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  1. Just a quick question,did anyone else payed £40 to get in? Mike K-g
  2. Cars sold mods please lock..Thanks. Mike K-g
  3. Welcome to the forum..love the wheels. Mike k-g
  4. Welcome to the forum, hope you find what your looking for. Mike K-g
  5. Price Drop need it gone £20.000 Thanks Mike
  6. Time has come to sell my car.. I live in the City work in the City and my Partner has a car and I ride a e-bike to work...so the cars not getting any use. NISSAN 370Z (Z34A) V6 NISMO 2015 Nissan 370z Nismo 15 plate GTR Start button Invidia Gemini Stainless Steel Exhaust cat back - All professionally fitted by Tarmac Sports 30mmTeinS lowering Springs Wheel Spacers Genuine Nismo B pillar Carbon from Japan Carbon Brace cover in boot Carbon Armrest cover Carbon gauge's Covers Carbon Cluster Carbon Gear surround cover Nismo seat bel
  7. Did you spray or brush with Hammerite ? looks nice finish... Mike K-g
  8. your a very brave man to do all that work well done... Mike
  9. You wanna swap your mats for my genuine 370z ones? I'm looking for some Nismo mats but cant justify paying what they sell for. MikeK-g
  10. Anyone Recommend a good car cover for the winter months coming? Thanks MikeK-g
  11. My 350 was 04 plate spent loads of money on Modding it then fancy something abit newer...the FN2 Type R came thru the family and it was newer car at the time 09 plate. Again time to move on to something newer than 09 plate...after seeing few members with NismoM2 on the forum my mind was made up. Mike K-g
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