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  1. Just looking to see what people do to the Z indicator on the side to make it darker but still visible . Thanks
  2. Thanks David for the video of the handles remove great help . Mike K-g
  3. Very nice ride David.. may i ask how difficult to remove door handles? looking at getting mine wrap somewhere.. Thanks
  4. Nice one thanks. Mike
  5. Cheers Umster will have a look on fleebay for some. Mike K-g
  6. Did you remove the rear badges also to have them sprayed? Mike K-g
  7. Thats what i would like to do also...Whitevanman how did you do the handles? Mike K-g
  8. Mike k-g

    Door handles

    Looking at wrapping my door handles on my Nismo2 are the handles easy to remove? just want to be sure before i give car to Tinting and Wrapping unit. Mike K-g
  9. love that..which mine was white now. Mike k-g
  10. Cheers Ebized. Mike k-g
  11. Mike k-g

    Paycos Latest Mod

    That look sooo cool..where can i buy a cargo net for my Nismo payco? MikeK-g
  12. Looking to fit spacers weekend...anyone know the torqued setting? Thanks Mike K-g
  13. Tarmac Sports very helpfull Mike K-g



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