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  1. want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    Agree with you re white ; The nismo seems to have been designed to be in white whilst the GT car looks best in black - reasons specifics being imo the extra vents in the front/rear bumpers are less apparent in Black whilst the gaps literally stand out in white and silver. Also the tinted front lights look better on a non-black car. If I had got a GT then I would have gone for black though
  2. shame they dropped the roadster here . still selling in the US. Looks q nice in the new red colour they offer
  3. Wasnt sure whether to post this in Technical or here... Was just wondering how many plastic shipping spacers were put on the car by the factory? I was given 6 by the dealer upon collection to prove to me that they had removed them . I have yet to have the car go on a ramp to view/inspect myself . The wheel arch gaps do seem to be ok gap wise
  4. As a new owner of a 370z Nismo I am q nervous about parking my new car inside car parks Have been exploring diff means to protect the car . I know there is only so much you can do and I do my best to park away from crap cars, large family type wagons/SUVs etc . However I am looking at advice on some protection whilst the car is parked You may have heard of Door Shox which is a rubberised protection piece that adheres to the car using a magnet . However since the Z uses aluminium doors this will not work. I have tried creating some form of protection using bubble wrap & suction mounts onto the windows ; however the end result looks messy and a chore to set up Then I came across this : As ridiculous as it looks I am thinking that if the robe was somehow plastic coated as to prevent scratches this might actually. Your thoughts/tips on how to make something like this
  5. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Yes similar to the above. They mostly have disappeared now . Don't really know what the cause was/is
  6. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Just an update but i rubbed the line and its appeared to have dissappeard. May have been some dirt that has embedded into the surface of the paint. Once I do a proper wash / wax will inspect the car for any scratches
  7. I have noticed some hairline scratches on my bonnet and have only covered 165 miles in my new Nismo 370z I had noticed a couple tiny ones a week ago but when I went to wipe the car down I noticed a few more; all located on the bonnet and some in neighbouring areas. Will post photos once it stops raining and when I properly wash/wax my car tomorrow. Will take the pics in low light early evening Do not know what the cause of this is. No I have not been using a dirty cloth to wipe it. In fact it hasn't been washed properly yet just wiped down. Only few weeks old Anything I can do or should I contact Nissan? At this rate the front bonnet will require a respray after a couple of yrs!
  8. I am seriously considering purchasing this for my new Mk2 Nismo. Coming from VAG cars I am used to parking sensors / mirrors and only really use the back up camera as a secondary reference ; maybe i have yet to get used to it but it seems to provide a distorted view of reality/actual surroundings Anyway came across this and was wondering your opinions before I go ahead and splash out Brief notes: Parking sensors integrated into registration plate holder; front and rear Works wireless connecting onto smartphone app where it displays surroundings Battery operated double AAs Euro model has only been released March this yr; the original US plate holders were out a while https://fensens.com/products/european-smart-wireless-parking-sensor-pre-order
  9. 18MY Models

    Another pic showing the LED strip that has been added to the rear lights on MY18 models
  10. 18MY Models

    Lovely photos there btw i searched youtube re the rear lights differences and created the following selection of screenshots for models pre-18 and 18 onwards As you can tell the LED strips at the bottom of the rear lights now run along the whole length from left to right Still cant ascertain whether there has been any tinting to the lights on the upper "boomerang" portion
  11. Recommended 370z Nismo Mk2 in NW London?

    yes . any good?
  12. Im aware that the Mill Hill Westway is a Nismo performance dealer and there was this thread that mentioned the Nissan dealership nearby in Concord Way / A40 Anybody with experience / recommendations from the following? http://www.westwaynissan.co.uk/new-high-performance Westway Mill Hill West Way Nissan, 517 Watford Way, Hendon, London, NW7 2QR Westway Aldershot West Way Nissan, 3 Windsor Way, Aldershot, GU11 1JG https://www.nissanretail.co.uk/find-a-dealer/nissan-london-west Concord Way
  13. 18MY Models

    Can anyone in more layman terms exclaim the proclaimed changes Nissan have made to the MY18 year re above An Enhanced Driving Experience
  14. 18MY Models

    Here is also some more information from US press pack For 6-speed manual transmission-equipped 2018 370Z models, driving response is further enhanced with the addition of a new EXEDY® high-performance clutch. The new EXEDY L-PEC (Light Pedal Effort Clutch) clutch was developed in part through EXEDY's longstanding relationship with Nissan Motorsports. The new clutch is designed to feature better launching (from start), acceleration and deceleration. By offering a large reduction in pedal force, and more control at half-clutch, drivers can concentrate more on steering and throttle operation, resulting in enhanced driving pleasure. http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/presskits/us-2018-nissan-370z-coupe-press-kit btw what do you guys make of this claim: An Enhanced Driving Experience As in previous years, the 2018 370Z is built on the foundation of its balanced FM (Front Midship) platform, advanced 332-horsepower 3.7-liter VQ37VHR DOHC V6 engine with VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) and choice of 6-speed manual transmission with SynchroRev Match® or a 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control. For the new model year, however, two significant changes have been applied. First, for all trim levels, driving performance is enhanced through what the engineers call the "concept of acceleration development." Without changing the engine's internal structure or components, engine performance is improved through careful refinement of Accelerator Pedal Opening (APO) and Throttle Valve Opening (TVO) angles. On the APO side of the calculation, torque is now more accessible at partial accelerator pedal opening, reducing the drop off of torque over 3000 rpm. In addition, adjusting the TVO in mid-to-high acceleration situations reduces the need for constant accelerator modulation. The results are noticeable in a variety of driving conditions – a smoother and stronger acceleration feel when entering a highway, a more relaxed feel on winding roads due to less throttle input, and improved re-acceleration after cornering braking due to less kick-down (automatic transmission) or down-shifting (manual transmission). These changes also improve the linearity of engine response at low-to-mid-range and higher rpm levels, providing an acceleration feel that better responds to the driver's intention. During internal company evaluations, test drivers report enhanced response and more enjoyable driving due to a reduction of busy gear changes, improved shift down control and a better matching of acceleration feel with the engine's Active Sound Control (ASC) system.
  15. 18MY Models

    It now looks like the Nismo has the updated clutch: Pulled from the Nissan USA website :