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  1. When you connected your phone did you set your USB config to 'Media Transfer' rather than 'Charging'? I personally always use Bluetooth on my P30 but that'd be my first guess as to why it might not connect correctly.
  2. Seats are finally mounted. It only took me 6 months to buy the brackets Suprisingly impressed with the quality of the brackets I ordered from the states. Including postage and import tax they only cost me about £155 ish for the pair, much more reasonable than £200 per side! The seats sit about an inch lower than the stock seats without rails which is perfect imo. Although having these seats makes me want to change the steering wheel so much more Just need to wire in the resistors for the airbag connector tomorrow and its good to go! This is the only photo I have of them in the car at the minute. Hopefully I should be able to get some better shots over the weekend once they're finalised and I have some more time. I've also got some programmable sidelights coming so I can set them to strobe a bright white which should look pretty awesome (imo). Always loved the look of that on old Jap cars so hopefully it looks as good as I'm thinking it will.
  3. @Bry woah, that's pretty cool! How long until I can start to sell merchandise now I'm famous then? I need the cash
  4. Nothing interesting... Just some more photos, again! As some may have seen, i had a small disaster with a tyre a few weeks ago so I've since purchased 4 new tyres in a 245/35. That slight reduction in stretch is quite reassuring and has improved the fitment so win win! Also, by going to a 245 it has increased the sidewall height by a few mm. This has allowed me to lower the coilovers a bit more to tuck the rim that little bit closer to the arch Seat brackets are also arriving tomorrow so i can FINALLY get the Bride's fitted after having them sat in my house for almost 6 months Absolutely LOVE the look of the fitment in that last shot!
  5. Awesome looking cars imo. If I didn't already have my 370 I'd seriously consider one
  6. @valy @ShortPaul Good ol' Instagram agrees with you both. Such a tough choice
  7. $1500 Im way too poor for that @mattross1313 Yeah I think that's the plan. I can't see myself doing alot to the car for the rest of the year so I'll save a few pennies and get the wing smoothed, front bumper smoothed and repainted and get the whole lot ceramic coated early next year. Hopefully that'll stem my urge to change things once those niggles are sorted out!
  8. @nissanjuke I'd only ever go for the MK1 Nismo if i planned to modify it in a similar style to the one above. Just looks awesome with the wing poking out to the side of those front 1/3 shots. @LRF4N Cheers mate. I think I've decided against it i must admit. I just can't help but feel it'll just look way to OTT on the car. By no means will the duckbill stay forever as i do think it's too small, but for now it will be staying. I think part of the reason i want to change it is the awful job the body shop did of fitting it. Silicone everywhere and starting to peel off. Tempted to get it smoothed in to the boot lid and see how i like it then...
  9. Cheers all, thanks for the fast responses! That's a unanimous no for the wing then! @ilogikal1 That was partly my thoughts. From some angles i love the look of it (mostly just the head on shot on the car with the wing protruding out to the side), but other angles it's just MASSIVE! @Bry Personally not crazy keen on the Evo R wing. It's just a bit too tall and narrow. Hence why i liked the one above as it sits at MK1 Nismo height, but is wider. I'll keep hunting
  10. Hi all, Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on the 326Power Wing? I've been eyeing it up for months, if not years now and I've finally found one for sale local to me for a decent price but now I'm starting to get cold feet. I really think it could look awesome - especially once i have a proper lip kit and a livery (maybe). But i just can't decide if it's OTT? and whether or not the duckbill i have currently is the best choice... For comparison, here's my duckbill for those that haven't seen it. I kind of feel like the duckbill is a little small (especially in that last photo), but the 326Power Wing is a little bit big if anything... I don't know If anything, this is probably the perfect wing. But it's a MK1 Nismo wing which has had a bunch of custom work done to make the foil larger and i don't know if i fancy undertaking all that work Let me know your thought either way! It'd be a huge help. Part of me thinks just go and buy it and see how it goes, the other side of me thinks it's a bit OTT and will only be a waste of time and money. Cheers
  11. I noticed the exact same thing. As soon as i got back on to UK soil at Folkestone, i was almost instantly greeted by endless amounts of middle-lane hoggers. Almost constant all the way back to Bristol Definitely doesn't seem to be as big of an issue abroad. UK drivers are AWFUL for it!
  12. Without knowing your budget, this may be a stupid thing to suggest. But have you had a look at insuring a 370? At 20, i wanted a 350 as well but the insurance was coming out upwards of £3000 for the year. I tried everything and still couldn't get the insurance down. On a whim, i tried insuring a 370 and it came out at less than half the price... Ended up purchasing my 370z about 18 months ago. At the time I had only been 20 for a few months. Obviously the outlay for the car is much more so it may not be viable. But worth a shot at least, especially with how depressingly cheap it is to get a 370 nowadays. First years insurance was through GoSkippy. This year has been purchased through Flux Direct, all mods declared for about £1300 ish.
  13. For anyone interested, Fielding answered a few common questions over on YouTube. No compensation for damages, or any payment whatsoever actually. No doubt a few sponsorship agreements behind the scenes with some drivers though
  14. Looking awesome as per usual! The wheels are simply stunning love the contrast from the satin centres to the gloss lips
  15. Just spotted these over on facebook. Crazy cheap if you ask me https://www.facebook.com/groups/2159879494289175/permalink/2416864281924027/?sale_post_id=2416864281924027



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