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  1. I'd like to see a C8 stingray side to side with a C7 stingray in the same colour preferably white. I think the C7 looks better from the back by a mile with the centre exhausts , more prominent (less Camaro-esque lights). C8 looks better from the front although there is nothing, no one angle where the C8 design looks unique/revolutionary . Side looks a bit fussy and could do without that black plastic
  2. Initial thoughts on this? Its estimated to start from $60k which may translate as some speculate at circa £75k over here. Also confirmed in RHD I'm expecting the C7 prices to take a hit despite there being so few of them here. I saw the video with Jay Leno and he questioned whether the hatch was aluminium to which he was answered that it was in fact fibre glass - something that's apparent from the close up on the video Not sure on the looks . These taken outdoors in a more natural lighting give a better impression then the car show shots and the heavily edited promo stills
  3. Black does look good although I think its more suited to the GT car and convertible Someone mentioned above re the 370z replacement . I've heard people suggest the q60 engine being a viable powerplant but the latest I've read is that in order for that too work the 370z replacement would have to get bigger as the engine is too big too fit it currently. Its hard to imagine the car growing in size though I do like the idea of the q60 engine plus AWD in a larger Z car. Just have a feeling Nissan might not want to risk making it any larger. Anyone seen how big the new Supra is yet in the flesh. For a comparison heres the Nismo aside the outgoing 911. Its actually a bit bigger/longer (the Nismo that is... lol)
  4. I think also worth mentioning something that maybe gets overlooked is that since our weather conditions are pretty much overcast/grey 9 months of the year, having the more powerful lights on the car really add to their presence. This is where Audi seem to have cottoned onto as they bodystyling is more evolutionary but the front rear end lights work q well esp in our conditions. This is why the TCR > Clubsport for me , as theres something to those lights in motion , red inserts etc
  5. I like the yellow pearlescent too (and i think it ties in with Renaultsport??? like the red/white/grey with Nismo) … but then I saw the orange and thought wow lol even though I haven't seen an orange one in real life , given that it's the same price option as the yellow I'm guaranteeing it pops in the same way Only issue. These cars are £32k ish now and the orange is prob the least popular colour , prob since it along with yellow is the most expensive paint so will be fairly hard to come by
  6. I know it fits the criteria but I deliberately avoided mentioning the A250 4matic lol These Gen2 A classes are everywhere now! Might not be for everyone but this is what I'm talking about. also available in a DSG
  7. By road presence I mean something that doesn't look like an econobox This TCR with added red piping on the front lip, side sills and rear do make the car look the part imo
  8. Yea this is one that crossed my mind that for some reason I left out. I don't know too much Renault sports but the Clio V6 I have a soft spot for My only concern is that the spec I would go for with the Megane RS (Orange with Black Wheels) is q hard to find . I'm p colour specific with this car And to just to add two words lol: London roads
  9. Having attended the Ace Café meet recently it seems to be the shared experience that the 370z is more of a special occasion/weekend car that has the feel emotional good factor to it but brings with it a lot of daily hassle, costs My Nismo Mk2 contract ends in March 2021. I decided to start this thread to get your opinions on what you think a potential all rounder* future purchase would be *My definition as all rounder for this thread would be: Relatively nippy and small. Not too big and wide like the 370z. The car would need to be parked and navigated through tiny roads, 6' 6"s, multi storey car parks etc the usual rubbish British roads. So this rules out Civic Type R, Q60, Focus RS imo Something that needs to feel planted on the motorway, fairly solid and not cheap. Abarth 595, Polo GTI, Suzuki Swift Sport etc Some degree of road presence. Difficult to match a 370z Nismo but needs to look not like a runaround up to 20k miles on it, as low miles as possible ideally 4 seats bargain (lol) The cars that spring to mind are these: Audi S1 Competition These are about £23-24k and have 4 wheel drive so should be decent on motorway, premium feel and a the styling accents (spoiler, quad exhausts, black rear panel) do make it stand out from the usual A1s. I expect these to drop to late teens though my concern is that there may be hard to find the low mileage example I am looking for as there don't seem to be many fully loaded S1s on the market Golf GTI TCR / Clubsport Newish TCRs are the £40k mark as are a few showroom kept Clubsports . Clubsports from 2016/17 in the low mileage territory I am looking for a few years old are late £20s now and I expect the TCR to drop to this price in the next 18 months especially as the Golf will be out. Not a bargain at this stage and still a lot of money on what is essentially a Golf. There is a decentish number of cars on the market with low miles so I think if mileage is the priority over bargain-factor then its a good option. Hyundai I30n Really surprised how low these are atm for what you are getting. For around £20k you can pick up a lightly used example with less than 10k miles. There are plenty in supply that are brand new 2018/2019 plates which are going for £25k. Im predicting that these will continue to drop in price as the dealers will struggle to sell these . So might continue dropping unlike the S1 Comps which there are fewer of and are more sought after. Also worth mentioning the fast back edition which again I don't think will sell. Havent really seen it in the flesh so cant comment on its road presence. The hatchback in blue does look the part
  10. Nismo MK1s are v rare esp the early ones with the silver rims The Nismo Mk2 has actually been updated from 2018 (my year) with darker door handles, rear lights and interior release for hatch. The styling differences are noticeable when a pre-18 Mk2 and more recent Mk2s are sat side by side Back on topic and I'm just watching this guy's response review video to Doug's original video.
  11. what's your budget just out curiosity?
  12. Think it might pour it down tonight. So might just dry the car clean with a towel in the morning re the video I think the take home sentiment I might have to agree with is that the successor to the 370z wont be a while yet (even on top of what we have waited). We've countless been over this before but 2020 will be a scaling down of the 370z (fewer colours, no convertible in US etc). The GTR replacement will take precedent. Replacing both with hybrid powertrains won't be economically feasible. I think the GTR replacement will be addressed first and then the Z. So really I actually do agree we are just entering a blackout period for a 2/3 years regrettably .
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvuqvqJuc6w Nothing new to report in terms of what we know already but nice to see the Z getting some coverage as DM normally covers exotics and supercars
  14. What's the best time to attend this? Don't want to get there and it be a nightmare to find a spot to park up.
  15. RR's are a dime a dozen in London. Whilst stylish they are really a practical choice and less about making a statement like 2 seaters, Bentleys, Porsches etc. The 370z def is more of a car that says the driver is making a statement that he/she can afford to run something as impractical, flashy. Def more road presence then a RR at least in London. G65/G63 on the other hand...



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