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  1. Styling wise is q predictable now actually (if/when the new Z car comes) - think of the new Juke front end incl the V-motion part of the grille on a lower platform, similar profile, bulging rear fenders and back end similar to the Juke with a spoiler. Add some cool Rays rims and there you have it.
  2. Totally agree I think this is the important point most people have been missing. They left it a long time between generations , shift away from Coupes to hothatches/SUVs and living in the shadow of the GTR did no favours. If there is a replacement then I wouldn't be surprised they don't include a convertible for the above reason
  3. My personal hunch is that given the global failure of Infiniti (withdrawal from Australia, EU makerts) that Nissan would more than likely explore the idea of putting the 3.0t engine from the Q50/60 into a 370z as this would save dev costs and time into developing a successor. IF there was to be a successor to the 370z then I think theres more than a 50% chance that the engine is the 3.0t perhaps without AWD, Drive by wire etc but with manual gearbox to keep costs down
  4. Asking for a friend that is in the market for a sub £40k sports car with low ish miles. Which F-type is the one to go for in your opinions? I'm not too clued up on F-types but I'm assuming the V8 and V6's are discontinued? Also which ones have 4wd I think the 2.0s that are newer won't have the sound or performance being sought after?
  5. Why did you get rid of your MK2 nismo? I agree re the Recaros. The leather does wear a bit but only a slight complaint. V comfy, sporty looking and make the interior look bigger.
  6. It's a bigger car - width and length wise. Only by an inch or so but its def visible. Also wider tyres ; 285 rear compared to 275 Post 2018 darker rear lights compared to Mk2 from 2015-2017. Its only noticeable when you see the cars in person or good quality photos Post 2018 Exedy clutch Visually Just a better looking car . Really the most complete looking iteration of the 370z. I think the pre-facelift "fanged" 370z in white looked great esp the convertibles. But the 370z Nismo Mk2 almost looks like a brand new model . A very dramatic facelift
  7. drive by wire Yes ive heard this happens at higher motorway speeds but in and around town it works to the car's benefit I think any serious buyer needs to test drive the Q50/60 3.0ts on the motorway for sure to decide whether its a dealbreaker or not
  8. 370z Nismo. Have never seen a q60 in the flesh but the q50s are nice having seen the basic trims/engines. Someone who has seen all told me the Nismo is the biggest head turner. That said I saw i30 fastback today first time and was pleasantly surprised. Looks q classy . Base model. Proportions just right for UK roads
  9. I can see insurance costs perhaps putting people off as well as the fuel costs. Though there is the 350hp hybrid Q50 - 3.0h i believe? These also can be had at a similar price. V few cars so a case of take what's on the market This is up there with the I30n fastback in terms of performance sub-15k mileage bargains out there atm
  10. I have a sneaking suspicion this might actually end up coming to market before the next Z and GTR cars.
  11. Worth mentioning also that they would be more practical then the more expensive Q60. Q50s aren't as large as well as having more space inside, extra doors etc These 3.0ts or "Redsports" as they call them in the US all come from the same factory line as the GTRs and Nismos from the factory in Tochigi Wondering how low these will go...
  12. Same engine as the Q60 3.0t , these are literally less than half price with around 10k on the clock Anyone brave enough to give this any consideration? I cant think of any car in the same price and sub 15k mileage range for the same money. As a comparison Newish Kia Stinger GTs are now at the £25k ish mark whilst A45s start from £27k at the lower mileage end
  13. What are the main reasons why you are looking to sell if you don't mind answering. Also have the same car btw
  14. Rather like this even though it will never be released. Looks great in dark silver https://www.motor1.com/news/364201/nissan-gt-r-370z-shooting-brake/
  15. hmale4yu

    New Z4

    Saw one the other month recently in Battersea, London. First impressions: its small! and NOT wide compared to the 370z Nismo I drive in white. The pain job is fantastic. styling hit and miss tbh but it looks good esp with the diamond cut alloys (which were moderately curbed already lol). not sure it will age well though. it looks great in a different way but not particular aesthetic nor sexy nor muscular (the side, front and back don't really match) . Best word I would use to describe styling would be sharp





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