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  1. Adrian.just had a look on your web site for the GTR start button nothing showing.. Thanks
  2. Hi do you have any GTR start buttons in stock?
  3. Looking for a GTR start button for good quality one if anyone knows stockist .... don't really want to go to Nissan to buy one. Thanks
  4. I'm with you on this jack would never give my car to Nissan for service....i usally do all my own service on my all my jap cars iv'e owned or get my local garage to do it who i can trust.
  5. I'm the same cant post pic for love or money my pc is crap.
  6. Step up from a 350 well done...seems we all do this. Mike k-g
  7. i fancy this also. wonder how difficult to change? anyone got a pic of this fitted ? Thanks Mike
  8. Nice one good choice same as mine, done a few changes since ive had her...mostly carbon interior bits also Nismo B panel not cheap tho. Mike k-g
  9. Good point will keep eye on this. Thanks Mike
  10. Thanks will check this out. Thanks
  11. Today while hoovering my car M2 Nismo i notice the drivers door window jumped up and down for a few seconds while the door was open. my ignition key was not engage in the port. anyone had this also ? whats the cure ? Mike K-g
  12. White is far Better ....black is no no Mike K-g





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