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  1. Hear me out first lol... The reasoning behind this being instead of buying something impractical as a next car why not buy the bland all rounder that is a Golf R 7.5 and have it resprayed something like Viper Green (Sciroccco, Golf R Final Edition from overseas), Lizard Green (Porsche), Kayalami Green (TT, RSQ3) etc - basically a colour that not only makes it look more sporty but also has somewhat of a niche demand (like 911 Miami Blue, Mustang Grabber Blue, RS Nitrous Blue etc) in order to facilitate a re-sale later down the road* First off, I think the R esp the 7.5 works really well in brighter colour due to its simplistic design. As mentioned Viper Green has somewhat of a cult following and there will be continued demand for the prev gen R esp with the divisive nature of the 8. I did consider the prev Leon 290/300, Golf GTI, Audi S1/A1 180 but I think those cars just would be a waste of a respray both stylistically and as they don't have the same current/future following (although worth mentioning the outlay would be less) Now if one was going to go down this road what would it be. I'm looking at 2017 model years DSG. Unsure whether it's better to go for a 5 door on this or 3 door esp with this colour? The thing is these cars are still £22k mark low miles. Plus a respray (£3k ??>) means that the car would add up to £25k ish which is still a fair bit. I still think it would be more desirable, undercut and a better all rounder then the Megane RS Trophy, Focus RS, forthcoming I30n facelift in the auto *Regarding this I'm obviously thinking that dealers, webuyanycar etc won't see the added value of a respray (but just go on the year, mileage etc) so a future sale would prob need to be done privately
  2. The new Z is growing on me I must admit. Not sure if it is worth £45-50k though. Isnt that good spec Evora 400 , Alfa 4C money, Lexus LC500 money? I think things happen for a reason to an extent and looking at the wider picture across the country the the tide is making it more difficult to justify buying a sports car with the increased congestion in part due to the whole green movement (building of new new cycle lanes, widened pavements, electric charging points and ULEZ etc). I have my eyes on warm hatches as I've mentioned in particular the Infiniti Q30 2.0 which undercut all the competition in terms of being a 2 litre turbo with AWD and low miles. If one crops up in that light champagne brown colour I will be tempted as effectively the model range will not look as dated as it wont be superceded with Infiniti pulling out the EU market. Also I do like the Swift Sport in yellow as a cheap fun supermini that's reliable/more practical and not as common as 595s, Fiestas, Polos etc I know the Astra GTC and 308GTI are excellent value also but I cant get passed the badge/looks
  3. Kia cant argue with that in terms of them offering value for money and reliability. I had a 1.6 Ceed 1st gen which effectively was the car that broke them into the UK market in terms of becoming a household name. (Side note: shame Infiniti never had that in the Q30 and the Q60 wasnt even marketed. The G35 was a grey import no?). I've been tempted by 2017 Gen 2 Proceeds which have the 1.6 turbo warm hatch - read that it drinks as much as a 2.0 turbo Golf but it isnt a stressed out engine and should be a reliable runaround. Ive heard that the C8 makes the C7 looks small. I don't think it looks right tbh although I do dig the front end/lights more. Again going back to the panel gap issue this is meant to suffer q badly it seems from US feedback. One thing to look out for on the C7s is the cylinder de-activation tech which apparently can cause stress on the engine and potential reliability issues. Couple of mint C6 ZR1s on autotrader going for £65 & £75 . I believe that the C6 is last classic Corvette stylistically - just cant comprehend why the grandsports and z06s are £10-15k more then base C6s I have still been a bit bummed about the Z proto tbh. Toyotas sports car offerings do absolutely nothing for me. See myself in a warm hatch, super mini next and perhaps a final sports car after that when I hit 40 in 4 years depending on how life unfolds
  4. If only ! Imagine seeing this on the roads on people thinking that's a leaf a Nissan leaf!
  5. The ironic thing is is that this new retro design is the type of understated design that appeals to Europeans more - had a look elsewhere on the web and the yanks like their sports cars a bit brash & loud when it comes to parting with their cash. Expect the new Z to become highly modded visually from the get go upon release.
  6. Just a concept like the orange 350z proto that didnt have the wiper - will get it added in final production form 2.0 unlikely imo as the car is even bigger then the 370z. Also I belive the 2.0 from the Q60s was sourced from Mercedes? More interestingly, would you buy it if it had the 370z 3.7 unit in it!? lol
  7. I think the 350z has that timeless look to it, a more simplistic design less fussy but lets face it the ones on the used market have all these adds ons and modifications which take away from the elegance of the original design. Plus unless been garaged cars over 10yrs old just have that aged look to the paint. I think the dislike toward the 370z is due to the divisive boomerang lights but the body style is more stocky and muscular , beefy with less elegance. Regarding the lights i do think the more recent years with the tinted fronts/rears solve this issue to an extent. Back to the sports car segment I should have added that I am not (yet) a fan of hybrid powertrains or engine downsizing plus all the fancy tech like cylinder deactivation, stop/start etc that is becoming more commonplace now. I feel like soon it won't be a choice to opt out The warm/hot hatch market is a bit more optimistic to be fair in terms of the spectrum offering understated performance (GTI/R/S3), value (Focus ST/ used RS plus all the superminis) and flamboyance (Type R, N, Megane). Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for sports cars
  8. Yes should have clarfied prob more to do with styling then performance. Specifically with the for more recent 370z cars with tinted headlights. Still turns heads. I think the 350z has been showing its age now for while now. I wonder how low some dealers will go to shift the 50th anniversary models
  9. Its a real shame tbh as I'm starting to like the design. Remember it will prob get slightly tweaked between now and the final production version. Maybe you guys can chime in but imo I think we are entering the beginning of the end for the entry level sports car in Europe at least with pending tightened regulations and the shift to "greener" power trains. Here are the options left within the sub £45k price range which includes lightly used 2nd hand purchases as well as new cars: MX5/GT86/BRZ/Abarth Spider - Unpowered Audi TT - Too common Z4/Supra - Ugly Alfa 4C - Discontinued, storage/practicality issues, not really meant to have miles put on Alpine - A £50k car that looks like it cost £30-35k, unlikely to drop significantly due to numbers Corvette C7 - Leftfield choice, LHD, prices just simply won't come down into the £35-40k mark until the car is a decade+ old old like the C6 gen so around 2025> Leaves the Mustang, F type and hopefully the Lexus LC when/if it drops although they have recently crept back up having looked on Autotrader recently I think now is a good time for 350z owners to get the 370z. For 370z Nismo Mk2 owners like myself it seems like the more likely route is to get a hot hatch or dare say it a bargain supermini/warm hatch. Been comp templating these as they have dropped in value. Again I dont really like to go for something that's too common really Infiniti Q30 2.0s AWD - These get sold quickly when on the market around £15k low miles for a car that stickered £35k mark Kia Proceed MY 2016/17 - Prev gen Proceed 2 door with the nicer rims. Seem to be a slow seller for dealers. 7 yr warranty Swift Sport - Recently dropped as theres a hybrid version out soon. Still a bit pricey for the performance but is a bit different which I like Megane RS Trophy - Only recently dropped to late 20s and were 5 months ago the price as GTI TCRs which themselves have stuck in the 30plus region I30n - Eagerly awaiting to see how the new DSG facelift is. £20k mark and will go down to £15k come summer next year
  10. Yes my balloon is £18.5k ish come March so I might buy it and then sell it shortly after
  11. Also higher insurance. Warranty/Servicing issues etc Only car from Japan I've considered is the Honda S660 but the fact that it has no luggage space at all kills that idea Yank motors slightly more realistic if you're after a certain spec that's hard to come across here but again exchange rate issues etc
  12. To be fair in this video it looks better and q nice. Would def be a head turner in that colour
  13. Given the news that the forthcoming Z car wont make it to UK shores what are your thoughts on the used values for the 370z? I have a Mk2 Nismo 2018 so has the updated clutch, darkened rear lights, handles and they sit on the used market from £22k for a low miles example. Do you think these will continue to drop into 2021 onwards given that there won't be a replacement. I think the standard 370z has already dropped but Nismo Mk2 will hold their values due to rarity? They haven't really plummeted like the GT models. I think it will depend on not just scarcity numbers wise but also how sought after 370z become. I think the latter is hard to tell.
  14. Someone needs to photo shop a registration plate on the front in order to see how it would look in real life although it's certainly a bit futile now given the announcement that there will not be a EU release. Speaking of which I do believe that Nissan WILL stick to their guns on this tbh. Not just because of the tightened regulations, shrinking sales in EU for this segment but if you look at the project on the whole it is obvious that cost cutting was a clear factor it determining the platform, drivetrain, interior/exterior design. Nissan have already pulled Infiniti from EU and selling the new Z would mean a minimum commitment of 3 yrs (marketing, dealer network etc). It's a real shame and tbh I was q sad when I learnt of this albeit when one looks at the business case it comes as no surprise Pointless as it seems now given the above, my take on the exterior design is a low 7/10 and as mentioned with a plate on the front it will look better. Slightly played it safe with the overall look but then that was anticipated. Looks more classy then the 370z although less muscular/stocky although it will be a bigger car. Rearlights are a bit narrow in comparison to the overall size. Unsure about the silver roof strip. Wheels look good. I think in Nismo form the new car has potential to look really really good and look less bare boned then this. I think that's partly why they unveiled in bright yellow as the base spec looks a bit understated. With the Nismo it won't need a vivid colour to stand out and hence the white with red accents would hit the spot. Interestingly, I think the base 350z looked better then the 370z but when the 370z got the Nismo treatment it looked far better esp Mk2 then its predecessor. Interior illustrates how Nissan were cautious as to the budget on this project imo. Could easily be the 370z with the same door handles, air conditioning vents in doors. In conclusion I like it but not enough to go out and buy one (if it was released here). Def not worthy of importing. Just doesn't have anything memorable about the exterior design that makes it get burnt into your memory. I don't know about you guys but it just seems like we have reached a point in ICE car design across most segments where pretty much all the ideas have been done/previously perfected and we are just now seeing minor design elements introduced in order to justify the cost of buying the new generation.
  15. Syncro Rev Match still there too I do like those rims to be fair although they are not too different to those on the 370z





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