on this thread so here it goes. Towards the end of May I had my exhaust remade by a small fabrication shop relatively local to me called Angry Parrot Fabrications as my HKS SSM Exhaust had seen better days and one of the flexi's had broken off from the cat. I had the y-pipe and centre section leading back to the short tails made remade and tucked up as high as possible under the car. I also removed one of the subframe braces to allow the exhaust to pass through the gap left near the diff. Since some diff braces requ
  4. Awesome choice with the wing, it's one of my favourites!
  5. @madcat No problem! 370's aren't the lightest of cars anyway so I'm sure if you go for the stiffer option you'll still find it more than comfortable enough over some of the bumpier stuff.
  6. I've had BC Coilovers on mine for the past 3 years now and they have been absolutely brilliant. I've fitted BC's to a few other cars I've owned, my missus' car and a few of my friends and they're always top notch for the price you pay so I'd definitely say BC is the way to go! As for spring rates, it depends on what you use the car for and how soft you want it to be. I personally found the 10k/8k set up a nice improvement over stock but still certainly a little bit soft for me personally. I then made the switch to a 16k front spring and 12k rear (Custom spring rates from BC) and fo
  7. @HEADPHONES @Umster Cheers gents! Tinted taillights aren't my thing personally. I like to keep both the headlights and taillights as OEM as possible, with the exception of painting the headlight internals of course!
  8. @valy Cheers mate! I was quite suprised about the award considering level of cars at the event. I won a free framed print of the car, a few bits of merchandise and other bits and pieces so it was pretty awesome! The photographer did an great job. I absolutely love that 3rd photo of my entering the event, just a shame I had the front plate fitted at the time
  9. Tucked Meet & Eat Pt3 completed. An awesome show at an awesome venue, I'd highly recommend it to all! Here's a few photos of the car at the event, all captured by @24sevenphotography on Instagram:
  10. Once again, another purchase from Yahoo Auctions! You do find some absolute bargains on there so I would ecourage anyone who is in the market for car parts to take a look! This time, in an attempt to remove some rear camber I purchased and fitted some Rear Upper Control Arms. Due to the fact that i built the wheels around the camber I had a few months ago, I couldn't remove the camber with the lower arms as that would cause the top of the wheel to poke out from the arch. Therefore I needed a combination of Upper and Lower Camber Arms to bring the camber back to a more reasonable st
  11. It's been a while since I last updated this thread so figured I'd pop an update on here quickly. I've made a few changes to the car since December, most of which in an attempt to get the car ready for the upcoming show season. I recently sent the front bumper off to Option 1 Sportcars (the place that painted the 326 wing and smoothed my bootlid) along with my new 3 piece front lip from Piotr Grzelak. I had the front badge removed and all of the previous work of 'smoothing' the front bumper redone as the paint was begining the flake off in very small areas around where the headligh
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