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  1. hmale4yu

    People keep calling my 370Z Nismo a GTR.... yeah

    Yea the power delivery is buttery smooth which I like. I haven't really pushed it tho. Having driven 3.2 V6 Audi Quatro engines the performance is in the same not totally diff league I do again reiterate that the car looks a lot faster then it actually is. Its almost like the speed doesn't scare you (which I have heard people that have driven the GTR, 911 Turbo S, Corvette Z06 say) ; the only other analogy I can think of is a girl whom is attractive and that you fancy but not to the point that they are so stunning that you are kind of intimidated/self conscious by their looks ha
  2. hmale4yu

    Corvette C7 Stingray Residuals (2014 >)

    I think it has potential to be an interesting buy. The main issue I think is the infotainment system reliability from what I've researched. I have yet to see one in the flesh but may well do some point this year and would be keen on seeing how it compares seating position wise to my 370z Nismo
  3. hmale4yu

    My new car mats

    Can you post the link to where you got them?
  4. hmale4yu

    People keep calling my 370Z Nismo a GTR.... yeah

    Totally agree with you on this. I think the GTR has more prescence due to its sheer size but from an aesthetics point of view the 370z is more pleasing and the front/sides/rear seem to blend well with one another whereas the GTR front look different to the rear I do believe that the 370z Nismo Mk2 looks a lot faster then it in fact is - I do get asked a lot how fast it goes. The second most asked question after what car is that
  5. With confirmed rumours and spyshots of a new Corvette C8 being revealed next year for potential early 2020 release, the current C7 base model (Stingray) seems to be dropping and now in the mid 40s Whilst not a total bargain at the moment my feeling is that I might be tempted if it suddenly plummets later down the line once the C7 is unveiled (my current contract for the 370z Nismo expires is 2.5 yrs). The C7 is generally the only viable Corvette generation car that is complete in the sense that you do get a passable interior, reasonable MPG I do remember when the previous C6 was the at the time the current Corvette and there really weren't that many to choose from in the country despite the Pound being a lot stronger to the dollar - I do think that this was partly due to the car itself being totally unviable for UK roads What are your guys thoughts on a potential Corvette C7 purchase in 1-2 yrs time? As abstract as it sounds I still think it will be total head turner even with the new M3 on the market by then. What price would it come down to for you to be tempted. I do not think it has bottomed out and surprised the early 2014/15 are now mid 40s. Im guessing they will drop to late 30s once the new model is unveiled
  6. hmale4yu

    Help Needed Replacing Tyres on Nismo 18

    yea just a nick thank god. Any idea on average how long a set of 4 tyres last? car has done 2700 miles already since collected mid March Lol I saw the new Bentley Continental today in an Emerald Green colour and as well as being v striking / beautiful it is v v big anyway will prob look to get the slight scuff sorted in the next couple of weeks - im just a bit cautious as my previous car (polo GTI with diamond cut monzas) were refurbed and in the end caught v bad whiteworm corrosion. The guy said to me this morning this is unlikely to happen on the Nismo rim since its not diamond cut hence only the scuffed area needs refurbing - just don't want it to worsen as a result of getting it refurbed
  7. hmale4yu

    Help Needed Replacing Tyres on Nismo 18

    I got the tyres checked out by 2 different places this morning and they both said it was a nick i.e. no need to replace and use glue? One was a specialist tyre place whilst the other was a wheel refurb guy who advised the 1cm minor scuff on the rim would be a relatively simple refurb Do you guys find that the car being so low and wide its almost like it was not designed for UK esp London roads?
  8. hmale4yu

    Help Needed Replacing Tyres on Nismo 18

    the car has only done 2700 miles on it - just cuts to the drivers side tyres I nicked the two tyres drivers side at a traffic light taking off (around 5-10mph) whilst turning right. The vehicle towards my left in neighbouring lane was planning to undertake (also turning right) so I allowed for a bit more room so adjusted slightly nearer to the curb
  9. Need to replace Front and Rear (driver side) of 2018 Nismo due to mildly grazing a curb on a corner after setting off from lights causing a cut to each tye . V unlucky due possibly to thewidth of the vehicle up front and fact that I could not see the curb sticking out as the car sits so low - I am a careful driver. Lucky that there is only a minor 1cm scuff on front rim The car came with Front Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600 245/40 (R19) 98w* Rear Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600 285/35 (R19) 103w* *These numbers are actually on the tyres themselves. Do the replacement tyres have to match the w numbers exactly? Also how difficult is it to source these tyres in the London area? Thanks
  10. A little bit of out the box but what are your thoughts on the position of Infiniti in the next 3-5 yrs? On a global level they will be shifting to electric vehicles. What does that mean for the current Q60 which I have yet to see on UK roads. Do you think that these will dramatically drop in value around 2020? I heard a rumour of them pulling out of the UK market but then saw this http://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/infiniti-chief-weve-poured-millions-uk-wont-quit-anytime-soon/145879 Risky future purchase perhaps re the Q60s? Infiniti claim styling to be their main selling point which interestingly I believe Audi are now struggling at with newer models & facelifts being a bit too evolutionary (I think they really nailed it around the late 2000s/early 2010s and since everyone has copied them). Mercedes do look v showy but this is almost negated by the fact that they seem to be so common esp in todays age of financing cars
  11. hmale4yu

    2nd Hand Bargain? M235i Coupe/Convertible

    I think the Golf R previously mentioned is a bit too common even when you spec it up with the Pretorias, white/silver paint it never really looks that special . The only Golf that comes close is the Clubsport which now has the older rear lights Back to the 235i , do you feel that this offers the best bargain atm ; 240 still p new . Do you expect the 235is to continue to as dramatically drop? I'm not sure re the M2 ; think this will hold value a lot better despite the new flag ship coming soon (though in limited numbers I believe)
  12. Caught my eye as they seem to have dropped following the introduction of the 240i. Both the standard car and convertible have dropped dramatically early £20s lowish miles from a list price of £35k Just crossed my mind since a friend of mine has their eye on an Abarth 595 (new) which go for around the same price / slightly more Which do you think is the better deal. Slightly concerned the interior of the 500 is plasticky but ive heard its a v fun drive despite being 180hp On a side note, is there any merit to the 230i ; seems to have decent performance but not as frugal as the more popular diesel/ 1.5l petrol options
  13. In Norwich. Rare car made by GM by their sub brand Saturn (now discontinued following US Gov bailouts) Kind of looks like a cross between a Chrysler Crossfire and Vauxhall VX220 Not overly impressed as you do get some tuned ones with aftermarket rims / body kit in USA look great Anyway thought I share car that's even rarer than my MK2 Nismo lol
  14. hmale4yu

    want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    Was it on the corners of the bumpers you managed to scuff? or head on . The Mk2 at the rear corners are q wide compared to most others cars that have a cleaner / less muscular look
  15. hmale4yu

    want to view a few 370z's - thoughts on these?

    Agree with you re white ; The nismo seems to have been designed to be in white whilst the GT car looks best in black - reasons specifics being imo the extra vents in the front/rear bumpers are less apparent in Black whilst the gaps literally stand out in white and silver. Also the tinted front lights look better on a non-black car. If I had got a GT then I would have gone for black though