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  1. Agree. Despite the forthcoming line of AMGs looking (and prob performing) v tasty (CLA 35/45, A35/45 etc) I can't help but think that they will become q commonplace. Even the C63s doesn't really have that same "wtf is that" factor as the 370z Nismo. That said driving in town is a ball ache as is parking on tight rights, humps etc lol
  2. And yet is the far less attractive of the two lol
  3. With the 50th Anniversary 370z just being unveiled (underwhelmingly) in the USA as a 2020 year model together with the Nismo only available now in White & Black across multiple markets we may be looking at 2020 being the final production year of the 370z.
  4. On the subject of the Focus, the new one looks really nice esp from the front. I think the ST and RS versions will look really good when they come out
  5. I agree the GT86 would prob be the best all rounder when you take into account exclusivity, reliability . has enough road presence. Honourable mentioned also to the Abarth 124 spider
  6. Its got to the point that 911 guys already angrily anticipate the "it kinda looks like the last model" remarks with a if its not broke why fix it type of justification
  7. Ignoring v low volume like ginetta, morgan, Caterham etc just to get a more common sense answer to this. I think it might be the 500. Generation also includes mid-life facelifts
  8. Not hating but in the showroom they look great and from a distance. If I go up to that car and inspect the paint close up (esp outside) and start pressing the panels, vents, bumpers etc it would become apparent that its simply not as "solid" as even a Focus RS or AMG A45 w/Aero Pack for instance (both of which come with a v good paint job btw)
  9. Was about to mention the punto but like the G wagon 463 that generation is no longer in production It gets a bit grey with low volume car makers like Caterham, Ginetta . I think it could be the GTR . maybe some of the older guys on here may have a better idea
  10. the current generation . So the Fiesta has only recently entered its lates generation lotus Evora has been in the same generation (gen 1) since 2009 i think up till 2018 it was the G wagon (1990-2018 G Class 463)
  11. i.e. which car that you can buy new today has been produced for the longest amount of time in its current lifecycle Anyone have an idea. UK market only
  12. I found that the clutch engagement is a different then other manuals. But you will get used to it. Ive got an 18 plate Nismo with the Exedy clutch
  13. Yea a low mileage VX was something I thought of actually of. If de-prioritising exclusivity I agree with the earlier comment that the Boxter/Cayman start to come into the fray esp in one of the more flashy colours/wheel combinations



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