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  1. Hey Wheels 370z where in West Mids you live? i could drop by one of the days have a look at your tails if you didn't mind...i'm in Brum city Center just off broad st. Thanks Mike
  2. Cheers guys will look at Tarmac Sports for some. Will these increase car insurance if declared? Thanks
  3. Do like these..toying with getting some for my Nismo... do u have the link to buy? Mike K-g
  4. Anyone knows how i can get my usb dongle with lots of uploaded images to show on my screen.. its showing not compatible when insert into the usb port..the usb dongle use to show in my Type R pioneer screen..this sort of stuff is over my head if honest. Thanks Mike K-g
  5. Mike k-g


    Thats a very nice colour wrap with wheels and callipers.. not sure i can do the bike carrier on the roof of my Nismo tho.
  6. Mike k-g


    Anyone know to a bike carrier that fits the 370z nismo M2? Mike K-g
  7. Have them wrapped much easier than trying to remove them.
  8. Sorry Martin may have to join you do like these looks vr nice...link please? Mike K-g
  9. Mike k-g

    TPMS is on.

    Ohh right might be to high now 42 psi....may reduce a bit see what happends Thanks
  10. Mike k-g

    TPMS is on.

    Great news today for me...had 2 new tyres fitted just over a week and trusted the tyre fitter to do it right...next day my TPMS light came on bit gutted...check the pressures he'd put into tyres only 30psi ....after checking internet for correct tyre pressure for my car to find it was 40-45 psi paid garage another visit to tell him its to low...so he put tyres to 42 psi and bingo the light whent out as i drove out of garage..happy days. Thanks Guys Mike-kg
  11. Guys can these nasty yellow side light bulbs be change ? whats the best bright white i can use? Thnx
  12. Mike k-g

    TPMS is on.

    Let me know how you get on Martin if you manage to reset it? not sure it can be reset i was told by someone at Nissan who did'nt know . Thnx
  13. Mike k-g

    TPMS is on.

    Thanks guys at lease i know its nothing to worry about. Thnx Mike k-g
  14. Mike k-g

    TPMS is on.

    Today iv'e notice my tyre pressure warning light is on..pulled into garage had tyres check alls good but the light remains on.. any ideas guys what to try ? Nismo m2 stock wheels. Thanks Mike K-g
  15. Mike k-g

    Bit puzzled

    Brilliant thanks guys...wont bother with this sealant. What does Nismo owners do if they get a flat tyre while out? Mike k-g



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