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  1. Sorted now jake thanks Mike
  2. Cheers..i'll message him
  3. Anyone got one lying around?
  4. Front number plate holder if you still have it..
  5. Anyone know to a number plate holder what fits a Nismo M2 front bumper? it needs to be no more than 16 inch in length.. There's loads on the Net but not sure what the fitment will be like on the Nismo bumper. Thanks Mike
  6. Ahh brilliant thanks Mattross ..at lease i know the bumper doesn;t need to come off.
  7. Hi.guys i'm looking at a private plate for my Nismo M2 ...the plate in mind is 16 inch ...has anyone change there plate for a shorter one if so how did you go about it? bumper off shorter number plate holder required? Thanks
  8. What does peep use to clean there Red Seats? Thanks Mike K-g
  9. Welcome glad to have you. MIKE k-g
  10. That's to dark just looking at a slight tint ' Mike K-g
  11. Thanks for finding this Shortpaul thats exact link i found to. Mike K-g
  12. Not good at posting pics laptops rubbish..need a new one. Mike K-g
  13. Hi guys..anyone had there rear lights tinted? my car is m2 nismo black and thinking about having them smoked.. just see what you guys think before i do it YES or NO!!! Mike K-g
  14. Hi coldel. i'm not very good at attaching stuff on my laptop its pretty crap to be honest...i'll ask dave to post up solution sorry. Mike K-g



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