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  1. Good point will keep eye on this. Thanks Mike
  2. Thanks will check this out. Thanks
  3. Today while hoovering my car M2 Nismo i notice the drivers door window jumped up and down for a few seconds while the door was open. my ignition key was not engage in the port. anyone had this also ? whats the cure ? Mike K-g
  4. White is far Better ....black is no no Mike K-g
  5. Just bought some from Japan cost me £244 plus DHL import Tax £65.03. nearly died when DHL told me what i have to pay. Mike K-g
  6. Looking for some of these if anyone seen them cheaper than £270 delivered. Thanks Mike
  7. Mike k-g

    Brembo Pads.

    Anyone use TRW pads on there Z? Mike K-g
  8. Mike k-g

    Brembo Pads.

    The pads i bought are for a Infiniti fx what it says on the box...the seller told me there for a 370z ...not happy i shall return them and start again. Thanks guys for info . Mike K-g
  9. Mike k-g

    Brembo Pads.

    Today i was looking at changing my front pads only on my Nismo M2...the pads that came out was Nissan own make which was stamped on the pads..However when fitting the new pads which was Brembos from ebay i was having trouble getting the new pads in had to tap them in with a hammer...after tapping them in the 1 pad seems to be sticking out more than the other.. not happy with this iv'e put the old ones back in ...my calliper on the car is a Nissan calliper not sure it all 370 are the same up front..Should i buy Geniume Nissan brake pads? Thanks Mike
  10. Hi Asad you still selling the Z badges in black for the 370z ? Thanks Mike
  11. Not really a classic car fan but do like yours payco everything looks so easy to work on. Mike k-g
  12. Hi Ponsonby..not making this meet to busy..However iv'e just had a Invidia Gemini fitted last week by Bob at Tarmac cats are standard..if i'm honest theres not much drifferent to the stock exhaust if you ask me..i was hoping it would be louder when start up.. i'm looking at fitting HFCs probably soon. Mike k-g
  13. Hi welcome to the club hope you get the roof sorted quick. Mike k-g





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