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  1. All sorted now it was the oil temperture sensor . got my local garage to change it £20. Thnx Mike k-g
  2. Are the sensors difficult to change? any idea where it's located on the engine? Thanks Mike k-g
  3. Just notice this morning on start up my oil temperature gauge goes right up to max before iv'e even start to drive properly..and remains right up to the max on the clock.. Anyone tell me if this is right? i,m quiet sure this oil gauge didn,t go right to the Max before...Car is a Nismo M2 . Thanks Mike
  4. Thanks for sharing..really enjoy watching vids. living the dream. Mike K-g
  5. Welcome from another Black M2 NISMO owner. get the door handles sprayed to match the car looks sooo much better. Mike K-g
  6. HI Mate any covers left to fit Nismo M2 ? Thanks Mike
  7. Like the Bpillar covers...may i ask you for the link? is it gloss carbon on the covers? Mike K-g
  8. Car looks great..but i like the diamond cut wheels better..i have these on my black Nismo M2 MIKE K-g
  9. Sorted now jake thanks Mike
  10. Anyone got one lying around?
  11. Front number plate holder if you still have it..





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