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  1. @Shunter8 You can fit almost anything on the back of these if you play about with tyre sizes and (maybe) a tiny bit of camber (2 or 3 degrees max). Check out fitment industries gallery for an idea of what people have managed to get to fit on a 350. https://www.fitmentindustries.com/wheel-offset-gallery?year=2005&make=Nissan&model=350Z&wheel_diameter_from=18&wheel_width_from=11.0&sort=date The link above has tonnes of 350's with 11J rears
  2. Hi all, Up for sale is a set of uprated springs for 370z BC coilovers that I used for approximately 4 months or so. Originally purchased for just shy of £300 These are a direct replacement for the standard 10/8 kg/mm springs that come with standard BC BR coilovers and make a world of difference. They feel how the BC's should have came from standard imo as the whole car is much less wallowy and far more planted and flat through corners. Having spoken with H-tune they confirmed that you will not need to revalve the dampers to cope with the slightly increased spring rates. Collection preferred from Bristol, UK but I will consider postage if they buyer covers the fees. £120 ono
  3. @Andy_Muxlow I'll be sure to get a video of the lights at some point when I travel back home. Currently away with work. @parello9 Cheers mate, appreciate it! It's honestly not as bad as you'd expect it to be considering it's not too far from air ride height (I parked next to an aired out 370 at a show once and it was literally exactly the same height ). I've just got used to the fact that if I want to go somewhere I need to add 20 minutes to the journey to account for taking a longer route to avoid bumps. @Sim Cheers mate! That's part of the reason I bought the lip to be honest. Not a chance I'll be fitting the fibreglass lips before the air cups go on.
  4. New steering wheel courtesy of my Girlfriend. Went with a Motamec semi-dished wheel as it was one of the only wheels I could find that didn't have a stripe at the top of the wheel and/or cost an absolute fortune. It's made such a massive difference to the overall feel of the car and its by far one of my favourite mods to date. Definitely completes the interior imo Also fitted some controllable RBG LEDs strips to the interior and above the number plate just to add a touch of 'chav' to the car and constantly illuminate the road behind me in a blend of blues and purples
  5. As above. Your work and the level of detail and time put in to your posts is really impressive. Makes for an awesome read
  6. 1. Nso93 2. Silverthorn 3.
  7. Can't wait for the more aggressive aero to get fitted Currently a bit too tame for my liking
  8. @nissanman312 Cheers! 370z Base mount brackets can be found here. Side mount brackets here.
  9. Aired out As some may have seen, I've also bitten the bullet and purchased a 326Power Manriki Wing. I think that, combined with a custom front lip, side skirt extensions, rear diffuser fins and a rear bumper lip, it should pull it off. We'll see! Long term goal is something like this: ^ It's static btw Not to everyone taste I'm sure but i absolutely love the look of this car! Although i don't plan on changing wheels in the near future; if i do change, it'll be for a set of these with silver centres and brushes lips I plan to get started on the lip kit (front, side & rear) at some point over Christmas when i get some time away from work. The goal is to get the sideskirt no more than maybe 10-15mm from the floor while also trying to get the front and rear bumpers to actually look low. Obviously aircups will be coming in the very near future as well as a new steering wheel and boss kit!
  10. More sweet rides for y'all to enjoy Japanese roads are so smooth it's depressing
  11. When you connected your phone did you set your USB config to 'Media Transfer' rather than 'Charging'? I personally always use Bluetooth on my P30 but that'd be my first guess as to why it might not connect correctly.
  12. Seats are finally mounted. It only took me 6 months to buy the brackets Suprisingly impressed with the quality of the brackets I ordered from the states. Including postage and import tax they only cost me about £155 ish for the pair, much more reasonable than £200 per side! The seats sit about an inch lower than the stock seats without rails which is perfect imo. Although having these seats makes me want to change the steering wheel so much more Just need to wire in the resistors for the airbag connector tomorrow and its good to go! This is the only photo I have of them in the car at the minute. Hopefully I should be able to get some better shots over the weekend once they're finalised and I have some more time. I've also got some programmable sidelights coming so I can set them to strobe a bright white which should look pretty awesome (imo). Always loved the look of that on old Jap cars so hopefully it looks as good as I'm thinking it will.
  13. @Bry woah, that's pretty cool! How long until I can start to sell merchandise now I'm famous then? I need the cash
  14. Nothing interesting... Just some more photos, again! As some may have seen, i had a small disaster with a tyre a few weeks ago so I've since purchased 4 new tyres in a 245/35. That slight reduction in stretch is quite reassuring and has improved the fitment so win win! Also, by going to a 245 it has increased the sidewall height by a few mm. This has allowed me to lower the coilovers a bit more to tuck the rim that little bit closer to the arch Seat brackets are also arriving tomorrow so i can FINALLY get the Bride's fitted after having them sat in my house for almost 6 months Absolutely LOVE the look of the fitment in that last shot!



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