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  1. I'd assume it to be someone that's stolen the images and created a fake/scam advert on eBay. Car is for sale via Hamptons of Surrey, located in Ewshot. Yet the eBay ad states it's located in Brighton? Also, if it's a car dealer selling the car, why would they not list it on their actual eBay selling account rather than a small account being used to sell socks and artwork
  2. Club pass purchased 1. Nso93 2. Humpy 3. ShortPaul 4. Silverthorn - PAID
  3. Apologies for missing this. Thanks @ShortPaul for the message! I'm more than up for this! 1. Nso93 2. Humpy 3. ShortPaul 4. Silverthorn
  4. Considering the car is at 58k miles I'd estimate a price of 15-16k. Unfortunately i just don't think many people think that modifications actually add any significant value to the resale value of a car. They'll ultimately compare it to a slightly newer car on 30k ish miles for slightly less money. But, if you can find the right buyer who appreciates the money spent on the vehicle then i think you'll sell it no problem I'd be very surprised if there is another 370 for sale at the moment where the owner has forked out to have the car corner balanced! so that's a huge plus in my books.
  5. They look spot on mate Kind of wish I'd done mine when i split them to paint the housing now!
  6. @SHEZZA Hahaha cheers mate! It can be a bit of a nightmare at times trying to change lanes and avoid all the bumps at the same time Definitely not the most practical car anymore
  7. Looks spot on that Can't imagine you had much fun getting over the bridge on the entry at Silverstone - I know i sure didn't
  8. Japfest complete. My first time attending the show at Silverstone and it certainly won't be my last! Quite amazing at how many cars were there - even after 10 hours I still don't think I looked at everything on display. Brilliant day all round.
  9. As already said, thanks again to @andy james and all others involved with the organisation of the day. Brilliant day overall and the scale of the stand was quite remarkable!
  10. Bump. Still for sale! £35 Can take them to Japfest tomorrow.
  11. Ground clearance is probably down to about an inch at best now I honestly can't remember the last time i went over a speed bump. I'll try and sweet talk them into letting my take the bridge route - hopefully they won't mind! Thanks for the map though! Only ever been to Silverstone once so that'll no doubt come in handy trying to navigate my way around
  12. Hope I haven't got to go through that tunnel under the track like last time I went to Silverstone. That's a surefire way to write off your front lip and Y-pipe flexi's
  13. Personally I'd keep an eye out on the classifieds. You get the odd bargain pop up on here and it's loads cheaper than buying brand new!
  14. As @davidv10 has already said. Very easy to do if you fancy a bit of DIY. Start to finish it took me about a day to complete, although most of that was drying time.



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