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  1. @valy No need for them whatsoever mate - I'll ping you a dm now!
  2. @valy Honestly, i usually just go with whichever is available on the best deal on Autodoc - I believe i paid about £10 or so per tie rod from them. Postage can be a little bit expensive so if you have any other maintenance items you want to purchase, try and get them all in one order to save a few ££. It's a shame you're as far away as you are as i have two almost brand new tie rods just sat here as i fitted them and then removed them a month later when i fitted the GKtech kit.
  3. I'd be surised if the lower arm bushes were at fault - they're not as big of a problem as they were with the 350z's. By the fact the noise changes with steering angle, I can only assume it'd be your tie rod as components like your drop links mount to the LCA so the noise shouldn't change by turning the wheel.
  4. Impressive work! I struggle to motivate myself to do anything other than a quick maintenance wash during this time of year so fair play to you. Looks awesome
  5. Looks pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing the pdf! I may give this a go at some point in the new year.
  6. Silverthorn


    @Chops Yeah I thought that'd be the case. I'm not too sure who to suggest to be honest for a bolt on solution given your location. I'd imagine your best bet would be to go to a local exhaust fabricator.
  7. Silverthorn


    There's plenty of options for replacing the rear muffler here in the UK - a fair few vendors make 'short tails' that replace the rear section with either resonated or non-resonated sections. Torqen Resonated Short Tails Given your location though, I'm not too sure who'd be best to go with as I'd imagine postage would be extortionate.
  8. @Mikey_S Ah, no way! Cheers mate, I absolutely love them.
  9. Awesome looking car mate! I've always loved the look of the MK1's. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it
  10. Good choice on going with a gearbox mount. They're a must with the coolerworx shifter from what I've heard as it mounts to the trans tunnel rather than direct to the top of the gearbox like the stock shifter assembly. Let me know how you get on with it, I'm seriously tempted by one! Also, you've most likely already seen it, but @dedpedal on instagram makes awesome covers for the coolerworx shifters to replace the factory leather gaitor. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHeBNLaM6z1/
  11. @Sim @ShortPaul @valy Cheers Gents! Appreciate it
  12. @HEADPHONES @davey_83 Cheers Gents! It's certainly pretty awesome to have the car recognised to that extent. The irony in it being featured in 'fast' car yet it's probably the slowest 370z in the uk once the roads turn bumpy
  13. Fitted a few more parts recently. First on the list was a GKtech Kit for the front end as I've desperately wanted faster steering ever since purchasing the car. Way too much steering input for very little movement previously imo. I wasn't that fussed about the extra maximum steering angle as i figured i wouldn't get close to it with the size of my wheels anyway - although it turns out they somehow clear no problem at all and i have a full 60 degrees of steering angle! It's made the car so much nicer to drive and feels much more responsive on a whole. I picked it up during a black f
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